NAS: In Response to allegations of NAS’s affiliations with other rebel groups

Posted: March 30, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Press Release from NAS: In Response to allegations of NAS’s affiliations with other rebel groups


Thomas Cirilo Swaka, former SPLA deputy chief of staff for logistics

March 30, 2017 (SSB) — The National Salvation Front (NAS) would like to take this opportunity to clarify and correct some false claims made in a statement by Lt. Gen. John Jok who claims to be a Commander for the SPLM/IO in Equatoria Region.

1-   Lt. Gen John Jok claims to have held ‘a fruitful discussion’ with the Chairman of NAS Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo in Ethiopia on the 9th March 2017.

This is totally untrue and a baseless lie. Regardless of the intentions of the author, no such meeting or discussion about any of the issues ever happened. As such all the claims made after this false start are, needless to say, baseless.

2-   While trying to reassure members of his organisation that NAS, under Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo, is not in conflict with the SPLM/IO, Lt. Gen. John Jok again falsely stated that the newly established National Salvation Front (NAS) was an already existent group under the SPLM/A and headed by Hon. Abdurrahman Sule and Maj. General Elias who were assassinated in Uganda in 2015.

The Chairman and Commander in Chief of NAS did not and does not have any affiliations whatsoever with any rebel groups that operated or are currently operation in South Sudan.

3-    The National Salvation Front (NAS), in its mission to unite the people South Sudan and restore dignity, will always strive to seek strategic alliances with all major political players with the aim of achieving and bringing about lasting peace to the beloved nation. In fact, the leadership of NAS has already established contact with the leadership of SPLM/IO and other opposition leaders for the purpose of the above.

4-   The countless crimes committed by President Kiir and his tribal militia against the people of South Sudan must not be allowed to happen ANYWHERE in the country.

The National Salvation Front (NAS) has made a promise to the people of South Sudan, and is committed to keeping that promise, to be a national vehicle for change. Nothing, not even the tireless efforts by others to distort our image and mission, will disrupt NAS from this revolutionary quest to unite the divided people of South Sudan and restore the dignity of the people to its former glory.

Warille Benjamin Warille

NAS Spokesman – (UK)


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  1. Maketh Deng says:

    Rebel spokesman in Uk is something amazing and NAS rebel leader in Ethiopia,it is inside bag business company.


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