Dear Doom-Casters, and Specialized War-Mongers, Gen. King Paul Malong is Alive

Posted: March 24, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Ater Garang Ariath, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Ater Garang Ariath, Juba, South Sudan

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March 24, 2017 (SSB) — My fellow South Sudanese, men and women, old and young good night, As I approach aforementioned heading, I am oblige as South Sudanese citizen, die –heart freedom fighter, Pan-Africanism theoretician, global villager and secularist with dedicated energies to bring into some South Sudanese doom-casters, specialized war-mongers and social media propaganda actors that General Paul Malong Awan is more alive.

General Malong is flawless South Sudanese iconic hero and freedom fighter in his aged generation and will be a great legend of the age’s generation to come and his death will not be wished and will never happen through doom-casters, but God knows, who will go first.

However, spreading wild rumors and shallow information on his health status, in the social media and other propagandas media outlets around the globe and at home is tantamount to high conspiracy punishable in the country’s constitutional framework.

At this a critical juncture, our beloved nation went through difficult moments, which is a challenge to us as South Sudanese citizens both in Diaspora and home, of which our main attentions now should focus on how we achieve national cohesive agenda and identity, an in-born duty with independence we had gained few years ago rather than turning into cocoon of wishing death to our fellow citizen within rank and file of the leadership.

Therefore, to silent doom-casters at least, Gen.  Paul Malong Awan Anei, Republic of South Sudan Chief of General Staff, of our gallant forces (SPLA) is in more healthiest situation, compared to unscrupulous death –wishers, who flooded social media, with baseless and unfounded information related to General’s health status.

Utterly, some of our fellow men and women, both at home and abroad lack analytical minds in order to discreet, both wrongs and right information throw to them under this sun, but my determined hope for them to come into their senses, one day one  time  is more alive than before.

However, General Malong Awan Anei, legacies and heroic achievements during independence war of struggle speak volume to million South Sudanese, both young and old, whom might have happen to know him rather than wishing death, while he is alive.

More downfalls and ill-intention wishes upon Gen. Malong Awan, will be turned by Almighty God, who created South Sudan as nation, of which Gen. Paul Malong served loyally as stepping upward staircases for more heroic achievements and records, meanwhile alive.

Nevertheless, as young men and women of our age, we must embrace Gen. Paul Malong his continuous contributions and complete the job that he and his millions of colleagues began in the latter half of the 21st century, notably, to build a prosperous and economic viable South Sudanese state.

I hope this article will be of use to you and encourage you to continue your commitment to the noble struggle of creating a democratic, decentralized Republic of South Sudan, where, Mundari, Dinka, Nuer, Acholi, Anyuak, Lotuka, Boya, Kuku, Madi, Lokora, Taposa, Kachiopo, Bari, Balanda, Luo, shulluk (chollo) and Bago live side by side as one community rather than speculated disinformation among our beloved citizens.

Whereas, telling substantial facts as South Sudanese citizens will be our only hope of finding the justice, freedom, happiness and prosperity that is in fact the right of all South Sudanese citizens, rather than withdrawing into cocoon of tribal based hatred and spread discontent information, while the nation is at national dialogue engagements, declared by H.E.  President Salva Kiir Mayardit as a one last chance to rally the nation interest and meaningful political agenda toward national coherent identity.

 My fellow men and women Let us not allow ourselves to be use, by negative forces against our national agenda, leaders and integrity, “history has shown that where the Great Powers cannot colonize, they balkanize.

This is what they did to us in Africa as continent and this is what they are doing in South Sudan as country and its potential people. If we allow ourselves to be Balkanized once again afterward of our independence, distributing unverified wild information, wishing death to our political and military leaders,  we shall be re-colonized and be picked off one after the other”.

By far the greatest wrong which the departing Arab colonialists inflicted on us, and which we now continue to inflict on ourselves in our present state of disunity as South Sudanese, was to leave us divided into economically unviable South Sudanese state, which bear no possibility of real development at all.

Therefore, we must unite for economic viability, first of all, and then to recover our ways of running state affairs, so that our vast resources and capacity for development will bring prosperity for us and additional benefits for the rest of Africa continent, then specializing in propaganda mechanisms.

