What we can learn about Jook Majang, Dut Yai and Makuach Lual in relation to Gen. Malong Awan

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By David Deng Chapath, Kampala, Uganda

Generals Pieng Deng Majok, Paul Malong Awan and Malual Ayom Dor at the Bor Airport during the second liberation of Bor, 2014

Generals Pieng Deng Majok, Paul Malong Awan and Malual Ayom Dor at the Bor Airport during the second liberation of Bor, 2014

July 5, 2017 (SSB) — In South Sudan, it is hard to know a right person. This is because the right person according to our standard is that person who obeys and worships the authorities irrespective of what they do at the back of the authorities.

It is not bad to praise and appreciate leaders but to praise and at the same time working for their downfall is worse than going to hell. When we have decided to support leaders we must support them irrespective of the situation they find themselves in.

Due to the naivety of our system, it does not differentiate between bad and good people. Because of this, the system is not capable of employing good public servants or workers. This has put the system at the brink of collapse as the people who are employed do not know what they are doing but only specializing in praising leaders and cheating them at the same time.

The above statement was proved by the recent incident where two respected ministers in the government came out that the government has failed yet they are part of the system. This was a violation of law. According to the law, they are part of the same failure and if they had wanted to talk against the government they would have resigned first.

For the above reason the government was supposed to have dismissed them because of the gross misconduct. This is because it is misconduct for the ministers to come out openly against the government they serve without resigning first.

The above case is a good example for our discussion. The abovementioned ministers were not appointed because of their capability but because they pretended to be good as Jook Majang, Dut Yai and Makuac Lual did to General Malong. These three personalities pretended that they were working for the interest of General Malong but in fact they were not.

Because of their bad intention, they became part of the problems that were affecting efficiency of General Malong as the Chief of General Staff. In fact, the three personalities were supposed to have not been allowed to work with General King Paul due to the following reasons—

 They were only working for money not to help Malong to be successful in the performance of his duties. In other words, they were not working for the interest of General Malong Awan but they were there doing their own things and kept on plotting how to get money as soon as the opportunity availed itself for them.

In fact, the reason General King Paul Malong was successful was not because of the advice they used to give him but because General Malong was serving in the army without the conflict of interest: an element that made him a successful General.

In addition, they were not there to support his leadership as the head of the army by helping those who were seeking help from Malong but rather they were there to take away money from those who were being helped. This was shown when the money that was given to youth who were protesting against the employment of protection force disappeared without any trace.

Therefore, it is in relation to the above reasons I can clearly say that their main mission when they were working with Malong was only to get rich.  Hence, they did not care about the welfare and success of General Malong. In addition to that they abused their position as managers in the general Malong’s office.

As I have stated above, they deceived Malong that they were good people based on the understanding of a good people in South Sudan and General Malong brought them from nowhere only to stuff him at the back.

In fact, they appeared to have had ill-intention against General Malong as it was shown clearly during the crisis which General found himself in. In the country the army is not governed by Code of conduct, every army must support his or her general and that is what they should have exactly done but they failed to do that.

Badly, when Malong was relieved they thought that Malong would be arrested, fortunately enough, Malong is now staying freely and we hope that in future he will be appointed into another office under the government of South Sudan.

For the above reasons, my advice to General Malong is that in case he is appointed into another  position in future, he should first seek a piece of advice from honest and objective people for the people to be appointed to work with him.

In addition, I advise him not to work with them or appoint them in future because they are not honest people. Let the previous appointment be enough because enough is enough.

In summary,  I would like to advise General Malong that what is done in the dark will always come to light so he should be careful.

As a matter of fact, Jook Majang, Dut Yai and Makuac Lual were doing business in the pretext of working with General Malong but what they were doing has now come to light that they were not working for the success of General Malong.

Hence, General Malong should never appoint or allow them near him in case he is appointed in future.

NB//: the author is South Sudanese student residing in Uganda and can be reached through: dengdavid00@gmail.com

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  1. 888888 says:

    ok those demonstrations they are staged for paid? Kumbe I never knew !!!


  2. Alam says:

    What make you think that Malong will be appointed again? He might just accept the fact he may never served again in government. If he served again, it would be because of appeasement from your weak president. Government will change hands at some point so forget this crop rotation mindset that seem to have been employed in this country.


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