The challenge of Dr. John Garang’s mission and vision for South Sudan

Posted: January 29, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Gabriel Kucdid Kachuol, Panaker, Yirol

N.B: Dr Garang’s challenge of his mission and vision for South Sudan can be viewed from an angle that it formed the rift between the first tiers and the contemporary SPLM/A tiers of “ABËK-WËU” hence the challenge to become a peaceful nation. It is from this perspective that my writing is derived.

kiir vs Garang

Salva Kiir in the shoe of Dr. John Garang

January 29, 2017 (SSB) — Before delving into the core principal message of this piece, I would like to briefly explain the word “abëk-wëu” as aforementioned. “Abëk-wëu” is a Dinka connotation meaning “masqueraders whose intent to join army is to get money.”  I have an impression that the word must have been coined towards the end of struggle to sarcastically describe those who massively flocked into the SPLA and, perhaps, also into the political wing, SPLM, after comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) 2005. The first time I heard of this word was 2006 when many young people of the time were turning up for military recruitments in the organised forces in places like Malon-Jiec, Mapel, and other Military training barracks across the young nation. At the same time, many were also registering to get the SPLM party membership Identity cards believed to boot in higher opportunities within the GOSS.

Dr Garang de Mabior was known as a charismatic leader and whose ideals were to have a united, secular, and a genuinely democratised New Sudan that would be inclusive of all the people of Sudan; and if that failed, then there was a need to look for another solution such as splitting the country. The two ideals remained perplexing to many, including the SPLA who were at the forefront of the movement. Till today, there is still varying skepticism over this matter where by some hold that if Garang was alive, the chances of splitting Sudan would have been minimal asserting that he wanted a new Constitution and an inclusive government for all Sudanese that uphold justice and civil rights for all.

Howbeit, most of the people privately believed and optimised that he knew better beyond his political rhetorics of a united New Sudan what would be best for people of Southern Sudan; having in mind that the opponents (Arabs) would not easily succumb to the idea of power sharing or equality in the country. This explains why the people of South Sudan massively supported the SPLM/A with complete devotion and spirit of sacrifice. And in this same regard, Dr. Garang, as well as his comrades in the struggle, were considered the models of the liberation movement of the people and this earned them boundless trust and esteem, hence the validity of the saying: if you have seen Garang or any of his veterans, you have seen SPLM/A and the reverse is true.

Therefore, against such a rich and complex background, how can we identify the rift between the first and the contemporary SPLM/A tiers formed by Garang’s challenging and perplexing vision and mission for South Sudan? How do we intricate ourselves out of this challenge and perhaps correctly locate the vision and mission of Dr. John Garang and SPLM/A which must become a point of reference for us?

By answering the above questions, a clear comprehensivity is attained. We need to recognise that Dr. John Garang, together with most of his comrades, who founded and established the first tier of SPLM/A, were not certain kinds of superhuman. They were neither perfect nor mystics evidenced by the fact that there were, for one reason or another, some intermittent clashes amongst themselves. Such did not impede them because they were astute and shrewd enough to always quickly recognize their failures and found common grounds on which to compromise their divide hence managing to achieve their main goal – the CPA which eventually gave birth to independence.

As a model of patriotism and nationalism, the first tiers of SPLM/A led by Garang present (ed) themselves as a group of complex, energetic men and women who came to know the people of Sudan in their distinctive diversities (ethnic, cultural, religious, etcetera) without fleeing the country and without mortifications; revolutionaries who understood love in terms of active, virile service to their own people in their sufferings. They chose to go to the bush against the Arab government of Khartoum because in the Sudanese people and especially the Southerners, they recognized the maximum expression of need, of destitution, of dereliction – they saw Southerners at their most marginalised and assaulted with all forms of injustices. This is why they fought selflessly for 21 good years without salary nor did they hope to get any reward as opposed to the contemporary SPLM/A tiers of “abëk-wëu” whose first allegiance and loyalty is to the individual politicians through whom they forged their way in into the system.

Consequently, as politics is a dirty game of conflicting individual or collective interests, the nascent nation is plunged headlong into a catastrophic civil war. What a rift created by greed! Though it is evident that Dr. Garang and his colleagues (martyrs) and all the first tier’s ultimate sacrifice goes well beyond the revolutionary movement (SPLM/A) they founded, there is here a very direct challenge for us; the deviation from a right course.

