Dear Lost Boys’ Wives of Colorado: You all deserve a Multi-Award from Us

Posted: February 1, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Dear Lost Boys’ Wives of Colorado: You all deserve a Multi-Award from South Sudanese Communities in the United States of America

Lost boys wives photo

Lost boys wives photo

February 1, 2018 (SSB) — Definitely, If South Sudanese in the US or in the diaspora could be encouraged each other for the great achievement; hence, that day forever, the lost Boys’ wives of South Sudan in Colorado could have merited a multi-award for what they have done. Indeed, that day, all they have done is unforgettable and indelibly in the history of lost boys.

To my own comment, they are exemplary of oneness or uniqueness in the diaspora. Why and what scenario?

Here is the story, January 27, 2018, all lost boys’ wives of Sudan in Colorado have organized a big surprises party. For this party, they all have invited 64 tribes of South Sudanese who were living in Colorado, including all lost boys of Sudan and husbands to the party. However, when everybody shows up at the event, it surprisingly begins:

Brothers, sisters, husbands, mothers, fathers, uncles and distinguished guest, thanks to you for coming to this wonderful party. To begin with, you all might be surprised why we have organized this party. Well, the reasons as to why we organized this wonderful party is for us we lost boys’ wives to make a “Reunions.”

The point is that since all of us were marriage from different communities or tribes back home (South Sudan) for example Dinka, Nuer, Anyuak, Mundari, Shilluk, and many other communities in Greater Equatoria region.

There was no one day we all come together and introduced ourselves to South Sudanese community in Colorado. Hence, today is the remarkable day for all of us to introduce ourselves to the community and also for us we the lost boys’ wives” to know each other and husbands.

 Second, we also want ourselves (the lost boys’ wives) to encourage ourselves to work together as one family and one people, especially like the way our husbands (lost Boys) stayed or worked despite political differences back home.

 Third, they said, “When our husbands (Lost boys) left South Sudan or Sudan to Ethiopia, Polataka and then finally to the United States of America. They did not sit in sub-clan, clan or tribes like the way we do.  They used to live together as one family and one people.” Well, why not us (we lost boys’ wives) in Colorado do the same things as our husband do?

Why do we just came and sit in the apartments for years without coming together or visiting each other as one people. Today, let’s stand up and work together as one family and one people, and then joined South Sudanese community in Colorado with both hand to make it better.

 Enthusiasm and eagerness, for this decision, all South Sudanese community in Colorado including me were very excited and applauded for what all these beautiful ladies or wives have done. Hyper-excitement, many South Sudanese who were given a chance to talk in this event have encouraged them to work together as one family and one people as themselves have mentioned. Second, the whole community were extremely welcome them to join the community and recommended them to do another party next time.

To my own comment, this day, January 27, 2018, was an exciting day to myself since the civil war broke in South Sudan in 2013. It is a big day when all of us: Greater Equatorian region’s people, Greater Bahr el ghazal’s people and greater Upper Nile’s people came together with no differences and enjoyed the happiness.

Finally, to you lost boys’ wives, for what you have done, you are like gold and diamond in our heart, we will always support you and be with you forever.

Alier Garang Alier. A writer is a South Sudanese residing in Denver, Colorado, USA. He can be reached at

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  1. Peter Athiu says:

    Very wonderful, I think you need to know each other as South Sudanese in first place before going back to your tribes.


  2. Charl says:

    This “free sharing” of inoromatifn seems too good to be true. Like communism.


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