Thokgor Reech: “The Man from another Planet” (2018)

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By Thokgor Reech, Juba, South Sudan

Kiir first interview after nomination and confirmation as splm leader, new site, 2005

Kiir first interview after nomination and confirmation as splm leader, new site, 2005

January 31, 2018 (SSB) — “We are brothers and sisters from different mothers and fathers in this world regardless of our colours” Thokgor Reech. My natures:  I’m a thinker, powerful, but fair to other people, I often think safe, straight talk, critical thinking and think straight.  Also, I was born a leader, strong being, I love real things, determined to make things differently, strong-minded to win the fight, and think differently. I believe in redesigned things, spirituality in nature, smart and focused, loyal and hardworking, courage to follow my dreams, confidence in treated another with respect and human dignity.

Also, I clearly love my success in looked back and seen my innovative, trusted, ethical and making things civilizing. Furthermore, I developed self-assessment, assertiveness, ability to accept responsibilities, personal awareness, cultural awareness and sensitivity to handle my life direction all times.   However, I learned that leadership has no formula to problem-solving because they always differ from one another while they want different approaches as well.   My “common understanding is my best philosophy to understand living things behaviors” in many ways by developing a peace of mind, self-reconciliation, and self-management.

I learned many things over years of my studies, and I discovered one thing that “self-interested is a human nature” Thokgor Reech, 2018. In reality, I realized I learned a lot of living things theories than man-made things. In many cases, I learned human beings are social living with one another. However, I learned to develop self-interests is better than utilitarianism, self-rule, courage, beliefs, culture and individuals’ principles.  No one has been supporting South Sudanese cultures and values and their beliefs in the real world. Therefore, the South Sudanese sons and daughters are they right people to write down their cultures exactly to South Sudanese cultures and moral values and their beliefs.

My Parents

My parents by their names mother Agok Mapiel Wol from Panayiin and father Bol Reech Makol Thokgor from Panei. They were born in the same village Makuach or Luacjang area. My parents were really connected to living things and non-things such as humanity, love, care, and respect to one another. For example, they were also very social, oral communication skills and good at storytelling. However, children are always first prior to anything such as fed, protection from sharp objects or wild animals and human predators from other communities.

I am happy with my parents due to their dedication to us since Sudanese lifestyles have been depended on livestock and farming products no industrialization over years. They did their best to feed us in their capacity. In fact, they did many activities include teamwork, problem-solving skills, decision making, critical reasoning, self-motivation and also taught us a better future and hope for lives improvement.

In fact, they managed to feed us, taught us how to manage ourselves in the presence and in the future. What I learned from my parents, they were truthful to us, love other people with unconditional, freedom of interaction with people from different tribes, open learning by sharing knowledge with other, generous to share their food with visitors and responsibilities.

Furthermore, my parents were kind to us and to others. However, I spent most of my youngest ages with my father at cattle camp took care of livestock.  In Sudanese, culturally children in heritage parents’ properties such as livestock and farming land or anything belong to their parents.

My parents taught me many things includes duties of care to handle my problems confidently and management. Furthermore, I learned many things from my parents includes positive thinking, innovative, creative, focused on right things in my life, self-directed, keep moving, keep its real from negative people, bravery to pursue my success, encouragement, and self-conviction to reach both of short-term and long-term goals.  My dream is to grasp my wants and needs by inspiring my interior and self-improvement in relation to my future direction.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of westernization culture on South Sudanese?

Westernisation is an acceptance of western tradition and custom. Giving distinctive meaning to westernization will be challenging due to it differs interpretation to location. As a result, the way Sudanese cultures and traditions in a nation such as technology, self-rule, politics, economics, dressing, and languages will be different from becoming habituated to other people.

It brings with it positive and negative changes that suffering people either directly or indirectly. This research will be discussing the gains and interferences of westernization in the Sudanese culture.  In fact, westernization brought with it many positive changes that are now benefiting the African natives and the nation as an entire.

This research also underlined some important things that becoming a modern society are about industrialization, urbanization, intensifying levels of literacy, education and wealth expansion.  The qualities that make a society western, in dissimilarity are special. The traditional inheritance is also getting a better understanding, confidence in them, and civil society (Western Civilisation, Goodreads 2017 & 2004).

For example, many children from villages are being educated until they achieved their certificates and get better-paid jobs.  They will assist their relatives, family members, and friends back in the rural areas by improving their standard of living from old-style houses to modern houses.

 As a result of westernization, native people have been educated so that the rising their literacy level and in term of improves the standard of living. Furthermore, Westernisation also offered a very consistent means of quicker and suitable means of doing things.  They brought technology that is now commonly used in villages and urban. Also, technology has improved the way things are done, quicker communication and to reach most people.

For example, farmers are now using tractors to assistance in cultivating the field and moving the products to the village to the market. However, there is improved technology traveling from the village to the market will only take few hours.  Therefore, it is a positive change because it has reduced the burden to many villagers and manpower is not overused nowadays.

I am happy to write my life movement founding on Sudanese culture and values and their beliefs. In contrasting, westernization has its negatives in that it has lessened ethical and moral values in many countries. This resulted from accepting western cultures and tradition.  People tend to lose their own cultures and tradition and are evident in the way some people conduct themselves.

For example, news nearly every day, this is due to people want to copy what they understood in western movies.  Consequently, culture and tradition are gradually disappearing away and ethical and moral values are foreigners.

Additionally, technology also has its negatives in the societies and households in particular Sudanese. It can break marriages and families are torn down and can be mentioned as unfaithfulness. For example, before the spread of westernisation, unfaithfulness was something that was harshly treated and spoken against in Sudanese communities should a man or woman cheat on his or her spouse that person will be brought to village chiefdom square and flogged, but now all you see are married men engaging in the act and still say that there is also cutely nothing wrong for a man to cheat on his wife. As a result, it is now considered a norm when a married man or woman is caught committing adultery or being unfaithful to his or her legal partner.

Furthermore, westernization brought with it positive and negative changes that are affecting the local people in many ways. Therefore, the positive influences are to be incorporated and carefully monitor the negative bearings of westernization because it will be a contributing fact for to the loss of one’s tradition and customs. Specified that westernization is a loading gun pointed at the head of this planet (McKenna, 2004). If we are not careful, we are bound to lose our tradition and culture (Western Civilisation Goodreads 2017, Charles Sturt University.

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