South Sudan: Differences in Politics is not a Rebellion

Posted: February 7, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Dut Kuot Akok, Junub Sudan

By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan

Telar Ring Deng

Telar Ring Deng, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Sudan to the Russian Federation

February 7, 2018 (SSB) — The easy and quick way of eliminating anyone you see as a threat to your being in the government is to simply label him or her as a rebel in South Sudan political arena nowadays. It is being used by the hijackers of the front seat in the current government of president Kiir and it has yielded fruitful outcomes to the best of their appetite of which the unbelievable elimination of the engineers of the current government since the ascending of President Salva Kiir Mayardit to the presidency.

Who knows that the likes of Telar Ring Deng, General Paul Malong, Barnaba Marial and perhaps Michael Makuei could be controversially dismissed and humiliated thereafter via the unsubstantiated allegations of a dusted hyena in the middle of elephant calves?

It is worse mentioned that we are currently dwelling and acting on hearsay rather than to intellectually make the eclectic approach in executing political decisions. It is of great paramount to makes introspection judgement before bringing or rushing them to the spotlight for public consumption if we are genuine about peace and Tranquility restoration to our beloved nation that has been torn apart since the onset of the current meaningless war.

It is by doing so that we will be able to weigh things and know all the would-be positive and negative outcomes of the concocted allegations that could impact our unity and stability in the long run.

And as to whether I am a rebel or not as being alleged by the Rumormongers and politically illiterate, and concerning this matter, I would like to be sincere and straightforward to my friend that my differences with you in political thoughts and actions don’t qualify me to be a rebel if we are really sound minded and politically oriented. It is a childish and immature attitude that could be questioned thousands of times by a sound minded and politically conscious person in the world of intellectuality and professionalism.

And as a matter of fact, the current warmongers and gossipers turned politicians who only knows how to prolong and enlarge war to all the corners of South Sudan in order to give them adequate time to accumulate more and prolong their lifespan in paradise are they real destructive Rebels operating within the system with the sole purpose of paralyzing the government within.

Now and again, I do like to outline all the aforementioned destructive rebels that are operating within the government of president Kiir one after another as follows.

It is undeniable that the first Rebel disturbing the performance of the president is the government failure under his stewardship to make known the so-called camouflaged and clandestine unknown gunman who is blood-bathing innocent youth mercilessly. The second Rebel is the government failure to provide basic social services to the people such as affordable Food, cleaning drinking water, health services, quality schools and roads network.

The provision of the mentioned services in every country is the fundamental building block that convinces ordinary citizens to believe in their government regardless of yolifespanpan in power like in other countries. Hence, the failures to provide them are attributed to the internal work of some silently working rebels against the government of president Kiir.

Also, the third Rebel is the untouchable big monster selling Dollar and fuel in the black market continuously. They are the internal rebels who are working tirelessly day and night for the collapse of the government of president Kiir. The fourth Rebel is the one who signed every agreement unconsciously and perhaps under the influence of something else. Their unconscious negotiation with the rebels makes us to be believed that they are part and parcel of Rebel who were longing for regime change agenda.

They will one day signed an agreement that sidelines president Kiir from presidency unknowingly because It was totally unacceptable for a sound minded person to signed an agreement that is crystal pregnant with a destructive child called war.

Further and finally, the fifth destructive Rebels operating within are those warmongers and gossipers who are busy digging trenches and creating more front lines for president Kiir at this trying moment he is supposed to dedicate his time and overall efforts on how to fix the unstoppable dollar rate in the black market. Observably, they (internal rebels) are the problem president is unable to put his house in order since they are still scratching and preaching for the continuity of senseless and objective less war.

The burdensome cross president Kiir is being loaded with is a work of the previously mentioned warmongers and gossipers who are anti peace and stability to the people of South Sudan. They don’t care whether president is Engulf from all side s by multiple factions or not thus, an elephant sometimes fear physical confrontation from all sides.

They are actually rebels within who were clandestinely hired by the outsiders to weaken the government from within and thereafter exposed it to external aggression since it will be susceptible to resist any conspiracy.

In reality, their conspiracy is well executed since they have succeeded in the elimination of president Kiir his rightful friends who haven’t deserted him in any inflammatory circumstance since liberation days. Who knows what they are doing since others are dual citizenship holder in Europe and USA as well as a white men in black skin.

Who knows what will come with the recently kickoff high level revitalization forum in Ethiopia since the powerful engineers behind the narrowly escape and survival of the current government in 2013 and 2016 concurrently are no longer there. This time, there will be no Malong in the army to lineup together with the soldiers in the front line, no Telar in Russia to block arms embargo of which the recently imposed arms embargo the by USA is a loudly bell of alarm to the government.

There will also be no Barnaba Marial in foreign affairs to defend politely and diplomatically and perhaps there will be no the morally disappointed Robert Mugabe of South Sudan the in ministry of information.

Therefore and with all the above, I do like to clarify that labelling me that I am a rebel without tangible substitutions to glue your allegations while the big Rebel is sharing house with the big man is so unfortunate and laughable. It is vital to know that our difference in political thoughts is not a rebellion as you claimed.

Let try to discard this attitude of premature declaration of Mr. X and Y as a rebels if we disagree in ideology before they didn’t declare their rebellion. It is therefore better for Mr. Ice breaker and a fearless killer of innocent lives to concoct other means of breaking ice to his uncle since he is a good boy by birth but know that “food gained via fraud tastes sweet to man but he sometimes end up with gravel in his mouth”.

All in all, I am not a rebel and above all, I am not a soldier nor do I know how to shoot. I was a diehard anti-trusteeship but currently, it is better to cut the child into two due to your absolutism behaviors and mentality.

Dut Kuot Akok, the writer, has honors degree of art in rural development, university of Juba; he can be reached via his Email:

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