Pan Chieel: The home to all, destroyed by few!

Posted: May 3, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Sunday de John

By Sunday de John, New Delhi, India


Presidential dinner for X-mass

May 3, 2017 (SSB) —- Time and again, I see people who had contributed to the destruction of Pan Chieel pointing their fingers towards the Presidency. The possibility of self-denial holding water is minimal.

The responsibility of failing state rests with the leaders. Small or big. The factors that have contributed to Pan Chieel current state do not necessarily come from one direction. President Lubajo Lodiong softness and lack of a designed goal have created complacency amongst his subordinates.

It birthed rapid siphoning of public resources. It has bred corruption. It has created upper class versus itself tussle. It has created minimal self-reliance. It has created disloyalty to the system.

President Lubajo Lodiong has failed to nib corruption at the bud. His statements against corruption have been robust, but little action was seen. Under his watch, thieves have committed heinous crimes, both theft and murdering. They even held him hostage at this stage.

At the very best, all forms of corruption have been experienced in Pan Chieel. Political corruption has glaringly occurred. Innocent people have died under mysterious circumstances. A lot of crimes were committed. Human rights abuses have been perpetuated shamelessly.

Injustice had apparently surpassed the threshold. In tandem, Administrative corruption was and is dominant to date. Ministers and other senior government officials have been paid to append their signatures.

Professional corruption is not exceptional in this sense. It has occurred. For example, if a hospital is run by a midwife, the likelihood of senior consultants attending to the patients becomes negligible. Professionals have used their skills to exhort resources.

All these happened because of the ambiguity of laws and regulations. They happened because political correctness had outwitted professionalism during 1910 elections. If for example, majority of the members of the National Legislative Assembly are illiterate, a handful are functional illiterate, and a few are educated, what would one expect from such handpicked political mixers? Great laws? No way. The output will always be lack of check and balance, lack of promising laws.

Now, can we inference that President Lubajo Lodiong is solely responsible for the mess we are in? Nay. He is partially responsible and we hold significant contribution to that.

If Dr. Jongcol was the vice President thrice, if Treza Riam was the first ever Minister of Roads and Bridges, if Gulung Aluong was a minister in different dockets, if Mapaath Nuak was Chief of Intelligence, and later a deputy Minister of Defense, if Manib Ngor Ngol was Minister of Finance and Economics Planning, if Barakat Ajak was Chief of General Staff, if etc presided over this and that docket, what impact have they created? Self-enrichment! So do their counterparts on Lubajo’s side. Hence, all were responsible for the looting spree.

However, it is worth noting that the current state of Affiars is a making of liberators-cum-looters. The grass suffers. President Lubajo has been jadded by his foremen, trustees and disloyal concubines. He has been undergoing trauma induced by insubordination.

While Lubajo was maintaining the status quo with the abundance of resources, he failed to keep the center intact with the subsequent diminish of economic prowess and the hell went haywire.

Now where are we? Not anywhere but wilderness. Till then yours truly, Mr. Teetotaler!

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