R.I.P MonyDit Waa: Who Killed Akech Mawel in Juba?

Posted: November 19, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Awareness on elimination of Facebook commentators; that is so naive and stupid act and needs be stopped

Bol Marol Abouk, Juba, South Sudan

Akech Mawel

Akech Mawel aka MonyDit Waa

November 19, 2017 (SSB) — Not every post should be seen as a serious threat to the security of the government in Juba and worth has taken life of a vulnerable person who hasn’t rebelled and is not capable of raising a single man as his soldier. There are people who talk only and has no ability or intension to act violently and don’t represent any body serving as a real threat to the government. These are call daylight dreamers and they shouldn’t be subject to killing and immediate elimination. What is happening is a lack of awareness and knowledge of the scientific manner of the intelligent body. There is no clue at all that is why poor people are considered as a threat ANF eliminated without given time to gather all facts.

That shows how ignorance the men in charge of the security agencies and how weak they are to handle their job effectively. They are engaged in the elimination of wrong members of the society who can’t hurt anyone physically. Hence, these unskilled agents of security intelligent can get their hands on weak persons who are not the real threat to the presidency and they can take. Their lives away easily without a fight and no justices for them at all because they are ordinary citizens and who are not working for any organization of a serious group of people.

In that case, the unskilled agents are sending young men with the misunderstanding of his actual job after nobody who made a comment on Facebook to expresses his or her fantasy world of ideas. However, the real threat the security intelligent should have taken care of it is still out there doing his thing to destroy the government. They can smile because they have out this month you buy fooling you and now you’re engaged eliminating innocent vulnerable nobody individual a Facebook post.

Ideally, who the security Intelligent should go after are our much powerful than Facebook posters and they’re so smart and have access to information the agent of security themselves. They are either one of you who l knows much or more than that you and takes less effort to find them and they are not here on Facebook. Stop spending your time on Facebook looking for a spy. That means they don’t post on Facebook because they know they can be easily found.

Allow me to give you an example, the spy you should be looking for are like Mach Paul and Thomas Cirillo not on a character of Akec Mawel that is using fake Facebook page. Those you are killing don’t deserve elimination, they can be issue warning or even jail for several days. Don’t waste resources of the government if you have no skills of being security intelligent officer.

Our brother Akec Mawel may have made mistake to post such threatening language under the fake account of MonyDit Waa, but in the end, he’s vulnerable to be a threat to the government. He is vulnerable to commit treason and that is the reason he was posting such thing because has the fantasy of idea cannot hold him back.

I repeat, yes he may be behind MonyDit Waa, who I didn’t like what he says on Facebook myself and I unfriended him, but he still a nobody that why he died easily and no one is fighting to give him justices. In Akec Mawel mind, I think he only wanted to desecrate the situation that might plunge the country into another serious crisis.

If he was integrated and facts about his involvement behind MonyDit Waa fake Facebook account he would be found a nobody and should have been warned or jailed for few days or months and let go. Unfortunately, many people who are in charge of our security organizations have little understood of the inner of their job.

They are not paid to go after Facebook commentators, they are paid to look closely behind their offices and within the government institutions because they real traitors who are spying on the government are not posting unfounded comments on Facebook using fake accounts. They are there with different colours and look many officials and well respected in the eyes of the security officers.

Whoever took the life of Akec Mawel, should be told he doesn’t know what means being the intelligent officer and is not targeting the real threat but is killing nobodies and who are not capable of recruiting a single man to be their soldiers. Stop being less intelligence and do your job right because the spy you should be looking for is not going to post anything on Facebook and aren’t someone looks like Akec Mawel only.

The spy you are looking for can be a general or someone with high position. I am not saying don’t confront those who are posting hate speeches or spreading lies, face them but they don’t deserve to be eliminated because they are nobodies.

To the family of our departed brother, be strong and karma will get justices to his pure soul if no one will feel guilty to give him justices. I pray to God to give you a comfort and blesses you more to stick with faith in Him and ask him to forgive your beloved son Akec. Rest in peace brother Akec Mawel your life was taken because of the lack of knowledge within our security intelligent organizations

RIP MonyDit Waa: Yenë kë yenë week dhol ëkan

By Malou Lual Kuek, Juba, South Sudan

November 19, 2017 (SSB) — In the first place, on behalf of the Association of Facebookers,

Tweeters and Bloggers of South Sudan (AFTABOSS) International, let me pass our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives, friends and community of our fellow FaceBooker and blogger, Akech Mawel, who was mysteriously killed by the so-called ‘Unknown Gunmen in Juba in the night of November 16, 2017.

We also we to underscore that such suspicious death of the citizens of South Sudan after having expressed their opinions over the current political, economic and social meltdown can be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It is sad to lose the future generation in order to preserve the present generation in power by blood and sweat.

Finally, we advise our fellow Social Media socialites, activists and other campaigners to desist from threatening one another in writing.

These threats can be exploited by malicious people who can take cover under your threats online, as shown below by Peter Kuot. It has been a trend that our members die after a serious of serious life threats online. This is the case of the accidental death of Ajok Garang Ajak in November 2015.

With the above few words, we call upon the authorities concerned to investigate the death of this young man, whose life has been wasted over Flossy issues. We cannot, therefore, hesitate to provide a clue wherever and whenever necessary.

Jon Pen de Ngong, Chief Moderator, Aftaboss Intntnl.


“But the suspicion on the reason of his killing is our concern as the youth. If young people are killed for just speaking up and have not picked up any arms, then all of us are not safe.”

You guys betrayed your own brother Akec Mawel and then you are here

saying RIP. Yenë kë yenë week dhol ëkan.

Late James Piol Makuei ( a.k.a) Akech Mawel complained about his safety when some of you his own brothers betrayed him and started revealing his names that he was the one acting as MonyDit Waa on Facebook. Aweil youth you better be serious. Look at these screenshots I took on Monydit Waa Facebook page.

“Sad”, One Aweil youth wrote on Facebook yesterday cautioning Aweil youth to be careful because there is the number of youth listed to be in the group of Monydit Waa. The guy later deleted his post because of fear if his own life.”

You know how that page Monydit Waa has been used to publish threatening and inciting posts against the government since the time of Malong’s detention. So if the government get to know a person is being said that he is Monydit Waa do you think they will spare his life? You did a big mistake by using your misunderstandings to reach the point of betraying yourselves.

I believe that is enough evidence to help in investigations. I am an intelligence dude who knows how to get kinds of stuff for investigations,

R.I.P James Akec Piol Makuei

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