A Treatise on Civilization among the South Sudanese Girls of “Modern Era”

Posted: February 17, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Ang’ok Arok, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Socio-Cultural

By Ang’ok Arok Got, Eldoret, Kenya

young girl with a gun

A young lady with a gun on guard during Governor Philip Aguer visit to Anyidi payam, Bor County, Jan 2016

February 17, 2018 (SSB) — I know vividly that by the time I finish typing the last word of this article and post it, I will have lost 1001 friends especially ladies. Call me a prejudice, call me a mongoloid, call me a dwarf, call me a traitor, call me a male chauvinist, call me all those sorts of names you think are barbaric, those big hee vocabularies you can think of, but alas! I will not conceal the truth from thee thy Kingdom Come. I have pondered over this topic for so long. You might go numb with series of plethora thoughts but truth and transparency are a formidable combination that encompasses a human life cycle. Insects can either have a complete or incomplete metamorphosis but humans tend to live their thousand life cycles in one lifetime. There we go ladies;

Dear ladies, how dare have you misunderstood and misinterpreted the term “civilization” and totally camouflaged from our own culture and customs, moral values and behavior, self-respect and family dignity to this weird and lackluster kind of lifestyle of the foreign people? I suppose you screen the foreign culture from your colonizers and take with you what is good to make home a better place of stay, rich with ideologies beautifully crafted from your own ideas and knowledge combined. I swear you people will die as copies due to those stupid minds which make you copy everything you come across. That you are civilized ladies, civilized ladies of the modern era, “civilized ladies”, my foot.

You identify yourself with that other lady, form a crew, call it a bevy of beautiful ladies, you go walking lackadaisically around the whole town, hustling and bustling, calling yourselves “the civilized generations of change”. You booze off yourself, walking with your neck high like a giraffe, talking in a foreign Swahili slangs, doing nothing constructive. Just idlers of civilization! What a mistaken term!  I don’t hate you ladies but I hate the fucking life that you have put yourselves in; that damn perceptions on civilization. You are in diaspora following the barbaric nature of your homeland, South Sudan for two purposes; to hide your damn ass from those cannibals, who calibrate and wage myriads of civil wars to just suck on your blood as they pay their bills in those developed countries, and education. Those are the major reasons why you are in that foreign country.

You came and grabbed civilizations with the jerk, do more of it in action than the owner, took it to your indolent and pugnacious mind, and reverse everything in the name that you have seen a new star and that it will lead you to where the newly born civilization is in the Western World. Pause a little bit and think back….You were saved from harm and death by the humanitarian team from your homeland, motherland but now you are arming yourself with filthy thoughts and acts in the foreign country in the name of  “civilization “instead of arming yourself with things that your motherland can feel, touch and embraced.  Your parents back home are hoping for the best but you are doing the worst undercover. When the trumpet of peace shall sound, time will be no more and when the roll is called up yonder (back home) you will be no more.

Your parents do sacrifice themselves to support you in education, to have good health, to wear decent clothes, to wear shoes not to walk barefooted, to make you have solace and make sure you get fed up well with good foodstuffs so that you can do your best; and go back home with something constructive in your head to help fuel their struggles and make them believe in you that their efforts did not prove futile.  Unfortunately, you have turned their efforts and sweat to sponsor your local boyfriends in the name of civilization in that foreign country. “Eti tumechanuka”, (we are civilized) don’t you people, ladies, in particular, have mercies on your parent?

Gentlemen, you too are no option in this category. Mind your PS and QS; I am coming with full force to you in this discourse of civilization. Anyway, we are not on the same level of richness; we are of different classes to be sincere with you dear ladies. Those who even know that their parent had nothing to support them are the ones doing all these sorts of fiends not knowing that they are their parents’ hope. They have totally forgotten their parents’ struggle, and the lives they are undergoing on daily basis back home. They led a life full of strains.

