Rebuttal to Bol Deng Ayiei’s preaching of hate among Tonj south communities

Posted: April 11, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dut Lual Anei, Juba, South Sudan

April 11, 2017 (SSB) — Societal transformation through acquired formal education has never been a crime in contemporary world but absolute consequences of too many misguided ambitions without ethics is a barrage. This rebuttal is intended to inform the entire Yar-Ayiei community to diffuse from unfounded allegations being engineered by Mr. Bol Deng Ayiei as an individual but badly chose to use the most highly respected community of Tonj south since memorial to cover his deeds.

Yar-Ayiei has sons and daughters who have decent characters, respectful intellectuals, and rare wisdom with brave and giant fellows whose contributions can never go unnoticed. Yar-Ayiei has mothered many girls who are by far married to the neighbouring communities especially Apukjuwiir where i hailed from, my own grandmother called Adeng Makuac Tong from Palou clan is among those daughters of Yar-Ayiei who have been very instrumental in shaping families without doubts of any lack of cultured personality.

Yar is a peaceful community that looks far beyond the nose and has dignity that can’t be questioned but sadly a shaft among the grains is not a choice of the owner of the granary.  Bol Deng Ayiei from the lineage where Yar is named in honorary of Ayiei Cikom extraordinary rulings and guidance is an exception to all the descriptions mentioned above and his continued outbursts coined as fighting against injustice and unfair share of resources is a show of dishonesty and high level of ignorance by failing to investigate the facts and revisit history before publicly declaring bankruptcy of ideas.

To this effect, I would like to dismiss categorically the personal attributions and hates machinations with cloudy personalized attacks of Bol Deng that, not every year is a leap year or every day is a Monday, his unlimited unschooled attacks have been ignored for so long but time has come when he is advancing to document his family profile as a show in the book he wrote intending to do his usual business of attacks on Apukjuwiir, Thony and Muok Akot-wut sections.

“Alienate community”, a new book published in earlier 2017 with a monumental structure of spear, totemic object, scorpion which has been said to symbolized how Yar can sting people without limit  and egret combined together with “marginalization apart” which was addressed to the then governor of Warrap state H.E Nyandeng Malek Dielic are two editions of the same writer who until this particular day has gone dumb about the implications of repetitive attacks on a community that historically ignored attention seeking behaviours but either bad or good history, it repeats itself, this unleash war of blames with loose tongue will have to be shown that an amount of tolerance has gone low if not lacking in totality per se.

After repetitive attempts by Mr. Bol Deng Ayiei to blackmail Apukjuwiir community with illusion of being the messiah and a heavy weight serialized protagonist from Yar-Ayiei, he has lived a life full of hunt for a political fame by pointing east, south or west to scapegoat and create an atmosphere where he wants to place himself at the centre stage as the only eye opener and a learned fellow whose his education is expected to stand a test of time whether he means wisdom or the opposite, Bol Deng’s writings have cased another shadow of doubts on what qualifies someone as an educated person between a retailer of fame and a star of enlightenment with shield of a pen.

The said Bol Deng has written seven (7) letters where his personal judgment is indicating that Apukjuwiir is equal in terms with the republic of milk where nothing lacks, a lack of salt from the table of Bol is a blame direct to either Apukjuwiir in general or named some individuals, personal challenge to Bol Deng in life is also doctored to hurt him by Apukjuwiir yet this is a person who has lived 2/3 of his life with Apukjuwiir sons and daughters but had never confronted anybody with a reality of being mistreated but what a graduate could do to avert any sufferings, sectional feuds and any disputes within the family and the sections of communities neighbouring a blessed Yar-Ayiei Cikom community are the things a nation owes from Bol Deng Ayiei and any other person, with this sort of reasoning which may be either full of plagiarism or hijacking of undeserved history, we are at stake with our own expectations being badly injured.

Mabior-yar community association for development (MYCAD) has a good record of bad experiences during Bol’s era of leadership which legally has suffered a withdrawal of trust from the entire population as a matter of danger by him creating an anarchy or dynasty in a sound minded and worth wise community without fair presentation of their views by being used as a personal trajectory to express his own views which are not even consultative. I quote the following statements of the gentleman from his book and the article;

“Yar community is none of any annexation groups or community across the state and south Sudan as a whole”. This is a shot in the head, where does a community lives in a space without any other community? This statement is equal to some sort of reasoning which has brought this nation to where it’s today just because some people believe satisfying him or her means services to the community but reality check is better, where can such happens? I also view this as a call for break away for self-rule as a nation of Yar-Ayiei rather than a section or community within south Sudan; I have no right to stop this chase of mirage but wishing him a best of luck, nation and myself stand together to see Bol go in peace!