However, a very grave responsibility lies on the shoulders of us all, not only as South Sudanese, but also as members of the country ruling party, Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM) which, no matter what may be said by our detractors, remains right in front of the struggle for the total liberation of South Sudan in different spheres for viable state.

Besides, political independence, though worthwhile in itself, is still only a means to the fuller redemption and realization of a people. When independence has been gained, positive action requires a new orientation away from the sheer destruction of Sudanese Arab hegemony and colonialism and towards national reconstruction.

It is indeed in this national reconstruction that positive action faces its gravest dangers. The cajolement, the wheedlings, the seductions and the Trojan horses of Sudanese Arab neocolonialism must be stoutly resisted, for neocolonialism is a latter-day harpy, a monster which entices its victims with sweet music.

In order to be able to carry out this resistance to neo-colonialism at every point, Positive action requires to be armed with an ideology, an ideology which, vitalizing it, and operating through a mass party with a regenerative concept of the world and life, forge for it a strong continuing link with our past and offer to it an assured bond with our future as South Sudanese people.

Under the searchlight of an ideology, every fact affecting the life of a people can be assessed and judged, and neo-colonialism’s detrimental aspirations and sleights of hand will constantly stand. In order that this ideology should be comprehensive, in order that it should light up every aspect of the life of our people, in order that it should affect the total interest of our society, establishing a continuity with our past, it must be democratic in form and in content and be embraced by a mass party

“The struggle for prosperous Republic of South Sudan may be hampered by the enemies WITHIN; – those who declare their support for the revolution and at the same time, by devious mean, serve and promote the interests of imperialists and neo-colonialists.

“Examination of recent events in our country, and of our present condition, reveals the urgent need for a new strategy to combat imperialist aggression, and this must be devised on a South Sudanization scale.

“South Sudan is one Country, one people, one President, One First Vice President, One Vice President, one ensign and one national anthem, of which million South Sudanese subscribed their loyalty and commitment to serve.

Lastly, propagandists’ psychological attacks, which are made through the agency of broadcasting stations like foreign, run media outlets and above all, social media, which pursues its unscrupulous spreading unchecked news, is of journalism unprofessional ethnic.

“The social media war penetrates into every town and village, and into the remotest parts of the bush. It spreads in the form of airing on Face-book pages propaganda news ,  like  recent fabrication that Gen. Malong Awan is death,  is  of course unethical.

“This psychological war is the campaign to convince us that we cannot govern ourselves, that we are unworthy of genuine independence, and that foreign tutelage is the only remedy for our wild, warlike and primitive ways. Imperialism has done its utmost to brainwash South Sudanese into thinking that they need the strait-jackets of colonialism and neocolonialism if they are to be saved from their retrogressive instincts.

The pet theory that, we South Sudanese have shamelessly squandered the golden opportunities of independence, and that we have plunged our political independence into blood and barbarism tribal hatred must stoutly be resisted.

Furthermore, I would like  to take  this opportunity and  cleared all  baseless  and  unfounded  allegations  appeared  in  different media platforms  for the last than one  week,  propagated  by unprincipled  journalists  and social media actors.

These are ongoing cheap media propaganda engendered by unethical journalists in online based websites and social media, alleged death of General Paul, Malong Awan Anei, which of course lack substantiated facts for justification.

However, I refuted all allegations, as blatant fabricated shallow political propaganda with an intention to bring forth unnecessary reaction from South Sudanese society.

Nevertheless, the alleged death of Gen. Paul Malong Awan is allegation and a mere   embellishment of “ugly naked lies, spread by blindfolded fellow South Sudanese, who lack knowledge of social media code of conduct.

On the one hand free, independent and pluralistic media provide a platform for debate and different opinions. On the other hand, media can be misused for propaganda purposes, to incite hatred and spread rumors and therefore artificially create tensions.\

You can reach the author via his email: Garang Ater <>

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  1. SPLA OYEEE says:

    I think, wishing leaders (like Gen. Malong) death isn’t a Christians’ character. Even though I never fought a single war in my life, but, within this very short time I have been with the fighters, I have seen that Gen. Malong Awan Anei really rescued our country from massacre similar to that of Rwanda in 1994. Our country was targeted by both the rebels and those against what they termed MTNs. The Republic of South Sudan is still now being called a country because of Gen. Malong Awan Anei. So, please, don’t wish him death, let only God decide his day; thank you.


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