The Political Blocs and the Agony of the Citizens in Northern Upper Nile State

Posted: February 20, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Michael Chol Tor

By Michael Chol Tor, Juba, South Sudan

Kerubino, Arok and Nyuon

February 20, 2018 (SSB) — A bloc in this sense is understood to mean a group of countries with similar political aims and interests, and as such, act together as a bloc over some political or economic issues. It can also be termed as a group of people, combined with a common interest or purpose within the country, region, Continent or Community.

Politic, as defined by many political sciences, is believed to be an art of making decisions that are either geared to safeguards particular member’s interests or a group of people (bloc). It can also refer to an exercise of achieving a political objective and positions in the Government, with aims to secure a particular political, economic or, social interests.

Those with political conscious do it with the objective to control over a certain aspect of the community’s wealth and influence.  In other words, politics is the study of Governments’ systems and how such Government provides service to the Community or Citizens at large. It is through this act of politics that Country’s wealth is shared based on the availability of Constituency in the country.

Politics allowed members of each Constituency to share the Government’s powers equally to ensure equitability of nation’s resources and the inclusivity of each section within the Governing bodies in the upper House.

In Africa and the world at large, people formed political parties to put forward their political aspiration. Usually, there exist some disagreements between people within the party. In most case, they work together despite disagreement among them since there is always common ground where they agree on strategically political Issues.

Today, most political parties have realized that one single party cannot win the election, therefore any successful political war must be fought using collisions of political parties which subsequently formed the Government. Today’s modern wars are also fought with collisions, even when a Country is a powerful military like the US, yet they will have to go to any war with their alliances.

These Military collusions are informed by political and economic interest. An election is usually a competition between different parties that do not share different political and economic aspirations.  There are political parties in South Sudan, some of whom are sharing the Government with the SPLM party, others, still engaged in the Addis talks, with an aim to be included in the TGoNU.

Politics as defined early has a multifaceted definition. Some of its meaning is set of specific meanings that are descriptive and nonjudgmental in nature. Whereas as others, often carry a negative meaning as well, closely related to political activities that are characterized by artful and often dishonest practices by the party members, or individual within the party in question.”.

The negative connotation of politics, therefore, is, seen in the phrase such as “play politics”, whose negative connotation has been, for example, let us use whatever it takes with less consideration to ethics to arrive at our objective (interest). In other words, the “End Justify the means.” Whatever the consequence as a result of our action does not count in this negative political games. This apparent thinking patterns appeared once in 1853.

This was when the abolitionist Champion Mr. Wendell Phillips declared in the meeting that: “We do not play politics”, meaning, this time, we are honest and telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God to abolish the Slavery and its evil associations of the Western imperialism.”

In Conclusion, we have experienced the political cartel and hotchpotch political chauvinism in South Sudan.  During the Constitutional abrogation and the establishment of the currents 32 States of South Sudan has ushered in the new political dispensation that has created new political realities and players.

In this regard, current Political land escaping in the Northern Upper Nile State has moved from bad to worse. Creating and empowering most myopic and abhorred political group that is there to swag and slay citizen whatever the cost may be. They have taken hostage the SPLM institution and the resource to pass their fanatic Gluttony Itinerary to rent sacked the country to its knees.

Chances of this political blocs are that they are the enemy of the people within, and perhaps  Government initiated peace talks between them and the citizen need to be conducted, and funded by the  African Union as well, just like any other peace talks in Addis with an aim to Resolve Conflict. We are saying therefore, this is a neglected front by the Government with undeclared rebellion in the area geared by these merciless thugs to humiliate the public.

But in actual facts, they are economic and political insurgents with qualifications pertained therein. Politically, some of their discrete decisions are more harmful to our citizens in the State than the IO opposition’s decision in this regard. For example, the divisions of the three (3) Counties in the Northern Upper Nile States into several ethnic-based village Counties could have been cautiously avoided, for the time being, considering what possible political uphill it could engulf the neighboring ethnics in the area.

The historical peaceful coexistences and intermarriages between these two people have been uprooted and replaced with ethnic hostility and tension in Northern Upper Nile between the Melut, Maban, and Renk people.