They do always sleep on the empty stomach to make sure you benefit from them since you are their tomorrow. They sleep on the floor using mats in that cool night to use the little they have for your education, and you are busy sleeping with your foreign men using your parents’ and guardians’ bed in the diaspora. You are busy calling your damn boyfriends on the cellphone, and you forgot to even say  “hi” to your own mother who carried you in her womb for nine months. You are busy enjoying someone’s house, yet your parents are sleeping in a house which leaks during the rainy season. You are busy changing raiment twice a day, wearing the brand new set of clothes, yet your father had a torn trouser; which children do laugh at him whenever he passes by; and you are saying you are civilized. “Civilized”. Nonsense

You are busy putting on some powdered chemicals on your face with your friends in the name of makeups as if every day is the valentine. With that red, black and bluish powder on your lips, you give out a smile. You loaded it in your lips and your eyelids and lashes until you appear like a little devil ready to perform love potions. You know not the effects of these chemicals on your body. They release radicals that can affect your DNA system. Please, my dear sisters lets you not be misled by the term civilization. Be cautioned. Your mother is even lacking sleeping baby kind of a cosmetic, you can call it Vaseline, yet you are busy bleaching yourselves with all these foreign cosmetics in the name of being the beauty. Do you think God was stupid to create you with that skin?

Do you think God was unfair when he blessed you with that black and smooth skin? God has a purpose for you and of your nature and that is why He gave you that color you have. Otherwise, He would have created you brown or white as those people you always desire to be; those with pink noses and white faces. You look like a zebra after the creams you imposed on your body expired. You tend to have white and black spots in the hands, at joints and at the legs. Do you like those civilizations you are practicing ladies?

My dear sisters, ladies, your nature is your identity and beauty. Be who you are and avoid all this useless lifestyle. Useless and void. There is no benefit in those barbaric civilizations of the West. Think of the entrepreneurship, think of how civilization will help you. Are creams the benefits of your civilization? I am asking you ladies. Take it to your head. Ladies, Respect your nature and your God; respect your culture and customs; respect your father’s names and identity. Avoid those chemicals that make you look like a little devil. They are not friendly at all. Get more information on the impacts of those chemical substances on your body from medical students. If you want, I can refer you to one of them because that is not my field of studies. I would have given you more information about those effects.

I heard nowadays that our parents’ names and customs are useless to these generations of “civilization”. We all know you squarely; you came from home as Adhieu, Achol, and Nyandeng and so on, but now your parents are much bamboozled and contemplating on what the hell bound has befallen their “daughters of substance.” They are always asking themselves, “Who is this?”  Who are Vicky, Nancy, and Juliet? These names never existed in their culture and ancestral naming ceremony.  In fact, their daughters (you) are no more the ones they knew but civilized ladies of the new world with different names and behaviors. Your parents always wonder when you force them to use your new names. Why dear ladies? Why changing yourselves on a vague civilization?

Your names are your identity; your names represent who you are; so be proud of your names, be proud of your family and clan. How mad are you to forget all the pieces of advice, parents’ struggles, your family’s dignity, your father’s names, your identity and deviate from being a good girl with all good human qualities to this mere cheap and easy person? A harlot you have become. Sleeping with any man in the name, you are civilized and enjoying the world. You know not that all that glitter is not gold. Civilization is not all about having sex with every man that catch your attention. It’s forming a community of common agenda and positive progress. Stop crying more than the bereaved ladies.

You even have become bestial. Have you people become animals? Don’t you fear God? What is the bible saying? “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit “. Mithakacie jalke Roth beer geer piny aci nang becbec rac. (My dear sisters, humble yourselves, the world is occupied with many sexual illnesses). Why my sisters? Why are you engaging yourselves in all these immoral behaviors yet you are the one knowing your family background better than any other person as they do say that, “it’s the owner of the shoe who knows where it pinches most ‘’.

Why denying your parents the right of having you as a good child?

How do you people think your parents will feel when you go back home with nothing?

How do you feel when you go back home two in one?

How do you feel when you go back home as deceased not even with the disease?

How do you feel when you go back home with not even having a nursery certificate, just a degree in bed battles?

How do feel when you go back home tinted black and white spots?

