South Sudan: Tribalism has landed on Democracy

Posted: March 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Majok Arol Dhieu, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Majok Arol Dhieu, South Sudan

hate speech

March 2, 2017 (SSB) — Whenever I hear that there is reshuffling, I feel a shiver down my spine because of my lads and lasses who’ve taken leaders as their assets. South Sudan Television and the newscasters are not friends of the people because they always spread heartrending news especially on weekends when they incumbent leaders become hangers-on. I thought they must be held accountable for the collapsed in a heap of the people decreed to go away with their relatives under their armpits.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the news that they are off. Then what about the fate of the small fry installed in offices relative-leaders? Will they continue working with the incoming government or the incoming government will come with their relatives as usual? No answer currently, we leave it for tomorrow.

I supposed to encourage them to play their cards right, but obviously, I have no their phone numbers to call them one after another. This’s why I write this piece for them instead of waiting in offices for their fate to determine their future.

Tribalism has landed on democracy and to retain their position is a tough luck. Truly speaking, the fate of those in offices is in the hands of the incoming government because they leaders will surely come with their tribespeople to replace them. It’s the usual phenomenon anyway, there’s no loggerhead over it.

Those who’ve set their sights on winning this game will make sure that they must charmed the pants off the incoming government so that they will only snatch the victory from the jaws of defeat being supervised by their gods of success backing up them from soup to nuts. Otherwise, quitting is the best answer to the domineering incoming towered figures.

On other hands, penury is obvious at a glance which must set principle of charity begin at home in the mind of leaders to choose their relatives into offices first before the poor dehydrated boys who grew up without umbrellas on.

When I talk of umbrella on, I mean those who hail from a clan that has got no generals who’ve adapted the separatist war ideologies. They are unlucky people to produce some records into our history or dive their heads deep to start from the scratch.

Girls in the said scenario of tribalism are less affected because they’ve their tickets to take them above the peak. Don’t ask me which ticket? I’ll picks up quarrel with you which will absolutely get no renegotiation in Addis Ababa.  Thinking outside the box is the best way than questioning the source. Shake a leg, or we’ll never come to the same meaning intended for.

That is that. Come back to the topic dude. In recent years, or let say exactly two years ago, there has been evidence of an increase in the market concentration in the country industry which also has caused market fragmentation. It seems soonest, there’ll be a great famine because there’re many different types of customers competing for a particular company’ products or services.

With this in mind, please, allow me to say that the tribalism has become the trading hub for politicians. One cannot allow his tribesmen to perish or remains in poverty while he knows that another decree removing him will be in the air sooner or later.

Tribalism in some cases has a hand in corruption. Although I’ve talked about corruption in my recent article entitled ‘It was inherited from Sudan’, there is a need to touch corruption little a bit because it’s the younger brother to tribalism.

In the office surrounded by the same family, there’s always favouritism in accountability and transparency simply because they all hail from one family or tribe and the outcome of their deeds are prejudicial to the society. The society in turn will revenge, till the same case roll into tomorrow we are now preparing and generally speaking, we will have no-good-tomorrow.

Several reshuffles are also contributing to corruption and tribalism as I mentioned above that sacking can cause biggest fear to the incumbents. They’ll graze to zero what they’ve found suitable for their living and what they think will sustain them when removed together with their relatives under their armpits. Look, pal, you’re asking for trouble if you don’t accept these facts as vital and your country will remain in chaos.

I am not sideswiping at the leaders, neither do I’ve an intention of selling anybody down the river, history isn’t always made by great revolutionary armies colliding or greatest rapid civilizations or evolutions, it can be made by whoever wants something to remain behind for posterity or even an incident such as vehicle accident for instance can produce history likewise.

If we accept the above paragraph as the case, then the annals of our history will keep reminding the populace of whoever produces wrong record to its existence. I know tribalism h’s been an elephant in the room which people do not want to talk about, but counterattacking it, will surely oiled and clean some rough surfaces.

Come on! Let’s spill the beans together and break the chains of inner oppression once more so that we’ve a better country.

I’ve a great likeness for humanity, and therefore do not like to attach myself or defence the group of oppressors. What about you?

Isn’t a shame to be sack with your dad or uncle and come back when your dad or uncle is reappointed? I know, you’ve been financially embarrassed, but your future doesn’t lies on somebody planning.

It’s highly improbable that majority among you will agree with me since it has become a habit and manhood in the country. Those lacking it or play it cools become the victim of backwardness and I think at the back of my mind that they will manage to get off scot-free.

For us to move on successfully and confidently, why not we develop interview as the best selecting criteria even in government institutions. Examining job applications is the first stage in separating the sheep from the goats.

Thanks for the reading, I owe you one.

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  1. God de kuei says:

    No money to be beg Kocrup, even if you appreciated the last weak and wicked leader in the world. it show that that is mature and nature of your people. no doubt, keep your lobbying going on but make sure that the history will judge you.


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