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He was a great guy. Lovely, adorable, cute and handsomely awesome. The first time I saw him, my heart beats faster than normal. He squarely stole my heart on that very first sight. He is superbly mature, in mind and in the body. He is a guy who all ladies would want to be with. A guy you can never take your eyes off him when you look at him. This guy was solely my guy but as I talk to you now, everything has ended in jeopardy.  I hate him now, I hate him tomorrow and I hate him forever. This is a tale of a lady who divorces in three days after the honeymoon. Here is what she told me about her so called “lover”

Peter Okello – Human Rights Activist and Political Journalist

Peter Okello – Human Rights Activist and Political Journalist

July 24, 2017 (SSB) — It was a year ago when I met this guy in Juba grand hotel around three o’clock on Saturday. I was with my colleagues, just going out on a weekend vibes as usual. My friend Achang, left me shortly to receive her boyfriend who was at the hotel main gate. I was there seated waiting for her to come back.

Just in a blink of an eye, this guy who later called himself Johnny appeared from nowhere and ask me if I could allow him to seat beside me. I look at him, beginning from his legs to his forehead, he wasn’t bad at all. He is smart, cute and handsome.  Not to shame to the devil, I allowed him to the seat.

Guess what happened after he sat? This guy asks for my names, can you imagine! A total whole stranger asking for my names, wonders shall never end! Anyway, I had to tell him my names after he insisted for long. This after knowing my names, he started asking me if I could drink Blue moon and I diligently told him that I don’t drink but will try it in my honeymoon time. He said really, and I was like, yeah!

The time when very fast and later I notice it was six o’clock. My friend Achang knew that I had a new friend and so she didn’t bother me. She went to the other quarters with her boyfriend and they sat there enjoying each other’s company. Achang’s boyfriend was a wonderful, loving and caring man. He is good beyond explanation.

Now I and my new idiot were there telling new things, introduction after introductions, mixed with pure lies and gimmicks. My new “Monkey” was there telling stories, and what I was doing is listening to him as he explains this and that.

The first day was not bad, though it was an introduction and blending each other with tales of a better course. It was then a time for us to go back home. My new Johnny vanished out with his “Hammer” and to notice, he was at yonder. We went home with our old “BMW vehicle”.

I am in love with Johnny

It is now months when since felt in love with Johnny. He was, in fact, a good guy. I didn’t notice that he was hiding something from me. At most times, his contacts in his phone are written with men names and funny names. If somebody calls him, he would excuse himself from me and talk at far.

After his return, he would say “my cousin has said hi” and obviously I would tell, great your cousin for me next time you talk to him. To him, everybody is his relatives.

You when a lady falls in love with you, she loves you to the fullest. She cannot cheat on you if you keep her well and always being open to her. I love Johnny. Sometimes, when I ask him to give me something, he would say … you know what, I don’t have money now, I will give you some money tomorrow.

Then I would say, okay … no problem Johnny. When he is out there, he gives a lot of money to ladies at a throwaway price.

After eight months of staying together, we decided to set a day of marriage. We agreed to marry during Christmas time. In 2016, December, we got married on 25th Christmas. The day was good, lovely and quite memorable. During our wedding, I saw hundreds of attendances including families, friends, and colleagues.

The venue was full beyond my personal imagination. It was awesome. I was on clouds and up in the sky. My mind and soul were in heaven, only my body was on earth. The day was lovely and splendid indeed.

The wedding went on very well. I didn’t know that a huge devil arrangement of grave surprise was awaiting me. After the cake cuttings, drinks and dancing parade, we had to go for a family photo galore sessions. Everything went on well as arranged for. Everything was good. After that, this was what happened.

The Worst Honeymoon

Now we were to go for a honeymoon. We set for Johannesburg in South Sudan. As planned, we took off from Juba international airport and first landed in Addis Ababa and after few hours we took off again for South Africa and finally touch the ground in Johannesburg.

After the wedding, then to the Honeymoon. It was awesome, very fantastic and cocotastic. I loved it, I had loved every bit of the day but I didn’t know the worst was to come.

That same night of honeymoon in South Africa, a lady called him (Johnny) from London. They first talked in voice and later the conversation which seems like a joke went to video chat and took over an hour. Johnny went to wash room and sat on the loo.

I followed him. He was talking to the lady in sweet words. “Hello my love, sorry I didn’t call you for days now. I am fine and I am still in Juba, I will call you and we shall arrange to meet when you come to Africa” he continued, I mean the lady “okay, I have booked the plane ticket to Juba. I will be coming next week” that conversation is what caught my mind.

Sweet and lovely words. Their plan to marry each other and so forth. What the hell, I said to myself. I am have fallen into the trap.

After he finished talking to her main dish, and of which I was the side dish (perhaps second-hand material) he came to me saying, hi honey … sorry I delayed. I was talking to my “cousin”. I looked at him and looked at him again.

Here is the question I asked him. Who was that you talked to? Here is what he replied, “that was my cousin” are you planning to marry your cousin, I ask in a joking manner… he said yes, … and then he again said no!

I mean she was my long term friend and she wanted to marry me and I told her that I have already married to my lovely wife and, and … !!! he was a handsome liar and I hated him just right there and I forgot the “fucking” honeymoon.

I came out of the room, took my bag and went back to the airport got my ticket for New York flight and after three hours, I took off to the USA. I left that loser there in Johannesburg in South Africa. It was nasty and crazy.

There is no love in this world. Guys only play ladies and they do not have genuine reasons to love. Ladies, watch out and be extra careful to avoid being used by guys for their own benefits.

I am warning you ladies. What had happened to me must end with me and must not extend to others.

Peter Okello has a Bachelor Degree in International Relation and Human at University of Pretoria, South Africa, Former chairman of South Sudanese Journalists Union in Kenya (SSJUK), former Sub- editor for the refugee magazine – FilmAid International, regional reporter for the DW, former production manager of Jonglei Public Radio – Jonglei State, Senior reporter at The Dawn Newspaper and Human Right Activist. You can reach him via his email: Okello Peter

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

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    Freakin’ made up story. Boo you suck!


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