Division of Jonglei State Is Not a Divide and Rule Method

Posted: October 21, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Noble Leek Goi, Kampala Uganda

Jonglei partitions into two states

October 21, 2017 (SSB) — The proposal of separation of JONGLEI STATE into two, should not be perceived as a divide and rule method. It is a policy of taking town to people as proposed by Dr. John Garang. Jonglei state just like other states, deserves to be further separated into three states; Bor state, Tuic state and Duk state, leave alone being separated into two states. There is need for services to be taken closer to people.

Why did we accept our former counties to be divided into 8:3:3? Wasn’t it because we need to take services to people? If division is bad, then we need to emerge back our 14 counties to 1 or 3 counties as they were.

If your brain is focusing on current regime, then you can say there are no services to be taken to people. But if you can see beyond the boundaries of this regime, then you will know that there will be services in future.

“What an old man can see while sited, a young man cannot see it when standing.” We the youths of Jonglei who are against the decision taken by our MPs might have not seen what they saw.

Reasons why current Jonglei should be separated.

  • To reduce on insecurity. There is too much insecurity generally in the country and this had made people (Duk and Tuic) to migrate from their villages to nearby town (Bor Town) where they feel little bit secure.

The reason is because within Town, there is government organized forces like police and other armed groups who can protect them in case of any attacks.

Therefore, if the state is separated and the headquarter of a new state is established in either TUIC or DUK, insecurity will reduce. The government of the new state will have its own organize forces within the headquarter, just like in Bor town.

  • To Control Rural Urban migration. People have abandoned their villages and moved to towns. Those from Duk and Tuic have moved to Bor town. If the state is separated and their state headquarter is established within their area, they will not leave their villages.
  • To increase employment opportunities. This is an obvious case, currently we are having 22 MPs, 1 governor, 1 Mayor, around 6 ministers, but if the state is separated, the number of government officials will increase.
  • To promote agriculture production. People in Bor Town have cultivated massively this year, especially those who are living near town, this is because of the security provided by the town organize forces.

Therefore, I also believe that, the people can also cultivate if the new state is created because, there will be security provided by the state organize forces like the police.

  • Taking services to people. Currently, in Bor Town, we have the good number of secondary schools and University. All these happened in Bor Town because of being a state headquarter. I also believe, if the state is separated, secondary schools, health centers, universities will also be stablished with time in that new state.
  • Resettlement of people back home. The majority of people who have left their homes in Greater Bor are those of Duk and Tuic East. I believe if the state is separated and the headquarter is stablished within Duk or Tuic, this will reduce insecurity and the people will move back home.
  • Government will have easy access to people. In case of any attack in one of the nearby villages, the government can easily reach the victims in time, because of the short distance. It is very hard now for the government in Bor town to give a helping hand to the civilians in Duk or Tuic in case of any attacks because of the long distance.
  • Report from counties can easily reach the government. Since there are no good roads especially during rainy seasons, it will be very easy for a commissioner to foot from Duk to Tuic or Tuic to Duk, to hand over the report to the governor, than to foot from Duk or Tuic to Bor where the headquarter is currently.
  • Developmental activities can take place. In current Jonglei state, we have state hospital, though there are no drugs, the structure itself is important. We have Government University and government secondary school. I believe if the state is separated and the country achieves full political stability, we can have them in that new state.
  • Government will be able to monitor civilians move closely. The government will be able to monitor civilians’ activities because of being close to them.

To my fellow citizens of Greater Bor, let us not look at this division as means of disunity among ourselves. Our unity is not in the name but in our common social values that we share. Don’t sabotage the separation of state, let us have more sates.

Jonglei parliament had successfully voted and adopted the idea of separation of the state. Let us respect the rule of democracy that had been shown by our MPs.

You can disagree with the idea of separation but agree with the ruling of the parliament of Jonglei. I stand for separation of Jonglei state just like I did to the one of South and the North Sudan.

The author is an opinion writer who can be reached via his email: nobleleekgoi@gmail.com

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address, the city and the country you are writing from, plus a concise biography of yourself.

  1. You are right! Leek, Why do people see it as a ” Divide and Rule policy” while Duk and Twic communities requested for that before Bor MPs raised the motion at the parliament? Jonglei should be divided if we need peace among our communities.


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