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“Africans have no right whatsoever to be angry with Trump. He is right. African countries are “shithole”. The record speaks for itself. For all that I care, we do need more Trump in the world. Perhaps, with enough insult and shaming, Africans would rise up from their slumber. There is a reason why China observes ‘National Humiliation Day’” – writes PaanLuel Wël on Facebook

By John Agata, Nakuru, Kenya


January 14, 2018 (SSB) — Why does it raise an eyebrow when Trump calls Africa “shit-hole” and the likes? Yet when Western media refers Africa as war-torn, drought-stricken, conflict-prone, diseased-filled zone just to name a few, we pretend as if nothing has been said?

Are we being fair enough here to embrace Western Media at the expense of Trump? I know West has corrupted our mind to turn a blind eye but that does not stop us from soliciting truth from figures such as Trump and many other slaves of authenticity.