Gen. Lual Maroldit Deserve our Appreciation for Changing Tiger Division

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By David Deng Chapath, Kampala, Uganda

fighting in juba

fighting in juba, 2013, 2016

August 4, 2017 (SSB) —- The Tiger Division is the branch of the SPLA forces responsible for the protection and security of the President of South Sudan. This division is found in Juba where the president is. Since the creation of the Tiger Division, it has been in crisis due to corruption caused by mismanagement.

The mismanagement was not caused by the previous generals in charge of this division but due to internal infrastructural problems facilitated by mismanagement.

 The said mismanagement continued until May 2017 when General Lual Maroldit was appointed to head the Tiger Division. As I discussed in my previous article on the same topic, when he was appointed and given authority to lead Tiger Division, the first discovery he made was that there were many ghost names in the payroll.

Consequently, he removed all the ghost names to ensure that money is given to the true owners. He did this by putting the order that the owner of the salary must produce documentary evidence to show that he or she is a true owner.

In addition, as I further pointed out in my previous article, he immediately after his appointment came to Uganda to buy food for the soldiers in the Tiger Division, which shows that his interest is to see that the welfare of the SPLA Members in Tiger Division is improved.

It was not a surprise when I visited Juba recently after two months of his appointment to find a great improvement and change in Tiger Division. He, therefore, deserve to have our appreciation for that great work.

In addition, we need to appreciate him and at the same time recommend him to the president to give him his trust due to the following reasons—

First of all, he has qualities of a good leader though as he can be trusted. The following qualities of a good leader can be found in character of General Lual Maroldit. He is the focus; confidence; transparency; honest; inspirational; passionate; innovative; patience; and he is liberal.

Secondly, he is the right man to manage Tiger Division. If he is trusted in running Tiger Division, I think he can even be appointed the future General Chief of Staff after the expiry of the tenure of General Ajango.

Third, he well organized the Tiger Division compared with the way he found it when he came.

In summary, I can say the same thing that is said in General Colin Powell’s Rules about which is appropriate in regard to General Lual Maroldit.

In the SPLA it ain’t as bad as many of us think as we have good General of which Lual Marialdit is a good example.

Lual Maroldit knows how to avoid having his ego so close to his position as he knows that that is when his position falls as the ego goes with it. Lual Marol is always careful with what he chooses.

Lual Maroldit does not let adverse facts stand in the way of his good decision as he is not willing to make someone else’s choices as well as he is not ready to allow someone else make for him a choice.

He checks small things but shares credit. He remains calm and he is kind with a clear vision. He, therefore, deserves our appreciation for possessing these qualities.

NB//: the author is South Sudanese student residing in Uganda and can be reached through:

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  1. Malith Alier says:

    It is good to appreciate small steps in the SPLA or anywhere. However, the small steps taken are too meager for an organisation long embroiled in corruption to laud.
    Removing ghost names may be a pretext to replace them with your own. Secondly, going to Uganda by himself to procure food could underneath involve corruption. Institution of stringent laws pertaining procurement, ghost soldiers is a long term approach.


  2. Alam says:

    This is rubbish youngster. There is nothing extraordinary here. He’s just doing his job. He’s one of those illiterate general. Try it again!

    A country with so many generals will not go anywhere. Reduce the number of generals or eliminate all of them.

    A real country will only have one general reporting to the present. That general is overall person responsible for the Army.

    A True country must separate the presidential guards from army – the country is not at war with the president. I think Salva is at war with the whole country – That is why even when he is giving a speech in parliament his bodyguard is standing behind him every time. That is so illiterate of him to not event truth the parliament. I am not saying do not go with security to parliament as per protocol but dial it down. A real presidential security is trained in a way to not let the president look foolish and scared of the citizens.

    Foolish Majority paranoia at Best!


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