Naath university students in Uganda organize a Farewell party for Graduates

Posted: March 27, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Naath Universities and Colleges Students Union in Uganda (NUCSUU) Organized a Farewell Party for the 2016-2017 Graduates

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March 27, 2017 (SSB) — The Naath Universities and Colleges Students Union in Uganda (NUCSUU) leadership on the 11th March, 2017 organized an enormous farewell party for its graduated students of 2016/2017 under the theme: ‘EDUCATION FOR HUMAN LIBERATION.’ The occasion under the auspices of the Chief Guest, Dr. Riang Yer Zuor took place in Hotel Equatoria and a high number of South Sudanese from all walks of life attended.

A total number of all graduates for 2016/2017 stood 191, out of which 10 graduated with Masters, 144 Bachelors and 37 Diplomas. Two of the Bachelors holders finished with the first classes. However, the total number of the graduates significantly fell vis-a-vis the number that previously graduated years ago.

On their parts, viz, the Chief Guest, the Matron of the day, the NUCSUU President, the Nuer Community Chairman, the South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda President, the Chairpersons of the States Students Associations, the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, the political and religious leaders, the Chairpersons of the States and the Chairpersons of States Women Associations congratulated their students who rose to the occasion, hard academic journey on thorny roads, and successfully completed and graduated.

Represented by one of the cohorts, the graduates triumphantly expressed their extreme happiness and thanked their various sponsors, the NUCSUU for party organization, the States Students Associations and the entire attendant for participating in the celebration.

On a separate account, the NUCSUU leadership under the Presidency of Lam Ker Chagor unreservedly manifested their utmost appreciation to the persons who unconditionally contributed financially, physically, spiritually, mentally and socially to make the organized function a success. In another appreciation, the leadership thanked its Executive Board for their commitment and tireless work. Similarly, the attendant that made the party beautiful and colorful got an equal compliment supplemented with a round of applause. Chagor congratulated the graduates and commended their commitment and focus that bore fruits.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Riang Yer Zuor, who doubles as a highly renowned academician exhibited his happiness and congratulated the graduates on having successfully completed their various prescribed courses. Furthermore, he stressed the need to continue with studies above the levels reached; for learning is a process of developing human minds. He urged the graduates to be creative and innovative by initiating entrepreneurial jobs.

In addition, Dr. Riang urged the undergraduates to pull up their socks, and have tolerance and determination to ensure that they get to the exact milestone of the current graduates.

With everyone ultimately triumphing and recalling the NUCSUU slogan: ‘UNITY IS OUR STRENGTH,’ the long day farewell party came to an end at late night – around 11 PM.

Lam Ker Chagor,                                                                

NUCSUU President, Kampala – Uganda                                                             


Ngundeng Kai Wuol,

NUCSUU Information minister, Kampala – Uganda

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