2017’s letter of hope to my heart

Posted: April 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in KON Joseph Leek, Poems.

Thorns in the flesh (The heartaches)
Have a heart my beloved
Don’t think I am a fool, I am just broke!
2017’s letter of hope to my heart
By Kon Joseph Leek
You look at my face and grin wide from ear to ear wondering how old-age has damaged my face by replacing its previous smoothness with wrinkles meandering here and there like contours and due to my ignorance, I couldn’t do anything to save it from being such craggy!
No darling, I am not a fool, neither am I ignorant, what you see on my face are not old-age signs, I am just broke to add more flesh where the skin has folded like that one of a lizard. The “fold” is only an opportunistic visitor that’ll not overstay but utilizing a chance exploiting the absence of the flesh to hold up the skin

Don’t think I am just being a fool my cherished one, I am not. With the hollows in me, these numerous spaces – I mean the holes like shallow pools where diaphragm is hanging like a bowl can be your comfort sleeping zone. Never the less, that doesn’t make me a fool, if not only that I am broke they (spaces) would be filled up but I can’t, unless I turn into unknown gunman or a local blood sucker!
My dear next of kin, I think you can agree with me that if it wasn’t because of the strength of our hearts – bone-like Junubin’s hearts, then we are more deserving to crawl, it’s only the strength of our hearts that we are still seen trekking on the streets with our bodies or should I say our assemblage of bones!
I am not a fool darling, only that I am broke but never will this be forever and a day!
A day will come when this dust will subsidize
A day will come when the new “dawn” will break and we rise again with the new bright sun
A day will come when we will wake up against our banes to shine
A day will come when our beloved country which seems to hide its face from its people will have mercy on us and at least glance back – that’s when the bones on us will grow some flesh, and that is when you will realize that I were not a fool but was just broke!

Reach me on j.konleek@gmail.com

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