The historical songs of the legendary singer, Panan Ajang Kuir Malang

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Lengendary singer, Ajang Kuir Malong

The legendary singer, Panan Ajang Kuir Malang

August 9, 2017 (SSB) — Preeminent yearning for eternity and positive reception for what individuals have done while alive are the only accolades given to them by those they have mentored and fashioned after they are gone from the face of the physical world of flesh and blood, Ajang Kuir Malang was a great giant of literature, crafting both in slapstick and Music.

Ajang Kuir Malang arty style of capturing his fans attention through powerful poetic expressions of observable facts was absolute. He was an icon of literature as manifested in most of his songs.

Agongdhuor, as he was popularly known, was an artist with vocal and powerful voice, during his life time Ajang Kuir Malang was an MC, a musician and a teacher before he met his unfortunate death he was a staff at Upper Nile University.

For those who have ever attended a ceremony he mastered or as a Singer knew the recitation power of Fanan Ajang Kuir Malang; he was both a comedian and a smart presenter.

While in the north of Sudan during the war of Liberation, Ajang Kuir Malang was an icon of hope and wakefulness among South Sudanese both in the North, back home and in the Diasporas.

His musical collaboration with Fanan Aguer Reech Gak is popular among the Dinka of South Sudan, he was greatly known by those who have ever met him or attended his concerts.

Having an advantage of growing up in his rural background of former Jonglei District before he went to Khartoum; Agongdhuor was dramatic in expressing rural-urban lifestyles in a single poetic pot as manifested through his artistic songs.

Expressing himself in his mothered dialect and Arabic while in Khartoum, Agongdhuor realized that some parents were too harsh, and he named them ‘‘Burjuaathiin’’ meaning opportunists.

Those who have completely tailored to the Arabs ways of living, forgetting their original cultures and ideologies; and overlooked others as old-fashioned and clueless in regards to religion and decency as  convoluted in Thuongjang;

‘’Ran col duone kang be liap wu ce baai riak, ace ke du yii tok yen riak de piny angoo ye kanis dhiaau’’

Loosely translated as

‘‘you black skinned don’t be devastating thinking that the land is in crisis, the suffering is not your personal problem, don’t you see even the church goers cries’’.

‘‘Koc kaa dool Jieng ke Jieng ce keek eh tiem nhom tiim yep, ke monyjang abe rot waar ne yenh de ace jony kaacii ping hee wet akuc ran deer eh tiop nhom, ye randa aloop duone ber loop baai aboo biei’’.

‘‘People are drolly laughing at Jieng while on the top of the tree that is been chopped, Jieng will free himself he cannot be intimidated and is not mindful of any human in the world; gossiper should not be gossiping again the freedom is almost to be realized’’.

‘‘Junub wee cool ne deel ku wee thieth pioth, koc ka cam pan den eh sahan eke kac nhial ku yac adung eh Nhialic eh rooi ku be kueeth miaak’’

‘‘South Sudanese, You are black in the skin with reddish heart; people are eating their nation in the plate while standing, not knowing that tummy is the bowl of God that can be empty today and get full tomorrow’’.

‘‘Akutnhom de mieth ke Twic, ku akutnhom de mieth Bor ku akutnhom de weet ke Duuka reu palke tiel ku damke aluoi de Jonglei wuo hoi baai keek’’.

‘‘Union of Twic sons, Union of Bor sons and Union of Duk sons, put jealousy aside and unite for the development and progress of Jonglei we are being watched by the rest’’.

‘‘Piny ka pole ka pole ka pole, wetke yake cual ku yake liec piny ka cam ke thieth piny ka pole ka pole ka pole’’.

‘‘The land is playful been abused, dears while eating don’t forget to be watchful you are eating raw resources, people are reluctantly playing with the untapped resources’’.

‘‘Jene ye kac woo nyan de ‘‘Burjuaath’’ ke luel ‘‘Burjuaath’’ du ye kooc we mith ke ‘‘Bileliet’’ be piny rot wel ku ba lure menh de Buarjuaathic ku jal dhiaau ne ye yac, kene ka lojung jung hee homic ke keek theer hon keeke ye, ke koi hee kede nyan ce nyin maar ban kake waar cool, menh moc ace cen lo tueng, ye baai rac pan yene thieek ne weeu menh moc ace cen lo tueng’’.

‘‘While chatting with the daughter of the opportunist, the opportunist instructed his daughter not to associate herself with children of the fools, if things turn around such that I enter into the child of the opportunist and cry in her stomach. Some men have become situational victims since their creation.

If possible to get female organ of the dead girl such that I repay back my father resources, a male child has so far get no use at the present where people marry in money! A male child has blocked positive progress’’.

Ajang Kuir Malang was a heroic face of freedom and identity, his footprints will last among his musical fans and admirers.

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is the author of unpublished book ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ and an Initiator of ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’ and ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’ initiatives. He can be reached via his email Address:

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    I hope there’ special collections of his songs


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