Nuer Generals: We are not weak but we have our internal enemy in Riek Machar

Posted: October 22, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Letters, Press Release

By Akube Ndoromo and Biel Rambang

Riek and Emma

Riek Machar and Emma McCunne

October 22, 2017 (SSB) — In spite of repeated speculations, all charged that we have a personal problem with Dr. Riek. Well, we have a problem with Dr. Riek, as you have put it. But do you know; what is the problem between him and following (80 Gens)? Who knows him because they have worked for him?

  1. Gen Simon Kun Puoch
  2. Gen Peter Bol Koang
  3. Gen Thomas Duoth Guet,
  4. Gen Timothy Taban Juch,
  5. Gen Nyang Chuol Dhor,
  6. Gen Johnson Gony Billiu,
  7. Gen James Kok Ruea,
  8. Late Gen William Nyuon Bany,
  9. Late Gen John Kolang Puot,
  10. Late Gen Kerubino Kuanyin Bol,
  11. Late Gen Arok Thon Arok,
  12. Gen Atem Gualdit,
  13. Gen John Luk Joak,
  14. Gen Par Jiek,
  15. Gen Peter Gatdet Yaka,
  16. Late Gen Tangienya,
  17. Gen Garhoth Garkuoth,
  18. Gen James Malieth Gatluak,
  19. Gen Sultan Ismail Konyi,
  20. Gen James Gatduel GatLuak,
  21. Gen Makal Kuol,
  22. Gen Liah Diu,
  23. Gen Lam Akol
  24. Gen Gordon Koang Chol,
  25. Late Gen Polino Matip Nhial,
  26. Gen Banypiny Monytuil,
  27. Gen Mathew Puol Jang,
  28. Gen Boi Rolnyang,
  29. Late Gen Dhoal Acuil,
  30. Gen Magher Achiek,
  31. Gen Taban Deng Gai,
  32. Gen Mabor Marier,
  33. Gen Dau Atorjong,
  34. Gen Kuany Waar Joak,
  35. Gen Doyak Chol Dol
  36. Gen Michael Yien Kuany,
  37. Gen Kuach Makuei,
  38. Late Gen Peter Manyail Kueth
  39. Late Gen Koang Banypiny
  40. Gen Nyang Duer
  41. Gen Pouk Pul Luak
  42. Late Gen Jermaih K Africa
  43. Gen Dor Manjur
  44. Gen Bol Wakou
  45. Late Gen Stepppphen Duol Chol
  46. Gen Garkuoth Hoth Yer Hok
  47. Gen James Wicjong Chatwey
  48. Gen Henry L am Juch Marial
  49. Gen Charles L am Chol
  50. Gen Tang wal Lual
  51. Gen John Kor Diu Gai
  52. Gen Nhial Batoang
  53. Gen Yien Deng Chol
  54. Gen Kueth Simon Duol
  55. Gen John Maluit Wei
  56. Gen Gatwech Puoch Mar
  57. Gen Telar Ring
  58. Gen Mayom Kouch
  59. Gen Joseph Nguen Monytuil
  60. Gen Yuanis Yoal Bath
  61. Gen Tom Alnuor
  62. Gen Abdel Baggi Ayii
  63. Gen Stephen Gei Thak
  64. Gen Savino Garkuoth Geng
  65. Gen Wur Mayein Tut
  66. Gen Thon Mum
  67. Gen Awan Bol
  68. Gen Chuang Machar
  69. Gen George Athor
  70. Gen Pargual Alan
  71. Gen deng Ke ley
  72. Gen Gen Ochlomoi
  73. Gen Aoth Jago
  74. Gen Clemet Wani Konga
  75. Gen Tot Wiay
  76. Gen Gatluak Nyatony
  77. Gen Maluk Matai
  78. Gen Maker Benjamin
  79. Gen Agany Abdel Baggi
  80. Gen Hessien Abdel Baggi

To mention only few

If any of you could recall the onset of this disaster, you can find that all of us have responded. Therefore, facilitated by the Nuer community in the US, I have led our delegation, to Washington DC, after Dec. 19, 2013, to represent our case to the US Government, which was very successful, that was why the South Sudan Ambassador Dr. Akec & his deputy Mr. Zano Ajack have lost their jobs as a result. I have continued to work for the team until Dr. Riek had:

1- Declared him-self to be the leader, with his virtue as the most senior among us, plus his connection to the crisis. That was fine.

2- Then instead of holding the situation on temporary bases prior to suitable time, he named the movement to be SPLM in opposition,(one party system). Yet, it was fine too, Even though; it was very undemocratic step, for the SPLM to oppose itself

3- With no mandate from anybody, besides his wife & Taban Deng; he had declared a unilateral ceasefire, on Jan. 23, 2014 the very ceasefire that he has used through the crisis to defeat us within.

