Why SPLA forces are always victim of social media propaganda

Posted: April 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Mading Majur, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Mading Abraham Majur, Juba, South Sudan

Mrs Aluel Ayiei Chath, top high ranking spla officer at her office in Bilpam

April 7, 2017 (SSB) — If my comrades from the SPLA were begin to think, not one of us would remain in this army where we are been the victim of looting the civil population properties which circulating on social media and the entire worldwide believe that SPLA forces are for looting which is the hysteria, and an never ending propagandists.

It is something painful for me to see such a post from our fellow South Sudanese intellectual that had admittance of internet, accusing the SPLA forces and terms them as dogs, goats and animals eaters.

Our government has kept us’ we the SPLA forces into a perpetual state of useless army to be accused by anyone and kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic commitment of no recognition, where media is taken by wrong elements of South Sudanese to make recline sound truthful to the world that SPLA forces are not national army but national looters of their own citizens which is not true.

If these people accusing the SPLA soldiers were I belong ‘does not stop this kind of behaviors than we are going to have a serious problem with civil population coming down the road but we are not part of creating problems to our innocent citizens, since SPLA forces are steady clear eyed and patient army in the world.

My brothers and sisters, do not regarded yourself to this crisis as a guardian of this country, respect yourself and preserve our right as SPLA national army, otherwise there’s no different between one’ looting and one’ making wrong allegations that send signal and to make matter worse.

Morality of judging the situation from the far distance is the destruction of the nation to go through, judge what you have seen not what you heard from unconfirmed source of your information.

SPLA forces or national army had all taken risks of their lives for the sake of this country, yet we are the victim of you, social media propagandists or facebook warriors that we the’ SPLA soldiers are meant for pillaging of civil population properties not for protection of the nation, which is not true.

Looting the properties of the civil population is not the task of the SPLA forces to keep their own citizens in errors but it is you the citizens yourselves keeping the SPLA to fall into errors as allegations are always level on us.

If we look back to the past history of the SPLA during those days of struggling, you would not suppose to be so blind with our patriotism. Yes wrong is wrong and no matter who does it but you cannot just judge that all the entire SPLA forces are looters, dogs’ goats and animal eaters.

Therefore, the makeup of cheap stretch out that has been leveling against my comrades by Tearz Ayuen, need all the SPLA forces to concern about the statement, we love this country more than anyone else and that’s why we are sacrifices ourselves for it, yet we are like doing nothing.

The author can be reached via majur20155@gmail.com

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  1. Dengda says:

    Terrance hotel, looting of WFP warehouse , harassing motorist on road, burning down villages and taking goat and chicken from those areas. How do you called it? @ Mading Abraham Majur, put your house in order first, by discipline yourself wrong elements among you and than you should hand respected from citizens as national army period! You even harassed police office the right who supposed implement law and order, but SPLA, NSS, SPLA-MP assumed it their duties, common don’t embarrassed the country. You are far more behind than SPLA during struggle in term of discipline and respect of civilians


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