The SPLM Philosophy of “Taking Towns to People” is about “Good Governance”, not “Services Delivery”

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SPLM agenda is Taking Towns to Rural Peoples. This is about governance and inclusive just, good and federated decision making. It is not about services. Read SPLM Manifesto and SPLM Constitution.

By Acuil Malith Banggol, Juba, South Sudan

SPLM Extra-ordinary Convention

January 18, 2017 (SSB) — My learned comrades “Is the SPLM Vision of “Taking Towns to People” still Alive or Dead?” seems to relying on hear saying. He is saying I hear not I read. I wish he has time to read SPLM Manifesto and SPLM Constitution. The 2010 elections was not about services delivery.

It was about voting for star- SPLM Logo to ensure that SPLM led government could ensure referendum. I am happy it has happened. My comrade view about taking towns to rural peoples is not services delivery: Here are the correct quotes:

System of Governance from SPLM Manifesto:

Section IV.11: This system of governance will be premised on

(a) restructuring of the power of the central government in a manner that would take into account the interests of all the [South] Sudanese, especially those of marginalized regions, [small population nationalities], and impoverished socio-economic groups, and

(b) a decentralized power structure redefining the relation between [Capital] and the regions [states] with a view to devolving more federal powers to the regions [states] and, where and when necessary, full autonomy.

Democracy and Governance from SPLM Manifesto:

IV.11: “…Devolution of powers shall be incomplete if it does not equally empower local governments [and TALs] to fully exercise the powers entrusted to them by the Constitution and the law without obstruction from any center of power in the states, [county, payam and boma]…”

IV.12: Good governance, where the exercise of the political, economic and administrative authority in the management of the country’s affairs at all levels shall be Peoples-based (interest groups and civil society organizations), so that individuals and groups have effective say (lobby and advocated for legislation, enactment and implementation of policies) in the allocation and management of resources and in decisions on matters that affect their lives.

All Tribes Conference in Juba, February 17th to 18th, 2015 resolved that: “…A federal system should be the system of governance in South Sudan and it should be part of the peace dialogue…” (

Taking Towns to Rural Peoples is embodied in above but it is about institutional framework and organizational culture to dialogue and put systems of governance and wealth making closer to the Peoples in rural areas. SPLM principle include efforts to remove vulnerabilities through empowerment and not by distributing services. SPLM is not Father Christmas. SPLM is not a charity.

Basic social services has to come from taxes and levies from production. If my comrade is not producing and not paying taxes, not paying health insurance and not paying pension then there is a lot to be done to educate my comrade.

My comrades should go back to Refugees camp to see free distribution of services. But in South Sudan you need to engage in production and pay for services.

SPLM agenda is Taking Towns to Rural Peoples. This is about governance and inclusive just, good and federated decision making. It is not about services. The idea of services is colonial. Towns is to bring decision closer to the communities using modern way of towns. More states is not more money from the center.

Because federation is making your money and give money to the center. There could be collaborative coexistence by supporting less productive state by the wealth states.

If my comrades is not producing and not paying taxes then it is a long way to go to realize freedom.

I am SPLM and shall advocate for SPLM ideals of empowerment to be able to produce and pay your dues. SPLM shall not distribute manna. SPLM championed the aspiration too fighting 1983-2004. SPLM championed aspiration of masses to freedom on January 9, 2011. SPLM is now asking you to produce and pay your taxes and levies.

SPLM is not to establish humanitarian centers but give you an opportunity to maximize your potentials to create wealth and pay taxes. Do not be relying on free services. Be free and be self-reliance.

Traditional Communal Federal System is the current systems of sections. Each has its all elements of modern nation state except not recognized by United Nation as a sovereign nation state. SPLM is recognizing these as Administrative Federal States.

I am happy with my federal state. I am to encourage my state to produce and trade to generate wealth and pay taxes. I am not relying on Juba and money from Paloc and Nimule. Those should be spent on roads and electricity.

But now more is being spent in buying weapons because some elements would want to destroy the revolutionary gains of physical liberation and a chance to govern our own affairs. Government should only facilitate ability to citizens to generate wealth. This liberty. Please start reading and intellectually contribute.

This situation of acute cluelessness and ignorance should be avoided. We should not rely on hear sayings. Read about SPLM. Chose to create your political view. Address to win the sympathy of the population. Your attempts just to complain shall make you suffer from hate and disappointment.

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  1. Mao ze dong says:

    Achuil Bangguol ,just admits that you guys have hijack the SPLM and define it on your own image is nothing else than looting the country resources in the name of SPLM have liberated south Sudan .when in the really sense the masses you are again sending into refugees camp paid dearly their resours including their sons and daughters ,SPLM as a party was not have a factory that profuced manpower SPLM used to liberate the country. The boy you are trying to challenge is well informed compared to you. Do you want him to work hard to building a road from juba leading to his village in Luanyaker ? Do you want him to work hard to stop in security in south Sudan. What is the SPLM led government doing with our oil revenues? Feeding your prostitute Uganda girlfriends in hotels? Thanks God the recognitions of the really enemy’s of south Sudan is gaining momentum in the fastest speeds… I don’t see a cross his line of writing that he blamed SPLM of failing to feed South Sudan population which is a duty of any government to making sure there is hunger in the country which your SPLM doesn’t dear pay a single minutes to listen to the Masses Rather than paying attention to a telephone called from a prostitute …


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