The Trampling Trump: The Shithole in the White House

Posted: January 21, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Deng Vanang, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Deng Vanang, Juba, South Sudan


US President Donald Trump

January 21, 2018 (SSB) — Last week or so son of Donald, Trump treated humanity to the global drama. More of a dramatist than President of world superpower United States, any direction to which he turns his foul mouth swung open, swords and machetes are drawn before the regarded filth actually drop off.

Trump is what he is and not what people think he should be. Real, not fake. The modern-day Socrates the world of Greeks had condemned to poisoning for speaking his mind and truth of the matter, not innuendos several centuries that went by. Of course, than wonder aloud, do you know why the world is wrong and Trump is right?

Trump teaches exactly people about what God’s creation is all about. Those people never have the same color, look, height and size whether in a family, tribe and race. Being the same is an illusion, except being identical twins. This is the Almighty’s great mystery.

Based on our differences, some are thinkers or dull, workaholics or loiterers. Others peace or troublemakers. We are what we think and eat, be it good or bad. Which is why we have here on one planet earth paradise and hole in the name of Africa to which Europeans and the rest come and shit.

That is by transforming the Africans’ backward thoughts and raw materials into magical wonders more than our pockets can afford to buy back. Creating conflicts in Africa through their dimwits in order to get cheap labor in form of slaves in the 15th century and currently our disgruntled immigrant brothers and sisters.

Cradle of human civilization in Alexandria, Egypt of Africa was then carried away from under our feet and molded into today’s Western education for which we crave for very basic existence.

Eden where Adam and Eve were thrown into from heaven and which is perceived to be located in the Nile Valley according to world’s renowned archaeologists, is now a grabbed land that is imaginatively shifted somewhere to Asia minor or Middle East closer to Western Europe.

Man being originally black, as found in Turkana-Kenya, South Sudan and Southern Ethiopia of which Nile Valley is partly composed as God said He made in His own image, is no longer the case.

For Europeans to accept and worship Him, God is imaginatively repainted white just like them, while Satan and the man who carried Jesus’ cross to the Calvary for crucifixion are lambasted black.

With all things considered as bad by them are black. Say like Dark Continent, black mourning attire, black sheep, blackleg, blacksmith, black market and bla–, bla–, etc.

His Gospel transformed to fit into Western culture and school of thoughts. A reason as to why we are told in order to be baptized and get salvation, we must think, act, eat and get addressed by European names.

The same Christian religion was earlier sent to us as the forerunner of Western imperialism. In whose holy book is conspicuously written ‘’respect the authority’’, no matter how repressive, to calm the likely resistance from restive natives.

Now our leaders are nothing, but copycats of Western peers, pursuing egocentric agenda the latter don’t even imagine entertaining back in their home countries.

In nutshell, don’t just blame Trump helplessly, but wake up and think to reclaim our stolen legacy.

The author, Deng Vanang, is a graduate of the Catholic University of East Africa in Kenya with a bachelor degree in Philosophy and political sciences. He also has a post-graduate diploma in print media journalism from the University of Nairobi as well as a post-graduate diploma in peace and development studies at the University of Juba, among several short courses certificates in both information and governance from East African region and Republic of South Africa. He once served in SPLM/A during the war of liberation as political commissar and other political groupings in the post-war period. He became a Director in GoSS’ Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Juba until 2010 while serving as the columnist with various newspapers before and after the December 2015 conflict erupted. With three titles already under his belt: South Sudan the Making of a Nation, a Journey from Ethnic Polities to Self-rule, State and Democracy; LEAPED TO FALL: The Triumphs and Tribulations of an African Revolution, SPLM/SPLA; Worldview: From Common Sense to Reason currently available on Ekitabu website. He can be reached via his email:

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