The 34rd anniversary of May 16th

Posted: May 16, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in History, Junub Sudan

Peace and reconciliation in South Sudan is the only rewards we can offer to our martyrs who sacrificed everything for our freedom and liberty

May 16th anniversary

Readings for the 34th anniversary of May 16th:

  1. Dr. John Garang and the May 16th Bor Uprising, by PaanLuel Wel
  2. Glimpse of History: Maker Jool Deng was not the only Martyr of May 16th Bor Uprising, By David Aoloch Bion

  3. Dr. John Garang’s Last Speech Marking the 22nd Anniversary of May 16th, 2005, By Dr. John Garang

Garang and Kiir

Garang and Kiir, with Aguer Manyok Aguer Deng (young man)

Kiir and Garang, liberation day

Dr. John Garang and Commander Salva Kiir Mayaardit, during the liberation era


kiir and garang

Commander John Garang and Commander Salva Kiir in Rumbek, during the war of liberation struggle

in the company of Dr. John Garang: once upon a time, we were united.

Garang, Kiir, Riek and Wani

John Garang, Salva Kiir, Riek Machar and James Wani Igga

pagan and john garang

Commander Pagan Amum Okiech, with Chairman Dr. John Garang and Commander Yasir Said Arman, Rumbek Senior, 2003

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