Let’s avoid viewing South Sudan from the lens of the 1st world countries like USA

Posted: April 19, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, KON Joseph Leek, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

The Where have we (citizens) gone wrong and where is the government wrong? Our problem is viewing South Sudan in the lens of others and government problem is failure to learn from its mistakes and crowning the warlords but why? Read on

Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

The current state of RSS

April 19, 2017 (SSB) — It is not necessary all about having a country, there is a different between having a country and managing it. A man who is married many years ago and has kids is not afraid to marry again. A newly married man’s home-management is not the same as who has married years ago because he has learned through his managerial mistakes overtimes compared to who has just married.

Dinka would say that he that has already touched the water is never afraid of walking through it. He that was once jailed is never afraid of prison, once divorced has no fear and shame of divorcing again.

Just like if you are promoted to primary two after having passed in primary one, you cannot perform to the best if you skip primary two for primary three or four. You cannot plant RED PEPPER and expect sorghum’s grain; a man reaps what he sewed/planted. You cannot expect a Lamb after forcing your Billy goat on a she-sheep, never in a million years. You need to first diagnose a sickness before attempting the solution. This is about diagnosis not just prognosis.

Here is a point, South Sudan’s problem is not basically Tribalism, corruption, dictatorship and so on and so forth; it is about our inability to swim with the tide, it is our limited education of taking things basically and whimsically, it is about our inability to appreciate the little we have while causing strives and havoc for what we don’t have, it’s about losing our own necklace for somebody’s, it is about our impatience.

It is generally ignorance caused by limited education, many have studied but mind you, many have passed through the universities but have not given that humble chance for the universities to pass through them. We are being victims of our own actions and words.

Our problem is not President Kiir’s being a dictator, it is not his regime being corrupt; our problem is viewing South Sudan and Juba’s regime in the context of USA, Kenya, Uganda and other more advanced countries. Even if we are a country compared to Uganda then Uganda has been a country 50+ years ago and they went through our path before they became stable as they now are, ask Uganda’s History if you think that it has been stable since its independence.

Its complete stability started in 2005 when LRA leader Joseph Kony was flashed out from Northern Uganda to Garamba forest; Uganda itself has never had a proper transition until today. Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and even any other country you may know have passed through the path we are currently taking.

South Sudan cannot start at the level of Uganda, Kenya and others because those countries have come to their current levels through the range of time, starting at their levels would make us like a child skipping P.4 and 5 after being promoted to P.3 from P.2.

The main problem presently today is with the regime but do we need to be sounding louder over it? All together are not Angels – those in Kiir’s government and those outside the system we seem to admire, they are birds of the same feathers. Juba is being the main problem now because of its inability to change, a victim of its misdeeds it doesn’t correct, inability to learn from its mistakes and its appeasement policy of the killers.

I mean the crowning of Devils and crucifying the saints (their fellow liberators) but this is part of a starting country. A country in most cases is started with incapable leaders who are expected to learn in the due process of their rule but upon failure to learn then chaos arises and doom ranges.

Here is the point; a country was liberated by our present crooked leaders that love their abodes more than the State/Country, you support him not because he is/can make a good leader but because he comes from your region or your tribe, you support him because he has food which he hitherto stole from you and me, is that patriotism? Think again!

These bad ones we have (in Gov’t & outside) are the good ones we have. It has been said that better the devil you know than the Angel you don’t know, what we are struggling to impose as leaders are whom we think are better Devils, shall we suffer because we want all the devils to rule us?

Changing a Devil with the Devil is what we are now struggling to do but it is not taking us anywhere. Let’s be patient with this as the other comes, they will satisfy us all or else they finish us all if we are not patient enough.

 This is the fate we are subjected to as a new country; this is our pathway which African countries followed after independence so we can’t be exceptional. Remember that we chose to be a country before we even know ourselves; we were not mature enough to be a country but we forced ourselves to have a country so this was expected anyway.

Those ones who wanted a United Sudan were almost crucified should they sing it out loud but by any miracle that the referendum of self-determination is clocked back now, believe me; we would not be shocked if UNITY wins

Since 1996/7, Taiwan and Hong-Kong are still semi-autonomous; they are mature enough to be independent but they are not independent yet. So, before we are in P.4, give us a chance of passing through P.2 and 3 in order to be perfect.

Avoid viewing South Sudan in the lens of 1st world countries or other countries for they started at certain level many years ago, so we can’t start at their levels when we have our rightful level.

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  1. Anyar Jamus 1 says:

    you are right brother, we are rules by secondary dropout who fought in 21 years without any experience in public offices, they just rank high in bushes and in very short period of time they got a new country which they are destroying now.


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