Miserable Daughter of Upper Nile

Posted: May 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Poems.

By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, South Sudan

I am a daughter

Born of bullets

In the nightmares of tribalism

Bringing cannibalism

I am an emaciated girl

With my deaf mother

She is numbed by blood

As bullets sprayed on her

My pride is kidnapped

My hope is shuttered

I am a daughter without a chance to grow

Worries kill me everyday

I am a daughter;

Uncertain about tomorrow

I die in silence everyday

I am a daughter

Like I have nothing

I’ll be positive

For I am your wealth

But only when your blood clots

I am a daughter

That doesn’t know her beauty

Upper Nile,

You’re my own mother

Why have you forsaken me?

Death stands at my doorpost

I see humanity at stake

Why Upper Nile my mother

Upper Nile,

There is no love

There is no unity

You inhale famine

And exhale your wealth

Why Upper Nile my mother?

Upper Nile,

It is news of rapping

I am eaten up by my brothers


Every day it is news of my father

He’s killed!

Every day I pick lifeless child

Died of hunger!

Upper Nile

In Bentiu

My pride is scrambled

In Malakal

I am a point of despair

In Bor

Tribalism beats me up

Why Upper Nile my mother?

Upper Nile,

When my womanhood ripens

It’s torn by the wolves

I am either defiled or rapped

It’s maturity in immorality

You need me decayed

My Upper Nile my mother

Upper Nile,

I walk in Jungle

When I am in Jonglei

I walk in mud

When I am in Malakal

I lost my beauty

When I am in Bentiu

There is an epitaph

In every homestead

It bears children names

I am sending this message to you

Wake up, your daughter has become a duster

NB: All rights reserved by the author

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