Gen. Paul Malong vs The Rest! Yirol has a task, urgent one!

Posted: May 13, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Sunday de John

By Sunday de John, New Delhi, India

Generals Pieng Deng Majok, Paul Malong Awan and Malual Ayom Dor at the Bor Airport during the second liberation of Bor, 2014

Generals Pieng Deng Majok, Paul Malong Awan and Malual Ayom Dor at the Bor Airport during the second liberation of Bor, 2014

May 13, 2017 (SSB) — The Republic of South Sudan first. Anything else later. That is what one can say at least to soothe himself especially when a danger is looming. In the recent wake, a lot has been happening. Of all that had happened nothing has shaken my country the much it was and is being shook by the departure of Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei aka King Paul from Juba via Terekeka on counts of travelling to his cradle land of Aweil.

This happened immediately after he was relieved by the President of the Republic of South Sudan. According to reliable sources, Gen. Paul Malong Awan had a desire to travel to his backyard and do his personal businesses like most South Sudanese are doing especially in this rainy season when cultivation is of paramount importance to agro-pastoralists like Gen. Paul Malong.

However, his departure has had many upheavals. In some parts of the country, it has been alleged that he rebelled. In other parts, he is being wished death and untruthfully, his personal nemesis have bluntly put it that he attempted to overthrow the government and that was the basis of his loggerheads with Chief Syndicate of the land. None of these political litters holds a significant weight to inflict such a huge dangerous drama and it should be emphasized that mere allegations were the reason why a damaging scenario was created.

In a related development, his arrival in Yirol was met with euphoria especially amongst the local citizens that see Paul Malong Awan as a leader deserving respect. Like in many parts of South Sudan, many people from Yirol have described him as a champion of the victims. His two-days in Yirol have been cheerful. He slept sound and has been meeting locals from different social divisions, women, youth, and the elderly. I think he might have loved Yirol.

The reasons behind his removal from office, or why he left Juba are not being adequately explored by this piece. It is the circumstances surrounding his current state that the piece shall partially settled. Many media outlets, and phone calls to people in Yirol have affirmed that Gen. Paul Malong reached Yirol on May 10th, 2017 amidst fear that he will be confronted with a vigorous fight by the locals.

On his arrival, the story took a different dimension, Gen. Bor Wutchok Bor, members of his cabinet and elders welcomed him in a brotherly manner. They held a meeting and it turned out productive. The meeting involved authorities and the elders. The outcome was, King Paul would return to the capital so that the unnecessary tension created by his departure could be diffused altogether.

The following day, a lot emerged. The airplane sent to Yirol to airlift him for Juba returned with Gen. Paul Malong Awan remaining in Yirol and security reasons were cited as the basis why he could not be picked. That was one turn.

Independent but reliable sources have mentioned that there are independent syndicates in Juba trying to arrest and humiliate Gen. Paul Malong Awan at best. That Malong is being provoked into unnecessary anger. That a significant force was airlifted to Rumbek and is being commanded there. In case Gen. Paul Malong pass through Yirol UNDETERRED, the THEN force would wield its strength to do away with the indomitable commander. GOD FORBID!

The Chief architect according to the sources is one silent Syndicate that is said to be fiercely brutal and doesn’t trade eyeball for eyeball with King Paul Malong. If all these were to be the reasons as to why the recent alarming tension was raised, then it is inevitable that the syndicates that were architecting these blemishes are of a great disservice to the country.

For the good of South Sudan, Leadership in Yirol, Elders and the Youth must insulate the country from this unnecessary looming danger. It is a task at hand for the above mentioned sections. The sections ought to deduce working formulae so that a quick but lasting solution could be achieved. There are a lot at stake. Gen. Malong didn’t chose to put the kibosh on in Yirol for no reason. He would have done that in Terekeka. I think he trust you people of Yirol and is wishing to find a bloodless solution through you.

 It is upon this that I am urging our elders, those of Gen. Andrew Makur Thou, Prof. Moses Machar Kacuol, Prof. Job Dhalruai Malou, Gen. Daniel Ayual Makoi, Hon. Awerial Aluong, Hon. David Deng Athorbei, Hon. Matot Tut, Hon. Telar Ring Deng, Hon. Marial Awou Yol, Hon. Gabriel Roric Jur to mention but a few to take up the task now.

