How I wish there were a special place in hell reserved for the tribalists

Posted: February 18, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Dut Kuot Akok, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan

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February 18, 2018 (SSB) — Since 2013 up to date, South Sudan has been occupied by a socially transmitted disease called tribalism brought about by those who pretend to be believers every Sunday and Friday while they are the very people who promote and preach tribalism whenever they leave their places of worshipping. It is due to the above practices that forced me to say such illusive conjecture; I termed it illusive conjecture for the reason that the existence of paradise and hell in heaven has no tangible substantiations that can clearly testify their existence.

But to avoid bringing myself into loggerhead with the creator, it is better to take it the same way we were taught to believe in the controversial resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the teaching of the Bible. And as such, let me hope that one day there will be a special place in hell for tribalists who are busy turning heaven and earth in order to demolish our milk and honey nation called South Sudan due to their individual self-interest.

Let these heartless tribalists and in particular, the masters or hijackers of paradise put into their inner minds that they will feel painful consequences after death if they continue with their current status quo in which they used the poor as their wheels for making quick and bloody wealth. These half-human fat-cats are using tribal cards as the only tools that can easily enable them to achieve their ministerial positions in the government.

They went to the extent of grouping themselves base on the clannish background as it is the case now in our current Government of hearsay and gossiping. They oftentimes fool the poor with a lot of empty promises they don’t fulfill whenever they achieve their target. For your information Mr. tribalist, it is inhuman and sinful to shelter behind your tribe, clan, geographical location or subgroup so as to enable you to remain and prolong your lifespan in power and thereafter inherit the power to your tribesman within the same geographical boundary.

Also, know that one day the innocent blood of my fellow indigent will make you account upon the living God if he is there in heaven as we believe. It is true that tribal way of thinking is one of the leading causes of south Sudan internal conflict, and in reality, those with such practices/perspectives own nothing, believe me, you own nothing if you want to be called MR president, minister or state governor using your tribe as your quick route for ascending to the above-mentioned positions or remaining there for life.

You own nothing if you fail to be patriotic, the one who sees our nationality as the cardinal principle of our unity, and where all our 64 plus tribes are equal in whatever they do and share them among themselves as brothers and sisters. you are completely nothing but a merely traitor who is addicted to tribal mentality, the one who always camp behind his/her tribe when he/she is outwitted politically by his/her opponent.

Furthermore, what surprises me most is the way our self-proclaimed politicians act, first they try everything by their own, and when they failed to achieve them by their own, they immediately turn to what they know best which is none other than their tribes, clan and vice versa as the only and final tool for cementing their ministerial positions and military ranks in the national army.

For how long will we continue behaving like that and expect development and provision of basic services to our masses that are in need of basic social services. Please Mr. troublemaker, try to change your attitude and see how beneficial is our unity as citizens of one nation regardless of our tribal background/origin, please give peace a chance and have a genuine change of heart  to enable us reap and enjoy the fruits of our independence, the freedom we bought with 2.5 million lives.

Finally, Rwanda genocide was not a result of tribal hatred but it was a conspiracy being made by people wanting to achieve their individual selfish objectives and particularly by those trying to promote the tendency of dictatorship. Therefore, let try to distance ourselves away from such people and embrace ourselves as South Sudanese regardless of our tribe, ethnic or political affiliation.

More importantly, let’s pray to God together in order to prepare special place in hell for those who are trying to play with our future and resources under the influence of the western world headed by the current gossipers who knows to engineer war from nowhere so as to give them adequate time to accumulate public resources with their children and kin.

Our unity is our unwavering strength.

Dut Kuot Akok the writer, has an honors degree of Arts in Rural Development, University of Juba, and he can be reached via his email address:

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