Paan-Gook: Press Statement from Bor-Gok Community Association in Australia

Posted: December 28, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release


Deng Mabior Deng, Bor-South County commissioner

December 28, 2017 (SSB) — Greetings to all members. We, the Bor – Gok’s leadership team, would like to share our heartfelt appreciations to all Gok’s members who took times to attend to Gok community meeting on 24/12/2017. With such spirits, our Gok community and entire Bor community will surmount the highest mountain of success.

We thank you for heeding the call. To all other members who did not manage to attend the meeting, we are pleased to inform you that Bor – Gok Community is officially formed and launched. We, therefore, congratulate all members who have contributed to the actualization of this fruitful idea.

The Genesis of the idea.

For the benefit of those who had not heard about Gok community association, the leadership would like to inform concerned readers, particularly the esteemed members of Bor – Gok community that we (members of Gok community) arrived at this idea at our first meeting which was held in Melbourne, Australia on 25, February 2017. In this meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Gok’s association should be formed.

For all Gok community members to own the idea; the steering committee was instructed to sell the idea to members all over Australia. In conformity with the instruction; the steering committee travels to different states between April and October 2017. We consulted our members far and wide. Our comprehensive and honest finding was that our people embrace the idea.

However, we would be pestering if we do not acknowledge some voices that were opposing the idea. Like most other changes, there were some form of resistances to Gok association. When new things are introduced, there is often fear of unknown. Some people fear to travel in uncharted waters! Others are held hostage or are so satisfied with the old system though the old system does not satisfy all aspirations. These are few reasons some people fear changes.

But through the principle of democracy – as the idea was constantly subjected to voting so to gauge majority view – the opposing voices were swayed and skewed toward the agreement. The opposing voices had acquiesced to the idea. But their concerns and points of contention are seriously considered. The association will commit itself to benefit from opposing views as we truly believe that ‘no one of us is more important than the rest’.

Farther, when we were consulting for public opinions, we unexpectedly tumbled on a false perception that was swirling about the idea. There was false allegation heaped upon us. It was alleged that Bor – Gok community is being formed to counter or rival Bor community association! We, therefore, would like to take this opportunity to say that such an allegation is not only ludicrous, fallacious but it is also unfounded. This claim and allegation were/are perpetuated by people who have chosen to pursue their own inflated egos.

To prove that we were and still are not, in any way, intending to counter or rival Bor Community Association; we, (in the sunrise days of Bor community formation) decided to give Bor Community some ample time and space to nurture itself. We decided to relax so that the false allegation that was labelled on us would die down. Had we been rivalling Bor community association, Bor – Gok community association could have been formed the long time ago.

Today, therefore, we would like to be categorical. We want to state our sincere assurance to entire Bor community in Australia, and all over the World, that Gok community is and forever will remain an integral and an instrumental part of Bor Community. By all account, we are Buor and Bor is us. As such, we will work to strengthen Bor community not to weaken it. We will be working in collaboration with Bor community organizations; be they women’s organizations, youth or community branches/organizations.

If anyone out there thinks that Bor-Gok association is in the collision with Bor Community; we would like to inform our readers that the accuser/s is/are not talking about us. The accuser/s might be talking about different Gok community which is different from the one that was formed on 24/12/217.

To our brothers and sisters who do not agree with us on this endeavour, we humbly ask you to respect our position just as we promised to respect your view. On this note, however, we want to register our regret with the way in which people who have no jurisdiction on Gok community’s affairs (particularly those who are not Gok’s members) went around to sprawl our message. We do not like the pillory with which our message was received by non-Gok members.

If one claims sanctity one ought to offer hope instead of rancour endless debate. We advise non-Gok members to exercise patient on us. For it is always wise to make mileage out of something which you have complete comprehension.  Do not, in the word of Obama, shot first and aim later.

Finally, Bor is such a great community which we believe could not afford to control thoughts. To stifle ideas that are meant to help propel community’s aspiration is not only absurd but also it is self-defeating. This mentality of restricting and suppressing ideas will not help us in the long run.   An altruistic idea such as the formation of Gok community association which is solely intended to bolster Bor community at large and Gok community, in particular, would have no premise upon which it will be shunned.

May almighty bless you all. We wish you happiest Christmas and happy New Year.

Bor-Gok Association’s leadership team.

You can reach the Bor-Gok Community Association (Australia branch) via their email:

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  2. kailoor says:

    That division sound like giving services closer to people that were not suitably done by Bor community and you left with no option than to form another one Hyphenated.

    So, would you please inform me of undone duties that you would do fittingly with your new Hyphen, I am of opinion that and others too would agree with me that Australia being your new found home with friends in South Sudan; it would be better for you to reflect that oneness than to create several groups in opinionated lust of leadership as reflected by your motivations.

    Wish you success not in sub-division in unity.


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