Is the Revitalization Forum a Revitalization of the ARCSS or of a New War in South Sudan?

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Is the Revitalization of the ARCSS a life saver and a new lease of life to the people of South Sudan or a revitalization of a new war in Juba and South Sudan as a whole?

 By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan

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A young South Sudanese girl poses with the flag of South Sudan

January 5, 2018 (SSB) — It was in mid-December of 2013 when our beloved and blessed nation was innocently flared into what commentators and political analysts termed as a selfish war of interest and positions within the ruling party. This current and continuing humiliating war of thrones that had subjected our masses thereafter into untold suffering and servitude have no tangible objectives and meaningful glue of engineering it since the very people who were finger-pointing themselves after they all failed to handle their internal affairs in their private house and ran amok disgracefully were part and partial of a company who failed to do any convincing developmental activities.

Thus they received a lot of money from donors’ countries and fifty percent of oil money granted by the wealth-sharing agreement of 2005. They were the same cadres who illiterately and selfishly failed our people and subjected them into the current state of backwardness, miser-ability and beggar-hood owing to their poor performance, lust for money and power, illiteracy and lack of zeal and patriotic spirit to prosper the nation they fought for more than forty years collectively as comrades.

The subjacent cause of War that had devastated our lives and strong social fabric among south Sudanese was due to the fear of unknown among the members of the ruling party. Their overall motive and worry was the fear of losing positions and control over resources exploitation since it is what matters to them most concurrently regardless of any would be negative outcomes of theirs irrelevant and irresponsible bickering.

They (SPLM members) have deluded people expectations because of their failures to provide basic social services to the people, they disappointed us by flaring our nation we collectively fought for and relinquished everything for into a nation of disservices, killing, raping, looting, intimidation, confinement, slavery, begging, gossiping and harassment with impunity.

They behave like diabolical Islamic regimes in the former Sudan who used to prosecute, persecute and enslave southerners with impunity, they seems like the same coin with different faces since they are both similar in thinking and action of which the regretting and unbecoming elimination of innocent youth last year is the case in point of their similarities.

And without favorability, the former knows how to provide basic social services and security to the people especially those in the government control areas.

And to go straight to our subject matter, let me illuminate how the former and genuine people movement during liberation days had unbelievably turned into a problem of the people of South Sudan, i.e. “a complete blessing in disguise to the people of South Sudan “. Obviously, SPLM as a ruling party since 2005 after the signing of comprehensive peace agreement has internally fragmented itself within in 2013 because of the previously outlined reasons.

They fought among themselves over the democratic transformation at the party level as being sung by some disgruntled members who were tribally and sectional kicked out of paradise. Their bickering thereafter led to the inhumane butchering of innocent people on the tribal basis such as the raping of young and elderly women including men, looting of properties and forcing them to live dog’s life within and outside the country as refugees and IDPS at ago.

They continue with their bloody business until they signed agreement on the resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) in August 2015, they divided positions they were fraudulently fighting over and converged again, this time under camouflaged cheating acronym such as IG, IO, FDS, DC and so many others in order to blindfold people that they have divided themselves in to factions as it was the case during the formation of the transitional government of national unity (TGONU).

Although they were given golden opportunity by the people of South Sudan to put their house in order and win back the trust bestowed upon them by the people of South Sudan, but disappointingly and to our surprise, they flared the already stagnant nation into another unwanted and monotonous war of interests and positions in July 2016 by killing people for the second time in three years after the empty our national treasury, and as the saying goes “the moment SPLM members converge and unite, they loot public resources, and as they fight and diverge, they bloodbath people and destroy their properties”.

It is undeniable that, the current painful road and tasteless fruits we are reaping today were selfishly planted by the aforementioned party members. They poisoned our conducive and cohesive environment of brotherhood, commonness and togetherness we were known of during our overwhelmingly stand for the separation of our beautiful nation. We threw our everything behind them as our patriots who are capable of leading us to our promise land we all called the home of our own without discrimination, segregation and favorability between tribe, ethnic, section, religion nor geographical or regional classification as of now.

We unknowingly and mistakenly backed wrong horses that have no mercy nor fear the blood of innocent people who sacrificed their dear lives for the sake of our liberty some are inhumanely playing with currently. And with all these negative activities of SPLM members in our memories, I am of the opinion that, the current initiated revitalization of the agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) is a life saver and a new lease of life to the people of South Sudan as well as a revitalization of War in Juba and South Sudan as a whole.

It could be a lifesaver and a new lease of life to the people of South Sudan if our politicians do quickly reconsider their wicked attitudes and discard their previous divisive venom and personal interests and work hard to unite our people, prosper the nation and salvage the current pervasive and humiliating acute poverty our innocent destitute are loitering in.

It is not impossible and far-reaching if they put the interest of the country above individuals’ interests as it was the case before. They should reckon and confess their previous wrongdoing. Know that, for the smooth realization of peace and democratic transformation in our country, first we need to double our efforts and work for the fulfilment of our expectations democratically in lieu of sticking to the power of the gun and your tribe as the only steppingstone to political success.

Also, I am pessimistic that, the current high-level revitalization forum is a revitalization of War in Juba and South Sudan as a whole. I said so not because I am a warmonger, but it is because of well-known rigid, wild and crazy attitudes of our politicians. They don’t care whether their political wrangling over power and resources might bear negatives outcomes on the lives of destitute or not.

They are ready to sacrifice our dear lives so as to enable them to maintain their status quo. Our politicians are totally different in thinking and action, they seem like humans being in their physical appearance while maintaining animals mentalities. Now and again, the IGAD led forum will possibly bring back all members of SPLM and accommodate them in paradise they were fighting over since 2013, but the question is: will they share the same house in peace and harmony?

The answer is Obvious; it is another war and mourning in waiting. Henceforth, the would be coming back makes us feel worried because we are not sure on how above suspicious is the current initiated revitalization of ARCSS since it possibly reinstate back the previous fearsome SPLM members who talk war in whatever they do to share the same house they departed ignominiously leading to the destruction and devastation of human lives and their properties.

Watch out, please! It is a complete and endless Somalization and warlordish in waiting for the people of South Sudan.  Both true and silent kills in South Sudan, therefore, it is up-to you to choose the best alternative to your choice.

Dut Kuot Akok, the writer has honors degree in rural development, University of Juba; he can be reached via his email address,

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