A questionable penis beneath the woman houseguest

Posted: April 6, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Majok Arol Dhieu, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Majok Arol Dhieu, Juba, South Sudan

women's rights

Women rights are human rights

April 6, 2017 (SSB) — Mr. Mach, aka Mariengfol was a legitimate first born son of Monydeng Liaroteek.  He was born and grew up in the cattle camp until he turned up to thirty years old. His main activities were to take cattle to a grazing land and to a water pools or rivers for drinking.

One day, his father visited him at the cattle-camp. In the evening, he ordered a lad to fill up a gourd with milk and gave to his father. His father before sipping, had first traditionally poured little a bit some milk into the fire and whisperings to quietening their ghosts and order them to bring about lucks always on to the offspring since their forefathers were interred correctly so that bad things can’t happens.

After his father had partaken of some milk from gourd, they went and sat down by the fireside where his best cows were unstoppably ruminating in order to discuss some of the issues including his marriage. He’d been turning down his father marriage’s request several times because he used to say that women are not people who could be trusted, but during this special time although it’s hard to change a person’s personality, Mariengfol accepted his father request and in the next morning, they went home for the case of walk down the aisle.

His father called a gathering of relatives so that his wife’s name would be declared. His uncle said it’s better to make a marriage of convenience this time because they prepared to stay on the other bank of the river. This was seconded by majority of relatives and immediately they selected few members who were sent off with a word to the father of the girl they’ve chosen.

When the selected members arrived, they were welcomed and a goat was slaughtered for them. Afterwards, they passed a message to the parents of bride-to-be that they would follow them after four days. Four days later, the bride’s parent came and the marriage was conducted successfully.

The traditional wedding was done and the couple stayed happily in their grandfather compound and after four years, Mariengfol had fathered two children so far.

In the village where the marriage this lady from, somebody by the name of Gurpiny had betrothed her when she was only five. When she grew up, her fiancé Gurpiny was having no cows to marry her until she was married by Mariengfol at the age of sixteen. So, Gurpiny had been preying on Mariengfol’s wife for many years.

Finally, Gurpiny made up his mind to dress like a woman and pretended to be an aunt of Mariengfol’s wife. He travelled all his way in woman clothes to the other side of the river. He arrived in the evening when Mariengfol was masticating his meat which was brought from a family member funeral rite.

Mariengfol’s wife burst into tears and ran very fast while shouting in her aunt forged name, saying, “My aunt, Nyipiny, my aunt, Nyipiny”, “how is everyone at home”? She asked. “They’re pretty fine”, he replied back in women tones.

Mariengfol was blindfolded to belief that one of his in-laws has come all the long way to visit them. He chomped his food hurriedly and said he would just go to a neighbor’s house to sleep there because there was only one hat in his farmhouse. His wife escorted him to the compound side and gave him a forged kiss in order to send him off happily.

The devious guest, when he saw Mariengfol has gone, he turned to his origins and act as Mariengfol assistant throughout the night. Before the cock crows, Mariengfol’s wife made her way into the forest to water and the weird guest was left in the locally made bed snores so loudly, as he overdosed himself with a beast he’d been hunting for some years.

As dawn breathed through the sky, Mariengfol came home from neighbour house where he slept. He got the door was pushed in by the morning winds, leaving the guest in an openness and in the nude. His eyes rushed immediately to notice that what came to his house was a man camouflaged in woman clothes.

As he was wise to the tricks his wife had played, he sat quietly on the stool in the middle of his compound thinking and contemplating about his wife disloyalty. After some few minutes, his wife came back from where she has gone to fetch water and saw her husband seated with his head against his knee. She realized that something went wrong and again outwitted her husband to push water-pot off her head and threw herself down crying bitterly.

Mariengfol asked her surprisingly to know what is going on. She said, “I heard that all women from my relatives including my mum turned out to become men”. How? “He asked her gently”. “Their private parts change to that of men, she replied”. Really, “her husband exclaimed”. Then even your aunt on the bed there has got an eight inches penis swaying side by side when she is breathing.

Mariengfol’s father farmhouse was just some miles away, but his father was having enough problems of his own, so it’s not necessarily for him to talks about others in the morning hours. He then, observed as it might be a matter of course in his wife tradition, but he was also at the end of his tether, which pushed him to grant his wife a permission to go with her aunt to their relatives. He promised to follow them at the crack of dawn next day when he first explains the matter to his father.

The duo left urgently heading to the direction of their relatives village. Fortunately, before they even travelled a mile, Mariengfol’s brother in-law met them and straight away speared a spear at him because he known him already to have been illegally sent some words to his sister for elopement preparations. Luckily enough, he was not hit by the spear threw at him because he’d dodged it quickly while running away very fast.

Mariengfol’s brother in-law took his sister by her hands and rushed back to her husband. They arrived at home when Mariengfol was preparing himself to go to his father. He stopped to greet his in-law and his wife was shied as fox in the cross roads, even chickens began squawking in alarm at their arrival.

Finally, it was reported to Monydeng Liaroteek—-the father of Mariengfol who in his all youth time was considered a sister under the skin because he’d been helping women find their rights in the entire village. He just has taken the matter as simple as it, and advice his son to marry his second wife from their own clan in the same village as a last resort.

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  1. marooldit says:

    my friend ! diaar diaar diaar are very wise intelligence and quick analysts , take care and pay attention for them in everyminutes of your life specially your wife she tells you that ” wuun ta la, hen ala taai, ku hen ala tene


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