I should have swallowed my previous decertification, like the rest due to the magnitude of everlasting humiliation, and leave alone the killing that we are facing. As expected by many who know him he has begun to implement his illegal ceasefire silently, by sabotaging our progress to prepare us for defeat by choice, as the Juba Nuer massacre of Dec. 15, 2013, was more than enough to secure him his lost position.

Objectively, we always feel sorrow when people die as a result of spontaneous that couldn’t minimize inevitable mistakes that imply tasks. Over repetitions theory, it violates the very rule of which is accomplishing the mission and save lives. (Smart goal), stands for standard, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). Can you imagine what went wrong since 1991 for the last 25 years that priced more than 300,000 lives?

  1. 12,000 people a year
  2. 1,000 people per a month,

III. 34 people per a day, and

  1. 2 people per hour?

As usual, I began to feel that he didn’t change at all. When almost all the Nuer Military officers including myself, politicians, elders, intellectuals have rebelled against him after the Nasir declaration; where he didn’t reconcile with any. That is why; most of us have decided not to join since our defeat is imminent with or without our contribution.

To continue with his sabotage; he accidentally and confusingly ran away (withdrew) from Bor-1 to Gadiang, when there was no threat for doing so. That was a clear indication that he was forcing us to abandon the town, a town that took many lives to be freed to cost more unnecessary lives to be re-freed once more. He has to do that to protect the SPLM, The very SPLM that killed us. yet on expense SPLM ugly face has to watch with our Nuer blood.

After the 2nd capture of Bor by the white army; he had directed the white army, not to advance toward Juba (but they have to remain in Bor, until:

1- All the IDPS, who were in UNIMISS, have to be evacuated. But strangely enough without talking to those IDPS if they wanted to leave their UNIMISS, &

2- Then he has to bring back his HQS from Gadiang to Bor, when he had moved out by choice from the 1st place which caused us more unnecessary lives for the 2nd time.

Then after the above our forces should advance toward Juba) yet, if you look at this situation, you would sense that something was wrong (a delaying tactics). As he had declared the ceasefire, which he had to implement by all means, but silently without telling us because he knows the people will not accept. (It is not an enemy like tricks)?

I got that report from Bol Chuol Yakuach the 2nd in command, of the Lou-Nuer White Army, when I called him as we were in regular contact. Then lucky enough, we were on three ways teleconference Mr. Duol Kuek from Canada, I in the USA and then Bol Chuol was in Bor.

All of us are alive; you can cross check that information.

Going back to the topic, those directives mentioned in the above bracket were having nothing to do with the fighting force, since Dr. Riek was having more than 3,000 bodyguards plus more than 100 Cars captured in Bor, including ASSCOM Oil Company’s Cars with enough fuel. And that according to Gen Kuol Manyang interview.

He should have used all those means with the rear forces if his intention was sincere. As that situation has nothing to do with the advancing forces, except helping the enemy to take advantage of us not advancing.

Consequently, I have known that he is sabotaging the war; therefore, I had told Bol Chuol that the enemy will not wait for all that; But Dr. Riek wanted you to be destroyed and defeated by the advancing enemy because he doesn’t want to fight.

Then without hesitation he Bol Chol had advanced, where he met the advancing enemy less 10 miles that were the war that was fought on Juba road. It was by my orders.

To add salt to injury he had to order the withdrawal of the forces from Mangala to Gat-Diang. Unfortunately, I have no other way since Bol Chol was already wounded at Sudan Safari on Feb. 5, 2014, then I was having difficulties to get hold of Burdoang who was having no phone.

The reason behind the withdrawal was a pure and deadly sabotage. He was disconnecting the two forces:

1- Force (A) that was parading more than 3,000 men around Juba under Gen Simon Garwech and Gen Tangienya whom he ordered to remain there until the advancing force B to meet them. This was a deception.

2- Now, he had ordered Gen Gatdet to withdraw without telling the white Army then that will force them to follow Gen Gatdet up to Gadiang that was why, there was a problem between Gatdet and the Lou-Nuer white Army in Gat-Diang. Not only he had withdrawn the force to Gadiang, but also he had dispersed the forces by giving them only two choices:

  1. He who wants to join the Army has to go to Akobo almost 150 miles then Burmath 20 miles south of for military training; only 9,000 Men out of more than 30,000 men responded, since the whole thing was not about joining the army, but it was about rescuing our people in Juba or self-defend since the enemy was advancing. Moreover; I have never heard of any treating army that runs to training centers when it is being pursued by the enemy. Except in the Nuer World. (You people we must use our minds).
  2. Then who doesn’t want to join the army, goes home.

