Too much for Terekeka state’s hooliganism; anyone to advise them please

Posted: May 9, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in KON Joseph Leek, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

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May 9, 2017 (SSB) — After the death of 29 Jonglei innocent lives and nine wounded along Juba – Bor road as reported by Miraya FM’s Monday morning breakfast show, it was early reported by “the national courier” news agent that more than 30 were confirmed dead and 17 more bodies lying by the roadside in Gemeiza.

What compelled me to writing this note is about how vulgar and myopic some people are in approaching some problems or how stupid they are in their communication’s approach. Word choice and random talk in disorder assemblage that make words themselves appear as hostage situation makes one sometimes lazy in listening because of the lack of clarity in the content put forward by the speaker himself.

When certain Lado, Terekeka state information minister was asked by Miraya Fm to explain what caused the strife and ambush of the civilians’ cars along the road, he rushed to explaining a bull and cock story that some Dinka Bor youth had earlier come and stole goats violently in Gemeiza and ran to the cattle camp. This almost led to fighting that prompted the commissioner of Terekeka to call for a meeting to solve the issue and as soon as the commissioner left, the fighting broke out.

As the fighting was raging on according to Lado, three vehicles that were coming from Juba to Bor felled in the cross-fire of the two antagonistic forces.

Mr. Information minister didn’t go ahead to explain how the commissioner could leave the peace spot hoping to have solved the strife only to hear the gunshots after leaving. What was basically wrong in his solutions?

Why could he leave things unclear? Should Lado be too sure about the goat thing or is it just a denial strategy of protecting his people? This is not the first time Terekeka is killing innocent people on the road to Bor or in the River but Jonglei has never come with direct retaliation.

Should the other state do the same? Lado should learn how to speak for the State government, he shouldn’t conclude what is undergoing investigation as said by Col. Philip Aguer.

All the three attacked passenger cars were attacked in different locations and times, so the information minister’s whimsical claim is just an incredible boring folktale meant to confuse the already confused and infamous leadership.

I am  only writing to advice Terekeka state to learn the values of good neighborhood, neighbors may fight but could not include someone who is not part of it otherwise it escalates

Why should those innocent people ran to the Highland when it was only one side that killed the innocent lives from the other side? Isn’t it expectation of retaliation? You are dealing with Jonglei, they don’t retaliate, and their Burden is only to civilize their uncivilized neighbors if not the whole South Sudan.

And to know it, your immediate neighbors whom you could have problems with sometimes are Abiy but you have killed beyond Abiy citing those killed on the road recently and previously.

It is not your bravery that Jonglei is not retaliating but only that Jonglei is trying to tame some violent lunatics through nonviolent mean including you in order to avoid the escalation of war

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  1. Dengda says:

    Very sad, I lost of one my closes friend whom we just dined the previous night (Thursday) and left on Friday morning, we departed at Shirkat , me going to work and him to Bor, later at evening we learned the attacked at vehicles, I tried to contact him but his phone wasn’t go through, we put our hope on network problem but at the end, sadly we learned about his fate. Gemiza seem to be place where no one can expect such horrific crime to take place. Back to the post, Kon Leek challenged the Minister to the extend either he can learn or an intellectual person should apologise for misinforamtion or may be the culture of denying, deception and ignorance is at it best.


  2. Kon Joseph says:

    it’s too sad brother, it’s sad. may his soul rest in peace.
    we shall turn the hope to liberate ourselves if the government is not. should we be accused that we are the problem as already echoed by others then be it


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