Admittedly, Garang’s times are not our own and the contemporary context in which we live today is completely different from his and that of all veterans, the wounded heroes, heroines and “martyrs” who did not only offer their own blood but laid down their own precious lives to purchase for us the most exorbitant freedom we are misusing today. In such a regard, a process of “substantial” renewal is called for. In adequation, a renewal does not necessarily mean trying to overtake the founders nor does it mean following them in a literal and fundamentalist way; it means, rather, doing what they would do today in a dynamic fidelity to the spirit, vision and mission of the founders.

We cannot understand SPLM/A apart from first tiers. We have seen how much it costed them to establish the SPLM/A both in terms of their own patriotic, nationalistic and unwavering revolutionary spirit of dedication and the output of energy and efforts. The SPLM/A is made of their own image and likeness. So if we want to grasps what renewal of SPLM/A vision and mission might mean for them, we have to start from what was “essential” for first tiers, especially their model’s (Dr. Garang’s) life and work.

It is indisputable that our martyrs, led by Dr. Garang, left the ideals in which they believed and for which they struggled to their sons and daughters as an inheritance. They are the same values which we identify today by the name of SPLM/A manifesto, CPA manual or booklet, interim Constitution and Garang’s audio speeches and videotapes. For Garang, as well as all other Martyrs, liberty, justice and equality for all were three inseparable passions for their life. They reflect the colour and intense commitment typical of Garang and his colleagues.

The contemporary SPLM/A tiers, all membership and especially the youth of South Sudan, in these three (liberty, justice & equality), we find the principal values of Dr. Garang who was the patron and will always remain a model of SPLM/A; the essence of his charisma and of the heritage he and all his colleagues left us. If we must become a peaceful and stable nation, each of us must acknowledge that together we can effect the change we want to see and experience in our nation. Peace and nation building are a collective as well as an individual responsibility in the nation, and so we have to decease finger-pointing and instead focus on our common good. As much as we have things that divide us, we have as much things that we could intersect. Youth are the paragon of change South Sudan want to behold not ‘abëk-wëu’.

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  1. This article speaks volumes. I am afraid, I can’t attempt debating about Garang’s vision and mission in relation to SPLM, comrades or first tiers, to associate to the writer’s terms for political encouragements.

    Dr. John deliberately, during his creation of SPLM/SPLA, avoided the phrase: “Liberation of Southern Sudan” But a “revolution to remove what he called ‘minority Arab clique in Khartoum,'” from political power. With hind eye on the Southern Sudan and fore eyes on Khordofan, Darfur, Kassala and the far Northern Sudan, his final stop were to be Khartoum. In Khartoum, he would declare the new sudan. Nevertheless, he arrived Khartoum, not through a military victory, but power of natural charisma and highly acquired educational knowledge on which he could turn around smart and difficult compromises in disfavour of his political enemies.

    Dr. John negotiated an unprecedented “Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA.” He outwitted Islamists, the National Congress Party, NCP, to accept the terms and making of new sudan by recognising self-determination for Southern Sudan, Abyei protocol, autonomies for the Nuba Mountains, South Blue and the rest, to share in the Governance of the Sudan. Dr. John succeeded and was about to implement the “Transformation of the Old Sudan into a “United Democratic New Sudan” with its full constitution from 2005-2011.

    Dr. John Garang’s name should not be associated with the mess that has bedevilled our country. The best we can say should only be that “why did God take him too early?” The “Garang” we knew/know? Things would have been different now with establishment of the Republics of New Sudan or South Sudan in the making. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey


  2. Intellectual says:

    Oh Thank God.. For bringing us to our sense including JCE members to acknowledge the failure and messy of the country affairs. Whom Garang would have allowed including JCE to mendal into national affairs rather to be taking of their tribal cultural modernisation to attract tourist. Thank uncle Aldo Ajou dit.. President Kiir have to revived SPLM vision since he knows all the corners of the SPLM house.. No body have any qualifications than him but due to regional encirclement he veered away from the true path of SPLM but still not too let him breath in fresh air and refresh his mind.. He is our leader we are proud of him. He endured all the difficulty of the bush life, harrass hazardous, rough terran, dudging bullent and seeing down his colleagues and man in uniform in year basis though there was no uniform but he move forward, he didn’t surrended and betrayed people of South Sudan. This what the true leader mean


  3. Intellectual says:

    I mean which Garang would have not allowed


  4. Dear Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng, I do appreciate your great input. It’s marvellous. However, the complexities involved in our history needs to be underlined for the benefit of our young population who are astounded by what has become of our nation. Why has SPLM/A of today (2nd Tiers) has become a den of kleptocrats, who rejoice and flourish in the misery of the ignorant masses? In my own opinion, the reason is because of “abëk-wëu” coupled with highly level of maladministration.


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