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By Manyang David Mayar, Eldoret, Kenya

happy new year 2015 Junubiin

Happy New Year 2018 Junubeen

January 7, 2018 (SSB) — I enjoyed reading your article entitled Who really cares about the New Year 2018.”  And as I read through to the middle, I found out that the entire focus of your article was that there is absolutely nothing new under the sun. All the evil things people have done in 2017 will still happen in 2018 and all the hardship of life in 2017 will still remain the same in 2018.

And then I reach the conclusion. I was left with nothing else but a broken heart. I felt broken-hearted for the hopelessness I have seen in you. And I was thrilled to pick up my computer and spare some time to write some words of hope into your life and to try to make you become more proactive than reactive in your thinking and perhaps change the way you look at things.

Your article is a true demonstration of a reactive person. Qualities of a reactive person include those who look at the world in the third person rather than in the first person. People who complain a lot about what others have failed to do; People who ruin their future simply because others have failed to fulfil their expectations.


Cessation Of Hostilities Agreement Oversight Observation: CEPO 1st Report on the Implementation of CoH, Dec. 2017

Yakani of CEPO

January 7, 2018 (SSB) — ABSTRACT: The Cessation of Hostilities is a pre-condition for the success of a permanent ceasefire and transition to peace and stability. It is a critical tool that requires technical and financial support to succeed in meeting the expectations it creates. The Cessation of Hostilities in a highly militarized, politically violent conflict is a key stage that creates a brief moment for trust and confidence-building for genuine engagement on peace negotiations and mediation. With the signing of a temporary ceasefire in December 2017, hope has surfaced that finally, Peace is possible. This paper outlines strategies that could ensure the success of Cessation of Hostilities, which could lead to a permanent ceasefire and restoration of stability, and safety instead of continued national crisis and instability.


For immediate release: Rebuttal to the leaked Audiotape

Malong in exile1

Gen. Paul Malong arriving in Nairobi, Kenya

January 7, 2018 (SSB) — Happy New Year to the suffering people of South Sudan. Since I was released from house arrest in Juba, there have been persistent rumours flying around cooked to damage my reputation and drive a wedge between me and President Salva Kiir Mayardit. I was allowed by the President to seek medical treatment in neighboring Kenya.

The enemies of peace would not let me rest. I have learnt with great surprise that there is a purported leaked tape recording my conversation with junior commanders on the ground to rebel and fight government. I would want to make it clear to the people of South Sudan that the tape is fake and doesn’t bear the slightest authenticity in it.