 It’s all woebegone. What will you tell to your parent? Think and use civilization well. We still need you, lady. Many parents will curse the day they were born if we don’t change and be good children before they know it.Many parents and families will blame their ancestors if we don’t change. Change before you cause any chaos to your family, you are still needed in the society and in your family too. Though change is inevitable, try to seek God and you will be born again. Pray always and admit your sins too and you will be forgiven. We be kockun ca dhiaau pioth mithke kuanda (you will make your people regret, people of my clan). My caution is; be who you are and abandon those who are the focus, determine, respectful and caring about their family to be alone and make their living. Either you hate me or not, I don’t want to be loved. I haven’t asked for it.Hate me at your own risk, am not after your life but the truth has to be said, period.

 For the few girls who are the focus and determine who haven’t yet been swept away by this wind, please have your own stand, be who you are. Don’t allow these desperate girls to mislead you and be like them. They are not you and you are not them.

They are not your family and your family is not theirs,

They are there to cheat you,

They are there to say all good things about their civilization to mislead you,

They are there to introduce you to sexual immorality,

They are there to introduce you to drugs abuse,

They are there to expose you to the naked environment which has a lot of obstacles which prevent people from achieving their goals.

They are there to distort your future because they have already destroyed theirs and want you to be on the same track with them.

They are there to deceive you that a beautiful person is she who applies all the western creams and so on to mess your life in the name of civilization.

Be warned.

Always tell them to be with their beauty if you don’t have that stupid mind of copying everything you come across her. If you care and love your parents; avoid their companies and be who you are, avoid their wrong advice. Please always walk in the ways of the Lord, follow your heart and be a good child to your parents; don’t let their struggle be in vain, do something constructive so that they can have a better tomorrow, be a child who will take certificates home and not a disease, be a child who will be a blessing to your parents and not a curse, be a child who  will bring happiness to the family and not a sadness and shame, be a child who respect the culture and customs but not a traitor, be a child who will bring something good to her country and not destruction, be a child who be celebrated and  not a deceased carcass.be a child who is kind in her own kingdom and you will make it in life.

My dear sisters, nothing is worth more than your parents. They are always there for you. They always care for you especially your mother; she will always have not peaceful night within her concords when her children had nothing to eat or have any problem, she will not even wish to eat anything before his/her children have any. She will always love you with all her heart, soul, and even their blood. Likewise, fathers, they are always not happy when they had nothing to offer to their children. If we are aware of all these, then why are we not doing our best to make them happy and let them reaped what sowed. My dear sisters, if God has blessed you with able family and beloved parents who can cater for everything that you need in life and who can also show a maximum love and care unto you;

Then why not pay them back?

Why not appreciating their struggle with success?

Why not doing our best to make them happy and to change the family from zero level to hero?

Why not showing them maximum respect and love to create harmony and not mourning in the family? Why not be worried and careful about their lives, conditions and their tomorrow?

Why not listening to their words and pieces of advice yet they are your mentor?

Why not thank God for them yet they are your second makers on earth?

 Don’t be misled by these simple and cheap girls who do go out with any dogs in the name of being civilized. I don’t really hate civilized people but I hate some idiots who have misunderstood the term and they are misleading the other innocent, determine and focus girls whom their parents could have enjoyed and appreciate their struggles. Don’t dare copy their ways, and their slogan, “we don’t care”. They will care when the time comes. They will regret all these evil things.

Not to beat around the bush, always laugh at your mistakes but learned from them,

Joke over your troubles but gather strength from them,

Bear your difficulties but overcome them and you will make it in life and make your parent happy.

Why quitting from education to station?

Why running from frying pan into the fire?

 Know the purpose and destiny of your own life. Avoid being a nitwit. I understand in totality what is to do all those atrocities, you might have been disillusioned and feel dejected not to continue. In a nutshell, kindly ladies, define civilization in better terms and take what is positive from it, not that mere enjoyment that makes you go astray. Let this article change you and be a better person. Be blessed!

This is a new 2018 draft of my writings!

ANG’OK AROK, the author, is a student at the University of Eldoret, Eldoret, Kenya, pursuing Diploma in Human Resource Management. You can reach out to him through his email: makieuangok91@gmail.com

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article, commentary or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. PaanLuel Wël website (SSB) do reserve the right to edit or reject material before publication. Please include your full name, a short biography, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

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