Tonj Youth in Nairobi Pay Tribute to His Eminence Bishop Deng Majak (1940 -2017)

Posted: March 12, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Bishop Deng Majak

Bishop Deng Majak

March 12, 2017 (SSB) — Tonj Youth group in Nairobi Kenya pay tribute to his eminence cardinal Rodolfo Deng Majak. Bishop Deng Majak was sick and he passed on last Monday while under medication in Berlin Germany.

Bishop Deng Majak a South Sudanese nationalist was said to shall have suffered blood pressure. He consulted many doctors in Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, and Kenya all the way up to Berlin Germany where he died on Monday under treatment.

On behalves of all South Sudanese especially Tonj people in particular, the actual pass on of his eminence saddened many people. This latent season is going to be mourning durations around the world its unfortunate indeed.  This is a below to all of us base on his legacy of being a bishop of peace and togetherness.

Dengdit lead significant roles in society and in Roman Catholic where he worked as a President of Catholic Bishops in Sudan and in South Sudan.

In all catholic churches in South Sudan with Wau in particular, Bishop Deng Majak was a shepherd whose in many times stood firms with his South Sudanese people. He leads by example in protecting the integrities and rights of all South Sudanese throughout his Presidency as a church leader until South Sudan secede to become independence around circa 2011.

He was a shepherd whose duties and tasks satisfied every citizen simply because he serves with equality among the reasons catholic church lead Christianity in people republic of South Sudan.

This should be a called to all parishioners and South Sudanese in general that we had God whose plans are different from our immortals. God would have given time for his lordship to educate many on issues to with peace and togetherness as a country since Bishop wisdoms were eminence.

Since Dengdit was up lifted into God’s missions in circa 1970, South Sudanese religious society describes him as a ‘’good shepherd, ‘’in pastoral letter, 1995, by Bishop Ceasar Mazzalari of  Rumbek diocese. Amongst Tonj citizens where he hailed from, people described him as a Bishop of everybody, a lost to all of us already, remarked by community leader Augustino Agei Dut.

He contributed in many Christian workshops adjudicating for peace during liberation struggles in South Sudan hence earn him another title of goodness for all base on how protects common citizens, common South Sudanese in fact Bishop Deng Majak was a humanists just as per all his homilies.

The reasons amongst Tonj citizens in Kenya thanks and appreciated the college of Bishops in Nairobi and in South Sudan for their prayers, all thanks be to South Sudanese embassies for their efforts to flews Bishop back home Tonj state. Meanwhile Tonj people in particular deserved special thanks for all their personal emissaries.

Thank be to our governor for the declaration of three days morning times in Tonj town. In Nairobi his requiem mass will be conducted this Saturday eleventh. All South Sudanese who lives in Nairobi are invited. May good lord rest him eternally, forever will be in the hearts of his people and fellow South Sudanese.

Dut Agostino Agei, is a Tonj Youth leader in Nairobi, he can be contact via

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