Bor Dinka community: Thinking carelessly in a time of political betrayal and upheaval

Posted: July 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Makneth Aciek, Kigali, Rwanda


Abel Alier and Philip Aguer, picture by Mach Samuel

July 4, 2017 (SSB) — Many woke up on the morning of July 3, 2017 to be appalled at Bor youth association last warning to NGOs, UN agencies and CBOs. To those who might see the letter not; on June 28, 2017, the Bor youth association gave an ultimatum  of 72 hours to international NGOs, UN agencies and CBOs to evacuate all Equatorians working in Bor.

The Bor youth cited three reasons in the letter; Killing of Dinka along Equatorians roads, local jobs being taken by Equatorians and that NGOs are hosting rebels who happened to be from Equatoria.

Through this attitude from young people, it’s not difficult to realize that Bor community is greatly in trouble! Not a single time in history has Bor as a community arrived into a position of collective madness as demonstrated by this group.

The great threat to Bor community is not Equatorians or any community in South Sudan, it’s the loss of her historical character. It has always been the wisdom of Bor people that diversity and openness drive communities forward.

Even in the most primitive time, Bor community has never been a closed off society, they shared Pastures and water with other communities neighboring them.

 Bor of today have become a place where self-esteem is low and suspicion runs high; where envy thrives and tolerance dies. Asking South Sudan citizen to leave any part of the country base on his/ her ethnicity is anachronism; it is an event that stirs emotions to violence.

Youth are supposed to be tool of truth and mutual understanding among communities, but our youth slink back to their little caves and become preoccupied with smaller things.

The violent crime on Yai- juba road or Nimule-Juba road can’t be cure by act of local xenophobia; it will only be cured by developing a deep understanding of the forces in South Sudan societies that cause people to become violent criminals, and this should be done through putting into place widely respected demonstrably competent law-enforcement institutions.

There is no natural policy that order the killing of Dinka along the roads; it is the regime in juba that have the policy of turning community against a community.

The Bor youth must note, in this period of political betrayal by our leaders, any system that turns the good people in society into participants in senseless killing must be fought at all cost.

The argument that Equatorians have occupied jobs meant for local is bad and those that nurse such thinking in 2017 are mentally challenged. Job is neither a reward nor is it an inheritance meant for the locals – it’s a mean of production which must be given to the most qualify person. Job is not like the responsibility of cattle keeping; it requires skills and character.

The actions, such as the one of Bor youth, are consequences of the country being run by champions of ethnicities rather than national leaders. It’s unfortunate that our youth draw political inspirations from ethnic chieftains: those whose leadership have been around their own tribes and families. They engage enthusiastically in making pretend-noises about national dialogue, but their actions suggest otherwise.

In this period of political betrayal, it’s not hidden from anybody that South Sudan has become a place where those who know best how to utilize negative ethnicity to fuel conflicts enjoy, and those who abide by the norms of national unity feel only the pain and risk being painted as rebels.

South Sudan will not move forward until her citizens, particularly the youth evolve past these medieval, feudal thinking. The group of youth that wanted Equatorians out of Bor are not bunch of ghettoes that have never understood nationhood; they are educated youth with good knowledge on world current affairs.

Their thoughts are directly from the wisdom of Jieng council of elders (JCE): a system where young people are indoctrinated and conditioned to be preoccupied with a narrow set of enclaves – Monjangism.

The youth at this critical movement should think about NATION – not villages. This is not a time for little minds, and the best thing Bor youth should do is to participate fully in the big issues of our country.

They must place a set of demands on Salva Kiir’s government. If writing evacuation notice is what they are good at; they have to ask the world and IGAD to evacuate from J1 those that encourage tribal hatred and confusion among south Sudanese, not innocent Equatorians helping our people through humanitarian works.

The call to keep Equatorians out of Bor is careless, poorly thought out and is bound to double chances of killings along the roads.

Bor youth should think wisely and develop mental faculty that would be capable of demanding big thinkers to lead the nation; those that are capable of forging out a competitive position for South Sudan in the region, not those that encourage ethnic sectarianism.

Makneth Aciek is a south Sudanese and reached via

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  1. David says:

    I agreed with you sir, but not to the extend of the entire article, you can’t blame much while you know you will be the victim of tomorrow, you article is good but know that point, they have right to write the letter because of the grievances they have endured, but they didn’t think much about the consequences of their demands and this were I agreed with you 100%, why because there is no other community in the entire country that live in Equatoria like us the Bor community especially in Eastern and central Equatoria, that letter will put thousands of lives in danger. so the youth need to think again regarding this letter.


  2. Peter Athiu says:

    Well articulated pieces of criticism, it deserves to be taken positively as an informative and friendly. Look


  3. Isaiah de Majok says:

    It is unfortunate that some parents had to go through hardship to raise and educate their children that they never expect would become genuine idiots, on the first day I heard about the letter from my Equatorian colleagues – I thought it was a joke because majority of Bor people embraces peaceful coexistence for they/we are true believers in Christ and care much about humanity.
    If indeed there was/is an official letter circulated against Equatorians then it is stupid, where on earth would you air a hate speech against your own self? Jobs are not bought, you have to posses the necessary requirements in order to get them, insecurity on Equatorian roads can’t be blamed on Equatorians just like insecurity at our neighborhood can’t be blamed on us without proof and if rebels are employed by the INGO then it has to be done by the national security agents with the necessary proof.

    Therefore, if some of us (Bor youth) are to follow footsteps of tribal politicians then start refraining from them because it won’t take you anywhere but putting your own family members that you brought to Equatorian land at risk. If there are individuals who wants to spoil the name of the entire community then the authorities need to bring them to justice for inciting hatred. If the letter was truly addressed by known youth, what if Equatorians retaliate by saying ‘Kick Bor people out of our area’? Will you say yes or no? People should listen to themselves before bringing nonsense to community attention.

    I would agree with whoever planning to peacefully screen the nationality of our fellow South Sudanese working in all sectors in South Sudan because the country is hosting a lot of negative dual citizens i.e. So many Ugandans and few Kenyans disguising as South Sudanese in the name of Equatorians, Ethiopians of Gambella claiming to be South Sudanese in the name of Anyuak and Nuer, many people in Aweil with Sudan nationality certificate, US, UK and Australian South Sudanese and many more. All these goes back to our national government not individuals to issue senseless threats.

    Let us embrace peaceful coexistence and stop this madness, authorities in Bor should condemn that letter and assure safety for Equatorians working in Bor as soon as possible.


  4. Drakmas Mckavin kur says:

    Some time we need to think twice when making a decision it sound 🔊 ridiculous to loose our dignity as great Dinka.


  5. I salute you for this wonderful piece. We need to assess the level of risk involved with our moves. Anyone can make a demand but you cannot threaten and feel that you’re right.


  6. Alam says:

    It’s thoughtless to warn Equatorian. This is not Dinka Bor Speaking but those thoughtless pigs from Bor-South advised by their drunkard named Makuei Lueth.


    • Mamer Jur says:

      Thanks Alam for showing worth of your brain. You are entitled to that statement. The sad thing is that FACELESS MEN! Died in miserable manner.


  7. Mamer Jur says:

    Corruption is not only in monetary ideologies, but it is in ideas we may express. The worth of a person is honesty and integrity. Good Luck, brother Makneth for your thoughts. By the way how is Kigali, Rwanda?


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