Another quote, “Be informed that the community which takes our portion mostly is Apukjuwiir as a result, we felt unrepresented at all levels starting from the liberation period up to date” This is a bad gesture of lacking sense, where is the statistics showing what has been taken in terms of social amenities, roads, schools, hospitals and clean drinking water? This is a final stage where one hardly separates the experience of South Sudan communities where one lives; no questions can be raised to answer a self-centred conclusion. Bol could fight with even stones while thinking of a success and here is one!

“Hithero, Madhel Malek Agei with his counterpart at the county education headquarters had also organized a deal which is not known to Yar community and dismissed the only two remnants in education sector up to the stage of jailing one teacher when he insisted and asked him for the reason of their dismissal. When it’s something that could be beneficial to all of us, they do forget desperately. What a terrible community MYCAD would never forget in the next generation to come” This utterance is the result of dangers of being loaded with perceptions, i personally diagnosed such thinking as ancestral hatred from Bol Deng and his company or a call to share his innocent backwardness.

The named Dr Madhel Madhel would never have targeted a civil servant because of where he came from but any show of fists between those involved has no justifications of hurting a particular community. If there are procedures to any complaints, nobody would rule against a son or daughter of Yar-Ayiei for that matter, but still then Madhel would have been treated as an individual, an official during that time who can explain himself any time rather than apportioning entire cloudy misunderstood case to a community that has both illiterates and literate groups who never sat down to plan any bad intentions to a particular section one day.

As Bol preach his hatred and incitement, May he curses himself too for calling Apukjuwiir community a terrible that MYCAD would never forget in the coming generations, may we equally never forget what damaged Bol Deng has caused to break our social fabric through his misgivings.   Here is him again on the throat from this quote;

“Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be surprised that Yar community didn’t trail to other three communities of Muok, Thony and Bongo, these communities play fewer roles in our non-representation because many of them are outside the fence though fully represented”. End of quote, Wonders still, Laws of South Sudan speaks louder and better than my own interpretations of such statements but what I know is that, during the liberation times, no statistical data has been provided to show whether there was any other reason being considered for someone to be part and parcel of liberation rather than personal willingness and feel of marginalization, victimization by Arabs which my dear friend is misusing to mean Yar-Ayiei was not considered even. Bol Deng has no mandate to frequently navigate through a deceptions and lying board to the young generation and let free without questioning. Here follows another quote;

“Apukjuwiir which is playing a great role to bury Yar community alive due to their nick-name (cam kelei)” This connotation is a misplaced opinion even Arabs have bombarded South Sudanese with weapons of unknown quantity but nothing was equal to burying us, the term cam-kelei is indeed what is qualified to be given to Bol, he dinned, sleep, marry and schooled together with sons and daughters of Apiukjuwiir including my good self but no such statement has ever been practice.

Yes, if there is something to be doubt about my reasoning as I write this rebuttal, then it’s my constant association with Bol when he always forget my friendship with him but abuses me together with my background without first singling by bad characters as Apukjuwiir son but our brothers who showered him with comfort even when he causes ill motives are equally ashamed with me.

To critique the book titled, “the alienate community”, there is no moral equivalent to intellectual dishonesty of what could allow someone to be a renowned writer with mismatch of information which should have been taken care of well, there is nowhere a copy of constitution for a community is annexed to the book which is supposed to be personal property by copyright regulation but community with its by-laws lived beyond oneself but my learned friend decided to pegged this book with fictions.

Various website or internet pictorial illustrations of most irrelevant important to the book content have equally contributed in discrediting the entire content and intentions of the reader, we would source knowledge anywhere but not every rubbish or material is worth copying without analysing it first or subject it to reasoning.

Writing a history or a novel has never been highly premised on what volume is the book but rather facts which are chronologically arranged to reflect the real intention of the writer by annexing a pamphlet of quotes to advance a negative impression of being an academician with loaded English proverbs which are termed as messages to the readers but too much categorical in misleading the public to a colossal believe of knowledge when in reality it’s a nonsensical display of egotism.

In conclusion, this rebuttal is not looking at Yar-Ayiei as a problem as part of Bol Deng’s writings, its intended to inform all readers of his books and those who share same opinions with him that, all communities of tonj south are proud of Yar and will never go against it in order to realize betterment after mistreating Yar.

To Bol Deng, you are an officer in the army and if the SPLA laws have opened all boarders for us to politick then we must be reasonably be alert so that we don’t fight with elephant carrying a gun and poison in form of sectional codes which all kill.

This opinion piece is solely my rebuttal to Bol Deng and is not against any other community or persons who are not mentioned herein. I can be reached through

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

  1. Dut Agostino. says:

    Bol should not do that, thank Dut Lual.


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