Gordon Buay: Power politics has laws similar to the Ten Commandments of the Bible

Posted: January 23, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Amb. Gordon Buay Malek, Juba, South Sudan

Gordon Buay and Gen Malong Awan

Gordon Buay and Gen Malong Awan

January 23, 2018 (SSB) — Dear all, one thing my brother Paul Malong Awan missed is that power politics has laws similar to Ten Commandments of the Bible. For example, if you are not loyal to God, you cannot expect to go to heaven.

If you are not loyal to the President with your spirit, soul and body, then, you cannot expect the President to keep you in a position that demands serious loyalty. Paul Malong Awan, when he was the Chief of staff of the SPLA, had a belief that he was entitled to become the President of South Sudan via illegal means. He wanted President Kiir to hand him the power without any election.

I don’t know whether brother Malong is a good Christian who reads the Bible to know that Lucifer was kicked out of the kingdom of God because he plotted a coup against God. Lucifer was the Chief of staff of all the Angels. When he violated the laws of power, he was kicked out of heaven and he is now a wanted international criminal.

Paul Malong is now in a situation of Lucifer. For him to come back to power, he must repent all his sins and ask the President for forgiveness. Not only that, he must also publicly apologize to the Government of South Sudan and ask for public forgiveness. If he doesn’t do these things, he will be in a situation where Joseph Kony will be better off.

Paul Malong’s foreign policy advisers are not being honest with him to tell him the rockets Troika will fire at him in coming weeks. I was told that his shadow foreign minister is giving him a wrong advice in regard to the reaction of the International community towards his rebellion.

As a former friend of Paul Malong who used to call him King Paul, I feel pity to see Malong Awan committing suicide in a broad daylight.

Paul Malong Awan was a family friend. The relationship between him and my family dated back to 1985 in Itang, Ethiopia. Paul Malong’s wife Lucia was our neighbor in Itang. When Paul Malong had a car accident in 1985, I was the one helping his wife to nurse him.

Paul Malong always used to force me to eat with him and then he would start a conversation with me telling me the battles the SPLA was winning all over Southern Sudan. I was a very shy boy back then in 1985.

To see a man you have known since 1985 to hang himself by fighting the government in 2018 is something psychologically painful. I don’t want to see Malong ending up like George Athor or Gabriel Tanginya.

I realized that what will kill Malong in this world is greed for power. Malong right now is mentally blind to accept the universal truth about the laws of power. He is not properly analyzing the dynamic of international politics in regard to rebellion in South Sudan.

There is no rebellion that will surpass that of Riek Machar who had 70% Nuer behind him in 2013. Where is Riek Machar now? In prison in South Africa.

The Dinka will not fight for the position of Paul Malong let alone Aweilians. The rest of South Sudan tribes see him as a war criminal. The U.S already indicted him and soon the UN will follow suit.

I don’t wish Paul Malong to die. But I have a feeling that his ego for power will force him to commit suicide. He tried to kill himself in Yirol in May 2017 but doctors saved him. Paul Malong mentally is not stable.

His family needs to get him a psychiatrist if they really care for him. A normal person cannot rebel in 2018 and expect the international community not to kill him.

The author, Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek, is the South Sudanese deputy ambassador to the United State of America. A lawyer by profession and a former red army of the SPLM/A, he has a dual citizenship of Canada and South Sudan. He can be reached via his email: gordonbuay@hotmail.com

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