South Sudan: There Is “No End in Sight”  

Posted: May 8, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Elbow Chuol, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Elbow Chuol, Kampala, Uganda


May 8, 2017 (SSB) —- If we had indeed learned anything from the unlawful detention of Dr. Riek Machar in Pretoria, South Africa, is the fact that the war is not coming to an end in the absence of him. Whoever proposed to quarantine the leader of the largest South Sudan Armed Opposition is wrong and it is not an ideal that will bring peace to the people of South Sudan in the near future.


Former Botswana president Festus Mogae’s failure and the Peace partners, the appointments of Gen. Taban Deng Gai as the First Vice President, Kiir’s Monologue are the foreseen sights of nothing like an end is near to the conflict resolution in South Sudan.

The attempt made to isolate the chairman of the South Sudan Armed Opposition (SSAO), from the peace process is not the possible solution to end the crisis in the world’s youngest nation. Let the man be releases from this illicit house detention and go to his headquarters to convince his forces why it is important to cease fire. Otherwise, I see this as some kind of hilarious joke intended for the purpose of entertaining the traumatized masses of the South Sudan people.

One doesn’t have to hire the whole political lab to get into these observable seen details of the conspiracy behind the madness of the Juba regime. The UN and its Security Council endlessly continue to talks of solving the crisis in South Sudan but no actions in place. On other hand, IGAD’s insistent failure is properly displayed by the imbalance representation of the Gender-based in its very own leadership.

Hopelessly, the continue talks of an Arms embargo on South Sudan by UNSC is fruitless. The regime in Juba remains to enjoy the fruitlets of these insincere important calls. The genocidal regime never stop displacing the civilians, targeting specific ethnic groups, creation of man-made famine, killing of aid workers, and the mass military campaign.

However, the concerns friends of South Sudan steadily look at a distance while Kiir and his rogue regime stopping at nothing less carry on to acts inhumanly; empowering rapists, burning down the civilians homes, obstructing humanitarian workers, displacing thousands over and over.


How many more people we want to watch dying, put out of place, left alone with no one feeling empathy? Are we supporting the rapes, famine, killing of the Humanitarian workers with impunity by the regime?

It is just the other day when the warring parties signed the peace agreement (August-2015) and Kiir signed with reservations announcing the peace agreement is not a Bible or Quran and it can be subject to fire. Of course the very next day the firing never ceases to stop. We kind of marvel why there is no peace in South Sudan.

It’s all begun with Kiir’s refusal to signs the peace agreement, the appointments of the former Botswana president Festus Mogae, the arrival of the IO advance Team, the flown of the Dr. Riek Machar and his chief of staff, and the famous 1373 IO soldiers to Juba. Then, all the hell broke loose. Taban Deng defected as usual. Dr. Riek Machar was forced to immediately evacuate the capital as soon as his legs could carry him. The August peace Agreement finally collapsed.

No one dare condemn even the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Troika, EU, UNMISS or others concerns organizations the incident of July 2016. This envisioned failure is costing many innocents lives in South Sudan.

From that very day the crisis in South Sudan began to displays rare traits. How to solve the conflict in the world’s youngest nation is now a mystery begging several explanations.

The UNSC, UNMISS, Troika, EU, IGAD, JMEC and others concern persons lingered to avoiding the responsibility. IGAD-PLUS hanged on an idea of maintaining imbalance neutrality which is very harmful. They keep in hiding and talks in secrets and show off in presses condemning both sides to the conflict.

The classical Dinka Council Advisory Board (DCAB) to the Juba regime will not succumb to the pleas of the insincere IGAD-PLUS’s calls to end the crisis. They are determined to ends this through military crusade.

The fate of the August Peace Agreement (APA) formally ended in July 2016’s. The J1 battle brought to an end the only escalated hope for peace by the vulnerable South Sudanese who are very sick and tired of war.

It is very difficult to defeats a scattered rebellion. The insurgence in South Sudan is scattered all over the country to an extent even without a leader they cannot stop fighting. And that cannot be brings to an end by Juba’s continuous offensive on rebels control area.

The worst part is, once the genocidal regime captured a town; it’s burnt down everything, indiscriminately killing civilians, raping, and displacing thousands. The imbalance neutral choirs never stop to sing; “both side to the conflict” should stop the war.

The regime in Juba doesn’t have the civilians’ interest at heart. For instance, in Nasir, Eastern Upper Nile state, there is no even a single civilian in the town of which Juba regime could claims the control of the area. Everybody fled. Why? because, once the illegitimate government control a certain area, the first thing which is observable is rape cases, killing the civilians, burning down their homes, destroying their livelihood and eventually; mass displacement.

It is a failed regime which doesn’t deserved any recognition from any well informed persons across the region and the world at large.

Men of no code of ethic were appointed to overlooks the implementation of South Sudan’s peace agreement. The JMEC chairman does nothing but ended up being the spokesman for the genocidal regime. His dishonesty, imbalance neutrality is manifested with the way he is currently managing the crisis. He should resign to retain his reputation.

President Mogae was appointed to be an honest man who should sincerely reports the truth in the ground but the man rather decided to enjoy great dinners with the disordered illegitimate president of South Sudan-we wondered why there is no peace-a job he took wholeheartedly.

IGAD-PLUS ’s erratic imbalance neutrality is a severe consequences to the displacing population of South Sudanese, emotionally tormented young girls, elderly women being rape by the regime’s undisciplined soldiers, and the practical experimentation of famine on South Sudanese.

The UNSC’s division is greatly being enjoys by the genocidal, autocratic, corrupt, tribal, and failed regime in Juba. The result is severely being faced by the vulnerable South Sudanese across the region and back home. The council will never come to an agreement.

Kiir’s monologue is severely very intimidating and disgrace to the nation. It is a shame to reason and an intellectual idiocy. This so called national dialogue is a total nonsensical means to solve South Sudan conflict.

The more the peace partners continue to legitimatize this National Dialogue (ND) which is now the Malong Monologue (MM) since it is between Jieng Council of Elders (JCE); the more the crisis is not coming to an end. The so called National Dialogue is a replacement of the August Peace Agreement (APA). It is nothing but a mechanism to prolong the war.

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