Hurrah Comrade Governor Philip Aguer Panyang for your diligent dedications and hunt for peaceful coexistence

Posted: January 17, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

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January 17, 2017 (SSB) — Dear National Government, instantly after the political turmoil followed by the current economic crisis, people of South Sudan have chosen an iron smothered hearts due to the fact that the crisis caught everyone by surprise, the recent national dialogue that had been declared by the President of the Republic H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has given a grain of hope to the nation of South Sudan after the population has been over depressed.

As the process of national dialogue pour its boiling spurs, I am appealing to the Government of South Sudan to visibly and bravely response to the longing grievances of the citizens particularly our rural populations who are indeed the roots of our unity, liberty and prosperity.

Dear National Government, people of Jonglei state have massively suffered under the right hand of their immediate brothers over a due cost of time under the gloomily coated name of suspected Murle attackers. As we all plunk and tune the strings of peace toward our national phrase of One people, One nation we should not forget the rotten roots of social set ups such as child abduction, cattle raiding and  inhuman  killings by suspected Murle attackers  particularly in the state of Jonglei.

Such offensive and unkind attacks have been there for over lengthy period of time and nothing promising has been seen, in a plain language national government must row the agonized and depressed people of Jonglei out of the bottomless blood oozing river by engaging and supporting any peaceful proposal and settlements forwarded by the governments of Governor Philip Aguer and Governor Baba Medan for the stoppages of such national mischief and corrupt neighborhoods.

Dear Government of Jonglei State, Comrade Philip Aguer-the working Governor, owing to your consultative maturity and follow ups people of Jonglei state have given you a go ahead mission of good work and faithfully as revealed by the immediate launching of tours to the counties and villages of Jonglei State immediately after you took the Office, your recent crossing powers where people of Nyepo of Yei River State were given back their cattle through your able coordination with  Jonglei National MPs, the same MPs must engage  Buma MPs and inform the National Government on the restless activities of Murle attackers the way they have acted in the case of Nyepo by cooperating with Yei River State National MPs.

The luminous idea of holding Jonglei-Buma Peace Conference that forwarded suggestion of shared market, join border policing between the two sisterly state is recommendable, one cannot dream without remembering your great promise of unmasking the long time suspected Murle attackers and criminals. Your industrious effort of tracing 12,000 heads of cattle stolen from Jonglei State by criminals from Likuangole County of Buma State and which you have declared to return and the perpetrators be brought to justice is encouraging and hope thrusting, keeps performing Comrade Governor for you was chosen by the people of Jonglei to be their voice, eyes, ears and pillar of healing.

Dear Government of Buma State, despite the fact that the leadership of Comrade Governor Baba Medan began with frustrations when some bandits from Buma State cross the regional line into Ethiopia which resulted to loss of lives, cattle and abduction of children, Comrade Baba Medan brave it on with the help of national Government by closely monitoring and stabilizing the responsive and fickle state of affairs through the locals cooperation that resulted into the identification of Likuangole as where the attackers came from. Baba Medan visionary leadership receipted the call for Jonglei-Buma Peace Conference and was a successful through his cooperation with Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer, such national act should be maintained and be furthered.

The discovered 12,000 heads of cattle in Likuangole should be returned and through the state powers with the role of the chiefs those responsible for that thievery and loss of lives must be brought to justice without failure, this will prop up and fortify the rule of law and protection of Constitution and probably that will brighten up the blotted image of Likuangole by those heartless thieves. And indeed if the rumor of infertility due to syphilis holds in the former Pibor County of Jonglei State then the Government must initiate a special programme for treating the disease as it seem to be the driving force behind Murle child abduction bad practice.

Dear Chiefs, the title chief is both a noble and accountable title, to be called a chief is an oath driven mandate that make one responsible for all the behaviours and practices of the subjects whom one is made a chief, in any rural form of settlements poor harvests due to laziness, rudeness in the community, hostility and crimes are connected to feeble guidance from the chiefs. Chiefs must always be responsible for the tricks and behaviours of their subjects.

Youths, women and children dealings can never escape the watching and glaring eyes of the chiefs, as such both chiefs of Jonglei and Buma states have to work together and educate their subjects to denounce bad practices and dishonesty and if the chiefs fail to educate and control the issue of child abduction ,cattle  raiding and killings in that case the state governments must every time holds the chiefs accountable for every crimes that they hide to expose and when they fail to hand over the suspected perpetrators.

The issue of suspected Murle attackers need to be directed to the chiefs of Buma initially by the government of Buma if alerted by any other state of South Sudan or national government. Child abduction and cattle raiding should not be an economic activity of Buma state and any other states of South Sudan, people of South Sudan have been fighting many liberation wars because of marginalization, resources thievery and rightful identity.

Dear Suspected Murle Attackers, it is never a blessing to kill, raid or abduct children. The fate of wrong ownership is punishable in any way possible, you can kill today but tomorrow be killed, you can raid cattle today but can be raided tomorrow, and you can abduct a child today but the falsehood of living with someone blood can never be a lineage blessing. Suspected Murle attackers you have committed numerous destructions for a number of years, you have closed some families during your thirsty searching for cattle and children.

Your merciless activities have resulted into a multitude of orphans, widows and widowers and heartlessly you have made many young aging youths wifeless due to your imposed voluntary poverty, suspected Murle attackers how will you feel if your grandfathers centuries acquired wealth is possess by a stranger in an hour attacks? Suspected Murle attackers how will you feel if your own blood child is abducted and your wife, father, mother, grandfather and grandmother mercilessly killed in a cold blood?

Suspected Murle attackers how will you feel if your households are burned down under no specific enmity? Suspected Murle attackers you should change your merciless act because time of slavery have long gone, why are you filling up your compounds with children of different wombs and blood? Suspected Murle attackers will the DNA of the numerous kids you have stolen match your suspected DNA tests?

Suspected Murle attackers can your council of elders swear by the graves of their exact fathers? Suspected Murle attackers can you swear by the blood of your Murle fathers? Suspected Murle attackers the best thing about it all is that you can also be killed but why can you be killed?

Dear Victims of suspected Murle attackers, plainly you have been made orphans, widows and widowers and probably poorer by the suspected Murle attackers and appallingly some of you have no one to call a relative because of massive and merciless killings by the suspected Murle attackers who had killed and have taken enough of your belongings, conducts of mankind are portray according to how one was brought up by his parents and community during his infancy, childhood, adolescent and finally to adulthood.

It is because of various ideologies that every nation comes up with the constitution in order to frame the thoughts and plans of the citizens, as it is said an eye for an eye can make the whole nation blind, it is therefore, very important if one maintain a conscientious status of not being involve in senseless killings, cattle raiding and cruel child abductions and it is a wisdom to ask a constitutional privilege and be seated under the shadow of rule by not forgetting an antelope that stuck in the water with its own effort and God mercy can never be a prey of an angry crocodile.

Suspected Murle Attackers in Jonglei State should closely be attached to their suspected Chiefs if they are not plainly exposing them as the case had been

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