Strike a good deal with the president. He ought to reiterate with assurance the safety of Gen. Paul Malong. Let him accept to distance some of his fore men and give Gen. Paul Malong Awan a breathing space. He should too accept  some of his wishes and at the same time let Malong accept and assure you that he is not going to negatively react in response to negative forces and that he should return to Juba at convenience.

Safeguard the future of the state and the whole country. Too, remember that history is not in our favour. In the 1970’s, Abur Matuong met his death in the hands of Aguet Awan, a son of Yirol. The Gokrial people blamed Yirol for his death. The death of Abur Matuong has had repercussions, Yirol paid dearly during the Liberation struggle even many years after it occurred.

It is upon this and the true salvage of the country that I am urging you my able elders, leaders and youth to handle the current situation of Malong versus the Rest with higher precision and to the good of our country. Things perceived to be small can escalate and become hard to handle. Nib this problem at the bud before sprouting. Yirol elders are shrewd, they command respect and therefore, should do the task with confidence and results.  Like always you are nifty and at some point, you are peace-mongers.

Divert the disaster, try to bring our disagreeing leaders aboard. Let them know that their political differences are but insignificant when South Sudan is concerned. Dissuade them from being carried away by egos. Let them accept humility and avoid the thoughts of I am superior to Mr. X and Mr. Y is inferior to me.

It is imperative to acknowledge that fragmentation of Bahr El Ghazal is a disaster. The recent divergence has been turned into the tool of mockery. Naysayers of the region are holding themselves at the brims less they celebrate. Some have already described it as Humpty Dumpty thing. A senior naysayer of the region is already dancing himself to lameness. On hearing that Ex Chief of the General Staff was peacefully enjoying himself in Yirol, he called it a surrender.

Those are mockers that must fail. You must fail them by putting unity as your prime core value. Overlook petty discords and work for the good of the entire nation unless you want to succumb to their unnecessarily filthy utterances that you were just leaders of the foolish majority.

The president should acknowledge that Gen. Paul Malong Awan’s contribution from the commencement of tortuous Liberation struggle to date is significant and must not be rewarded with a kick. He needs respect, sound treatment and personal liberty at least and a new quality assignment at most. He is statically a man to reckon with. He loves South Sudan and can defend it with steely resolved now or later.

Nonetheless, allowing his personal nemesis to use the state organs in his intimidation to subjugation is all but an annihilation of your government. Gen. Malong should not be forced out. He should not be stretched to the drenching stage.

To Gen. Paul Malong Awan, I can say, do not react to negative forces negatively. The harm would only be incurred by the innocent sections on whose defense you have for decades been sacrificing your dear life. It is obvious that you had and have sacrificed a lot for the people of South Sudan and so you can’t insult yourself by going low to subject the country to unnecessary tension because somebody wants to take you to that direction.

It is my humble request as a South Sudanese that do not gouge the eyes of those who gouged yours. We will have a blind society. Some young man spoke ill of you, he said that you listen to people’s calls and even to calls of nobodies at times like this especially, so listen to me.

Go back to Juba and do as directed by the President. Peace is a necessity and it must be worked for and you have to be at the fore together with other peace champions even if it means it is not your priority.

Once again, to the president, sir let your intervention be comprehensive, it shouldn’t be a mere press statement and ensure that those trying to create despicable situations that Gen. Paul Malong was no longer in power must acknowledge he is a son to his parents, he has a family and he comes from a certain community. Do not provoke him on assumption that he was already vulnerable.

Again, it is my humble wish sir, that you should strongly caution them that they should not settle their political scores using state organs. High level of professionalism is desirable they should be told.

To Hon. Bor Wutchok Bor, congratulations sir, your work is commendable. You are better than Mc Nimir. Mc Nimir set his guests ablaze and claimed heroism but you welcomed your guests with respect. That is undoubtedly akin to Yirol’s way of doing things.

I was told you were in a tank advancing to receive Gen. Paul Malong even before he could step into your side of the border with Mundari but I half jestingly told myself that Gen. Bor Wutchok Bor is never a dumb head that can use uncalled for tools to welcome the guests.

I dissuaded myself that he will use his brain and the pure heart to welcome his comrade and it happened. Congratulations Sir, you handled the hard situation with shrewdness continue with your good work. Kadit Ee Ciir Kou Abe kooc ke we, wek wendit Awan Anei.

Nhialic will bless you abundantly. Till then yours Truly, Mr. Teetotaler!

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