Gov’t and rebels trade accussations of ceasefire violation hours after signing it

Posted: December 24, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Press Statement from IO-Riek: Government violated CoH agreement signed in Addis



December 24, 2017 (SSB) — This morning 24/12/2017 at about 6:00hrs, the Juba regime’s forces based in Koch County Centre of Lich State launched the most aggressive attack against our military position in Bieh Payam of the said County. The SPLA IO forces repulsed the attackers and are now pursuing them to Koch Centre. As I write the fight is still on.

This morning also of the 24/12/2017, the SPLA IG Chief of Defence Force Lt Gen James Ajongo who is currently in Wau ordered his forces to attack the SPLA IO positions in the area. Therefore, 4 Land cruisers mounted with 12.7mm and a good number of soldiers have gone towards the direction of Jebel Rabi along the Bazia road. It is a matter of time before they reach our positions.

Furthermore, this same morning of 24/12/2017, the government forces have been bombarding our positions around Yei county causing panic and fear to the civilians who are currently harvesting their farm products.

These are all acts against the peace process as the government in Juba wants the SPLA IO to respond so that war continues and they continue to loot the resources of the country. The government of Juba is causing so much civilians suffering through these attacks. They rape women, kill indiscriminate of women and children, burn civilians houses, loot food items and also block humanitarian access to those suffering civilians in SPLM/A IO controlled areas.

The SPLA IO therefore calls upon the IGAD, AU, TROIKA and the world to hold the government responsible for these violations committed just hours after the CoH takes effect. The resistance continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson

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