Judge by yourself what was taking place. Especially the situation of force A However; ordering advancing forces to withdraw from Mangala to Akobo, giving up territory more than 400 miles putting the force on west of Juba in harm way because their escape was blocked by the enemy from Magiri to Bor when they are being pursued

If you were the one handling the war can it be difficult for order force (B) to hold the ground, until force A cross the Jebel River? Then order force (A) to withdraw west to North of Juba to cross the Jebel River.

If someone who does understand what was going on, has opposed that can be called a personal problem?

To me, our survival is bigger than personal relationships. And the worst part of that was the force that stationed west of whom he told to wait there until people reach Juba.

The force around Juba was put in a harm way, in addition, giving up that territory for free because their escape was blocked by the enemy from Magiri to Bor, when they are being pursued. As a result, they have lost too many lives by fighting through enemy territory for one month. Then we have lost the first phase of the war.

Those are very important information for young people to know that we are not weak but we have our internal enemy. If we are fools as it very clear from the time of Longoar and Nuar plus Gai Manyuon God will come to our rescues as he God denied Riek from enjoying the Nuer and brought the whole south together for final victory. I will be among them.

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  1. Magol says:

    Mr. Akube Ndoromo and Mr. Biel Rambang.
    I think what make Dr. Riek Machar Teny failed most of the time is within Nuer societies and the Idea of blaming him alone has no room. First of all, the whole Nuers societies are very discriminators people for example, during the Naisr declaration on August 28/1991. He announced that, he will make execution to those 100 ranks Dinkas SPLA BY firing squad and this was done at Naisr county. John Luke Jok was there and he was been arrested, because he did not supported the way it has been done. Ten of thousands SPLA Dinkas who were send to lived in Upper Nile Regions were also murders just because they were Dinkas in this way, it is very difficult to trust the whole Nuers not only Dr. Riek Machar. Every time when your Son formed rebellion apparently, the rebels themselves don’t have a mean objective but they turns against others communities special Dinka tribe and this is why your rebellion wouldn’t success.

    Second reason why many rebellions run by your Son failed is a political culture concept. I am not going to explain to you the meaning of political culture, because I would assume that, you went through study and you know it a child some time is taught by her or his parents nor teacher about some event or conflict on other and this is the theory which Dr. Riek Machar Teny is using against Dinka leader and he will not be successful because such a discrimination concept can promoted division in the society.

    The third reason for why your movement is always failing and it will continues is violence throughout and you guys must acknowledge this is not a 18th century. Complains are not always solving by war or force but the majority of things are resolved in peaceful manner. Dr. Riek Machar Teny would have been a Top leader if the whole Nuers societies were the peaceful people unfortunately, the people who got education are even worst than the non school from your society now what we need is about who is the braver people but we wanted the leader which will reunited all 64 tribes in South Sudan nation particularly, the Nuers and Dinkas must be reunited because they shares culture, they are the top leading young nation whether there is Riek Machar or not still most positions are held by the Sons of Nuers and Dinkas respectively. I think the war will not resolving anything just we might seeing things could even getting worst if we don’t stop it violent. These suggestion are just few of the mean reason the former vice president is failing but there are many problems that attached to your attitudes.


  2. Deng. says:

    You mean io generals or nuer generals?when did arok, dau,kuanyin atemgualdit etc become muer generals?. Nuer will never bring anything tangible South Sudan. How many battalions did nuer, the second tribe biggest after dinka produce for the liberation of South Sudan?.


  3. truey says:

    Blessed are those who understand this truth! For this, I was vilified when I protested in February 2014 of Dr. Riek’s sabotage of the war. Riek must now be in his senses in jail. Truth is eternal.


  4. Khor Pal says:

    I don’t think Nuer or South Sudanese in general has failed under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny like what Mr. Akube Ndoromo and Biel Rambang are thinking. Dr. Riek still a winner of this civil war. this current movement, it needs time and patient in order to bring change and freedom to replace the Directorship in the Country. So In order to have a democratic system in South Sudan, it needs a hardworking and uni-tirelessly leader like Dr. Riek Machar to save the whole country under unwanted President and the shallow or narrowed minded people who like to put up the blame on others for their own weakness.and failures… Thanks . . .


  5. Khor Pal says:

    I don’t think Nuer or South Sudanese in general has failed under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny like what Mr. Akube Ndoromo and Biel Rambang are thinking. Dr. Riek still a winner of this civil war. Also, this current movement, it needs time and patient in order to bring change and freedom to replace the Directorship in the Country. So In order to have a democratic system in South Sudan, it needs a hardworking and missioner leader Dr. Riek Machar to save the whole country under unwanted President and under the shallow or narrowed minded people who like to put up the blame on others for their own weakness.and failures… Thanks . . .


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