R.I.P Comrade Kawac Makwei Mayaar, of Jamus Battalion, SPLM/SPLA

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By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan


R.I.P Comrade Kawac Makuei Mayar, of Jamus Battalion, SPLA


R.I.P Comrade Kawac Makuei Mayar, of Jamus Battalion, SPLA


R.I.P Comrade Kawac Makuei Mayar, of Jamus Battalion, SPLA

July 27, 2017 (SSB) — I was in the red army of the SPLA and knew Gen. Kawac Makuei perfectly well. He joined the SPLM/A in 1984. He was a member of the Jamus Battalion under the Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol together with Victor Ayolnhom. They did not receive the training because they joined the bush as politicians.

Then, Kawac was commissioned as a Lt. Col and given two Coys from Jamus battalion which were going to Bahr El Ghazal for mobilization of Muor-Muor Battalion .He was with Captain Elijah Hon Top as a political commissar and 1st Lt Deng Alor Kuol to mention but a few.

There, they met the A2 politically headed by the Late Lual Diing Wol, Late Miakol for the military wing and deputized by Malong Awan. 24 of the senior officers of A2 were enrolled in shield one Cadet in Bonga Military Training School which included, among others, Miakol himself, Paul Malong, James Ajongo and Pieng Deng Kuol.

Miakol and Malong were commissioned Captains after they were graduated. When they came down with Koryom battalion, they found that Gajaak fought with those in Bilpam General Headquarters leaving 75 members of the SPLM/A dead. Miakol’s own brother Abulubek was killed in that fight.

As a result, Captain Miakol shot himself dead in Makuach Luthchuor because he, unfortunately, lost his brother. In 1984, Uncle Late Gen Kawac Makuei became an Alternate commander when the late Chairman decided to abandon the conventional ranking system.

With the Khartoum peace agreement in 1997 which was later dishonored, Commander Kawac was a signatory together with Dr. Riek, Samuel Aru, Kerubino, Arok Thon and Dr. Theophilus Ochang. He rejoined the SPLM/A after the CPA.

Having briefly outlined the above narrative, the question that begs itself is, how true is it that all along he could still be a Major General when his own bodyguards became members of Defense Staff with the ranks of Lt General?

It was only yesterday when I heard that the Late Veteran Uncle General Kawac was promoted to the rank of Lt. General by the commander in chief after having paid his last respect.

I never knew that before but congratulations to the President for having belatedly honoured him in his grave.

SPLA Oyee!! SPLM oyee!!

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