South Sudan’s interest is above anyone’s interest

Posted: August 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Kuol Alberto Makuach, Juba, South Sudan

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August 4, 2017 (SSB) — South Sudanese have wide-ranging experiences. Due to the long war, a lot of things happened to the South Sudanese and these mottled involvements have some bearings on the current problems. Among the South Sudanese are those who went to the refugee camps and some possibly managed to get resettled abroad for example, to the USA, Canada, and Australia.

There is another group that remained in the country but within the liberated areas. This group feels closely associated with the liberation movement and finally, the other group was within the country but in places that were under the control of the government. Here, we are talking of those who remained in Wau, Aweil, Juba, Malakal and northern, central and western towns of Sudan.

The majority of these factions managed to return and converge in the country after the declaration that the war was over in 2005. South Sudanese truly loved their country that is why some left very luxurious life abroad and decided to come back home to support the nation building exercise.

To the dismay of everyone, another war broke out in 2013 among the South Sudanese themselves which has claimed hundreds of lives, displaced millions to the refugee camps in the neighboring countries and destroyed the economy.

South Sudan and her people are caught between many opposing forces. All these forces claim to be doing or planning something good for the country and her people. Is it true? Of course not. They very people claiming to be baffled by the mess in the country and that is why they intend to liberate the people were once the masterminds of this mess.

The government and specifically those leaders who have been in the system since 2005, squandered the most precious opportunity to deliver the expectations of the people. This has created mistrust and loss of confidence in the government and leaders.

They focus above anything else on their own upkeep and establishment. The majority are busybodies with no clear objectives on what to deliver for the nation. Getting a government job is tantamount to a lucky child that inherits wealth left behind by a rich father. They are there to loot and loot to their satisfaction not mindful of the direction of the country and the condition of the citizens. One complains only when one is missing something.

Regrettably, they seem to have no solutions to the problems facing the country but what is clear though is that, they want to continue riding this bus regardless of where it is heading. They would rather die holding on to power than letting it go into other people’s hands just like the fanatics of NIF/NCP in Sudan.

The opposition, on the other hand, is ruthless and directionless. The way the opposition forces have been butchering innocent civilians often times on tribal line has smoked their clean plate upon which they would have capitalized on as an alternative to this old and incompetent system. They too are unable to control the anger and tribalism in the hearts of their forces and followers.

Yet, one thing is very conspicuous and that is the sole determination to remove the current leadership by force and install one of their own. The danger and difficulty is the reality that, this is a dream that is hard to achieve. The government has infiltrated the opposition and divided it to the core. What is actually happening across the country, is an insurgency organized by disgruntled elements whose aim is to loot and avenge on people purported to be government supporters.

They are more disorganized and aimless than the government. They don’t know what they are fighting for. When confused with little gifts and promises, they dashed their aspirations to change the system and instead jumped in the boat of oppression which they vehemently tried to dislodge.

In all this, the common man in this country continues to suffer. There are no good schools for the young generation as the government has allowed willingly the administrators and leaders to loot freely. Hence, people continue being illiterate. There are no hospitals and no drugs in the few infrastructures constructed by the humanitarian agencies leading to countless deaths.

Insecurity is everywhere and this does not allow people to openly engage in productive activities like trade and agriculture. With these activities limited or denied at all, it is obvious that there would be famine. Indeed, about 5 million South Sudanese are food insecure and face imminent death threat through famine.

What is the best solution in all these? South Sudan needs a leader with both leadership and management skills. Leadership values will help him/her to have plans for the future of this country. Leadership skills make the leader to have a vision.

Management skills help to get things done. We need someone who would implement programs once designed. Among the failures of the current system is the absence of the execution of agreed tasks.

Both the opposition and the government must understand that South Sudan is more important than their interests combined. South Sudan’s interest is above any individual’s interest. We can’t be held hostage by few power thirsty goons. The moment they understand this fact, the better the country will be.

What will they gain if they get all the wealth of this country and lose the country and her people? Whom will they boast to about their wealth? Who will they lead? The sooner they comprehend this fact, the sooner we shall have peace.

You can reach the author via his email: Kuol Makuach <>

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