President Kiir and Gen. Malong: Please don’t fight for the third time in Juba

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Forceful or peaceful disarmament of Paul Malong’s bodyguards: Please don’t fight for the third time in Juba

By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

paul malong

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

November 9, 2017 (SSB) – All actions are evil. Inside South Sudan these few days, those who were loyalists and those who claimed to be smarter to the President want to put the country under Military threat, which is sometimes explained as a danger military action such as the home of former chief of general staff is surrounded by army tanks and vehicles which were sometime back under his administration.

As the military events and military fighting always happened in military barracks in South Sudan, it is much dangerous to besiege groups of soldiers whose their option is only to die. It is again military risk as the concept in the military intelligence report that identified as an imminent capability for use of military force in resolving country’s disputes that may result into tribal conflicts as it had happened on 15 Dec 2013. Such behaviors need proper control.

The most oppose threatening of former chief Paul Malong with military action right now if not compile will put our country into more disintegration. Therefore, the greatest military threat has to come from the non-conventional military offense.

I mean if there was no agreement made between President Kiir Mayardit and his former army Chief of General Paul Malong by elders and eastern lake governor when he was removed, this military escalating dispute would have been the right time in right action but this tension is now caused by rumors.

Honestly, I have no one to blame but let me write comparatively. First able I am not friend to Paul Malong Awan nor do I related to president Kiir Mayardit, they are all high profiles of the country and they all have no good advisors near them but around them groups of wrong agendas behind escalating games, those who cook rumours, and turn these rumours  into  disunity and conflict. Something small becomes bigger if people are not ready to control it.

I am listening to local and international radios these three days and what want to cause public unrest is a very simple thing. I hear just as only to disarm soldiers who were the bodyguards of former chief of general staff but they are refusing, the same thing as it had been reported by Dr. Riek Machar loyalists in 2013.

If you analyze the matter correctly, these soldiers are fearful for their lives because they left with Paul Malong in May 2017, and they now fear consequences because military punishment always dealt with soldiers, and some of these soldiers can lose their lives.

The soldiers fear their lives and that is the only engine of tension. The tension is real and if not control, it may lead us to something else. In South Sudan, if you hear something happen today, and it sounds like it is solved, don’t hope so, it is still alive, and tomorrow it will cause running and suffering of people.

As I put it above that our leaders have no good advisors but gangs of gluttons, those who just want to eat today and die tomorrow, there is no reason this tension could take two-three days without solving it.

Lastly, my advice can fit for public peace and interest, please don’t fight against each other in Juba for the third time, otherwise, those want South Sudan with its resources can take it without resistant anymore.

The second advice is, if the government fought Dr. Riek Machar in 20013 with his groups, and call for peace negotiation in Addis Ababa in the same year, then why is it difficult to make peace with another rebel leader inside Hai- Amarats near J1 if we feel Paul Malong recently become a rebel leader among us?

The third advice is if there are groups of people who claim to be best friends and closest agents to you, who also give you wrong reports or rights reports then don’t let them exploits your legacy.

Please don’t let the fighting take place because the history of disarming bodyguards like in 2013 want to repeat itself true.

Let God help the disintegrated nation.

The author is a co-founder of South Sudan Mental Healthcare Organization, (SSMHCO). He holds Bachelor degree in Social Work and Social Administration from SSCUST, Bachelor of Theology from CLT, Bungoma, Kenya/Kalispell, USA, and a fellow researcher. He can be reached at                       

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

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