Viable Solution to the Pressing Conflict in South Sudan

Posted: May 14, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Yom Mayen

By Yom Mayen Awan, Bor, South Sudan


Yom Mayen Awan, Bor, South Sudan


May 14, 2017  (SSB) — South Sudan is a country handicapped by the competing interests, a country where truth are hard to be told, a country where political issues are taken as ethnic issues and at the same time where thousands of people died every year.

Currently, there is a question of why we are fighting. It is a bit hard to understand what it is that is behind all these extraordinary death. We should all know that the root cause of these dreadful violent is simple: Political influence.

Political influence has been the greatest hazard to the death of our innocent citizens in the sense that some politicians are taking advantage of these innocent citizens for their own benefits. Listening to our politicians in the name of leaders, their followers and sycophants, you get very worried.

The violence rhetoric on air is worrying and sickening. Threats of war and violence against persons of other tribes, threats of consequences in case a certain politician or a leader is removed from his/ her leadership position. That is the trend.

Therefore, my question is how can we save ourselves from all these trending threats?

 We must all know that this country belongs to all of us, our ethnic, social, religious or economic affiliations notwithstanding. We all call south Sudan a home but if we allow just a group of few individuals to destroy our lives for their own self gain, then we shall live regretting our misdeeds and the future of our children will also be at stake.

We all have experienced that whenever the evil ideas mature and develop into an intense violence, our gods in the name of leaders will always move their families to foreign countries that are at peace, where they run secret foreign accounts and continue enjoying protection from foreign governments, meeting in a star hotels to determine our future and fate.

 What we will have to know is that whenever the same thing applies to a common citizen, it is always different. The poor common citizen can either be dead, mutilated or flee to some refugees settlement in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and D.R.C, having walked a distance from our lovely country, throwing away our sickly babies who won’t stop crying endangering the whole group, leaving behind the old ones who are too adamant or weak to run away.

Our women crying and suffering from rape and unwanted pregnancies and deadly infections. That time, that moment, no one will care much of what tribe or clan they are from; it will be more about the next meal for survival.

I often wonder why we put ourselves in all these knowing very well of the unbearable repercussions that always follow. It is upon us to take care of our country, our peace, our future, our children and most importantly OUR DIGNITY.

 Politics come and go but South Sudan will always remain. We should all come together as one nation and discourage these tribal issues that are dividing our country for the sake of these common innocent citizens.

I am an aspiring journalist who can be reached via my email address:

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