The deafening silence of Juba over the killing of 29 civilians in Jalle, Jonglei state

Posted: July 18, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Mabil Manyok Nhial, Gweru City, Zimbabwe

Mayen Yong Jok, killed in Jalle

R.I.P Mayen Yong Jok

July 17, 2017 (SSB) — “Silence means consent,” goes the saying. One can be so baffled and indeed remain in a tight wave of confusions as to why the government remains so dumb and numb when people are being killed along the Bor-Juba highway and in villages of Bor.

A witty and indeed a reasonable person may ask themselves a plethora of questions when it comes to great issues of the day. Does the so called government of South Sudan know its prime obligation of protecting its citizens? Why are the likes of Akol Khor, Tor Deng Mayuen, Salva Kiir, Taban Deng Gai silent in these daily killings of Bor citizens and they were making a lot of unnecessary noise when the Bor youths pursued their abducted children, and over five thousand heads of cattle raided by the Murle youths in April?

Being respectful to elders and not only the President, the youths from Bor promptly accepted the call by the government and came back as the two governors from the antagonistic states signed peace deal which remains in nothing but futility. Two days after the peace agreement was signed, one person was killed and two wounded in Makol Cuei Payam.

These youths from Buma have been carrying on their usual trade while the law abiding people have been incurring so many losses in human and property and the government has been doing its negative best by keeping quiet.

I need Akol Khor and his few individuals to comment on the recent uncouth killings in Jalle, Bor. One can discern some nebulous intentions behind the veil of nullity. Some few individuals have achieved their nefarious motives as the entire Borland from Cuei Keer to Cuei Thon is thrown into the valley of don’t-try-to-defend-yourself. This is so unfortunate.

It happened that over fifty innocent people were killed on the Bor-Juba highway but the President did not even sent heart-felt condolences to the bereaved ones. However, when six Murle men were killed by the SPLA/IO along the Juba highway, the office of the President without delay sent a condolence message to the citizens of Buma State.

Our very office of “our President” successfully failed to send the same condolences to the people of Jonglei on several occasions one of which is the incident in Jalle last week where more than 30 people were killed in cold blood, many still missing, 4 children abducted and 5000 heads of cattle raided by the Murle armed youth.

Is the government really the government by the people and for the people? What then shows if it actually is? Why is it ever silent whenever one side is disadvantaged and make noise when the Bor community raises its finger against the Murle? The credibility of a good government is lost beyond redemption.

General Kuol Manyang Juuk should resign if he feels so touched by these daily death tolls especially that of yesterday carried out by well-armed and uniformed Murle youths who killed over 30, abducted some children, burnt houses to ashes and rustled 5000 heads of cattle. General Kuol Manyang, what are you defending when your own people die on daily basis of what has already been known?

You should not also keep quiet in your seat while you have seen what is now killing innocent civilians. I urge you to leave that seat and go and sit at your home so that Akol Khor and President Kiir remain alone in their mess.

I have only question for the President. “Mr. President, why are you so mute about these daily killings by the Murle in Bor and along Juba-Bor road while your noise was so loud that it disturbed the spirits of the dead that the Bor youths had to leave Murleland when they had pursued these criminals?

The Bor youth promptly listened to your call and they all came back at once. The President did not condemn the Murle youths who violated peace accord after it had been signed by the two governors of Jonglei and Buma states.

The government has so hidden in a shallow veil of nullity and this will not propel South Sudan anywhere. One cannot just understand the intentions of some self-agrandised individuals who call themselves ‘leaders.’

Am I wrong to correctly term them misleaders? This looming silence is an innuendo of what the government really is. Many thanks to the government for sacrificing itself to serve our people from insecurity and that is why we call our country ‘haven of peace.’

Here are the names of our beloved people we have lost during the Murle attack on Jalle-Aboudit, in Bor, Jonglei state, as reported by Ayom Malual Ayom Dor

1. Jol Alier Wei, Pagol.
2. Matiop Akuak, Pagol.
3. Chol Monydhoor, Pagol.
4. Chol Nyok Dut, Pagol.
5. Awan Akuok, Pagol.
6. Malith Majier Ayuen, Amabith.
7. Makur Chop, Pagol.
8. Kuch Deng Thiong, Kol.
9. Nyuon Ayuen Akuak, Pagew.
10. Maketh Riak, Pen.
11. Mayen Ngong Mayen, Penn.
12. Achok Makol, wife of Deng Mading. Amabith.
13. Majok Mayen Malek, Penn.
14. Lueth Jiel, Pagew.
15. Akon Kuol, Amabith.
16. Ajith Nhial Majok, Penn.
17. Chol Kur Nyok, Alian.
18. Atong Lual, Amabith.
19. Athieng Angok Ajak, Pagol.
20. Nhial Bul Lang, Amabith.
21. Nyalueth Awaar, wife of Majok Akuak, Pagol.
22. Achol Mach, wife of Ayuen Magot, Penn.
23. Kelei Mayen Jok, Pagol.
24. Chie Chol Jok Mayen, Pagol.
25. Agok Gak Mareng ku meth Nyande, Pagol.
27. Mading Malaak Deng, Amabith.
28. Ayom Jol Alier Wei, Pagol.
29. Mayol Ajeth, Penn.

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