South Sudan: The Change We Deserve in Feasible Transition

Posted: May 12, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Wenne Madyt Dengs

“When a dictator takes over a country by illegal force, the rules of global trade, as determined by the rich world, automatically hand to that dictator legal property over the country resources” said Thomas Pogge, a political theorist.

By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Kiir, Ajongo, Kuol, Wani, Awet, Malual Ayom

May 12, 2017 (SSB) — I wonder how South Sudan got by a beautiful shoe-spring, taking as little as two years and finally went ugly. Everything modern was chopped up by President Kiir’s tyrannical knife. Tribal-politics, greed and immorality are mixed-up in the youngest country’s capital city, Juba. You would get security stooges moving in every corner of the city direly looking for innocent lives to kill, and all becomes dictatorial…..this is not the South Sudan Koryom, Muor Muor, Jamus, Tiger, Katiba benat, Engas and all gallant battalions of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) fought for.

The transition, however, seems like to resist all of us due to persisting incitement; which opens up tribalism as we bear it on our foreheads equally, it has been always embraced by our current corrupt regime. We, as the citizens of this great nation have unknowingly sold our great prestige to President Kiir and few top leaders from our respective tribes who joined up in making South Sudan a hopeless nation.  We must be ashamed of ourselves as far as I am certain that we’re responsible for this veracity.

We need South Sudan in which there shall be no social classes of citizens; a South Sudan in which all tribes shall live in great accord. There can be no space in such a South Sudan for the nuisance. Each tribe will have the same rights as other tribes.

Like me, there are many young people who rejected current ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) that had brought them freedom. This comes as an inspiration highly based on what they had experienced from neighboring countries as well as from globalization. Young intellectuals chiefly sought not only to oppose Salva Kiir Mayardit as the president of the republic of South Sudan but also to attempt to call for regime change which they blamed for poor governance.

All young people are tired of this regime which has instantly failed to deliver all the necessary needs to the citizens. The regime which is being navigated by evils, not true Christians who fought corrosive Arab rule for years. Gluttony coupled with laziness kills! It has finished the bones of the incumbent regime… Shortsighted and wicked regime which never dreams of bringing positive change to the people whom it stands for. No single progress in improving Agriculture, education, health and physical infrastructure sectors. What an ugly regime!

Cruel hunger and merciless diseases have taken advantage of snatching beautiful lives of children, women and old ages people in South Sudan meanwhile President Kiir and his opposition keep on nurturing senseless war which irrigate death every day across the country. Who still haven’t felt the wrath of this regime in South Sudan? Foreigners and citizens have always lost their loved ones as a consequence of insecurity. But who cares about their lives? As long as it has not burnt down J.1 (Presidential Palace) who will mind about their death? To South Sudanese, what holds us back include an unproductive and corrupt regime. All the economic hurdles we experience in South Sudan come from raw politics applied and dominated by tapered tribal leaders.

Since we shall not be at peace with all those who are addicted to corruption, autocracy and brutality, we should have the imaginable military, all interests not in conflict with the interests of the dumb thousands will be meticulously valued, whether alien or native. Myself, I abhor peculiarity linking foreign and indigenous. This is the South Sudan of my dream.

To make South Sudan better for all, we need a regime that’ll not look at South Sudan as for a tribe; a regime that’ll focus on delivering services to the citizens equitably regardless of who participated and/or who did not participate in our world-know  struggle for self-determination. We simply need a regime that’ll promote unity, peace, equality and prosperous development in the republic of South Sudan.

Building better South Sudan of my vision will move toward only not by the getting hold of power by a small number of people but by the attainment of the competence by all to resist power when it is battered. In other words, development is to be obtained by edification the masses to a sense of their capability to control and manage power.

Despite the crippling position of Sharia Laws, the Republic of the Sudan faced for years. But as far as current South Sudan situation is concern, Republic of the Sudan is heaven. I am always thrilled to see the Sudanese with their bad regime proudly helping the Republic of South Sudan. I barely couldn’t fail to conclude that SPLM/A as the ruling party in the republic of South Sudan is worst than NCP which enforced all decayed Sharia Law on the citizens of the country.

Our country has massively got exposed to what is as dangerous as Sharia Law. They’re tribalism, corruption and cruel dictatorship to mention few. I hate all! I swear I would better have lived someday, knowing this would be the last price of our struggle.

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