I would like in to this juncture to refresh my readers memories that on the 17th August 2017, team led by H.E. Dr. James Wani Igga was dispatched to area to go and scale down the tension between the two communities, the Maban and the Nyiel section of Dinka over the Issue of Adar County which the two have been politically charged to confront each other.

This Presidential intervention came after a fight between the two Communities that led to the death of Col Goch Abong in the ambush allegedly carried out by few hostile elements of division (6) that were believed to have hailed from Maban when the Commissioner of Adar, Hon Deng Buny came to visit Wun Amom in the accompany of Col Goch Abong.

It was a leadership failure from the Governor to have appointed the Commissioner of Adar whose Headquarter is Wuna Mom but at the same time refuses the Commissioner to assume office in the HQ, what a contradiction of the first order.

As we speak, Issue in question has not been resolved, Nyiel section are denied of their ancestral home by the State authority, citing that they have been instructed by the high house in the land. Questions are, to this effect thereafter, what cause of action do Government of South Sudan, and the State Government in particular in the person of Hon Governor, Mr. Deng Akwei Kak expect Nyiel Community to take?

How long shall we be waiting before we know our fate and yet live as nomads without the home? Or shall we conclude that justice delayed is justice denied? Nyiel people have not refused to live with anyone, what we object therefore is someone taking our land and use it as atonement for the Country’ peace.

In Paloch, H.E vice president Dr. Wani Igga organized a political rally and reassured the community of his commitment to resolving this issue amicably. There has been relative peace on both sides, hoping that truth shall come forth anytime soon. To our dismay, however, the political opportunist in Northern Upper Nile State, as of the late information we received, pieces of advice the Presidency to delay the announcement of the Committee’s result.

Their political fear of repercussion is that any fight between the two Communities after the announcement shall affect Oil operation, and subsequently shall force these Jewish politicians out of office since they may not be able to handle it well.  Therefore, the news inlet concludes, that the Issue of Adar has developed many political dimensions, new players have emerged near the Presidency that is for the idea of none Dinka Adar or an inclusive Adar comprises of the three Ethnics living in all three triangle corridors.

These are Maban, Nuer, and the Dinka as the final proposal. The said emerged players including the IO in IG that are also claiming their portion. The political insurgents in Northern Upper Nile State did not only sell out Nyiel’s Ancestral land in order to maintain their positions but equally colludes with elements that are fighting the Community to removed Hon Deng Buny and replaced him with former Petroleum Protection Forces Commander, Hon. Col. Tor Ajuot as Adar Commissioner.

In this strategy, their elusive marriage of convenience has been successfully sealed. The objective of Hon. Tor Ajout’s appointment was three folds objectives:

  1. Dissolve Nyiel Community’s local association in which Dr. Francis Ayul is a chairman and constitute a new body that shall be chaired by Chief of political insurgents. In the process of achieving this however, they concluded that all Nyiel chiefs and sub-chiefs that are in support of Dr. Francis Ayul during the Community’ election must be removed and a fresh election conducted, such as to allow these political insurgents to elect people of their will that shall consequentially safeguard their political and economic interests,
  2. Ensure that all the Expired claimed Chemical are downloaded in the area and subsequently used by oil operating companies, whether harmful or not and at all cost possible (force)-.
  3. Select new delegation a fresh, inclusive of Chief political insurgents to attend the upcoming Padang general Assembly in Juba, and subsequently to be a candidate. Well, elections of four (4) Sub-section of Bher and Ramba has been conducted on the 18th Feb 2018, Sunday, the out forth results are obvious, political insurgents lost the election.

These political realities are local in nature, confined to only Northern Upper Nile State. However, Adar and Melut and Northern Upper Nile State, in general, is such a sensitive nerve that whatever happened must concern any sensible citizen in the Country. If these political insurgents are not discouraged and asked to stop terrorizing the public in Melut and Northern Upper Nile State in general, chances are that we shall all run away from the area.

Their aggressive political and economic subjugation in their area has caused many pains among the public, there shall be reached a time when masses are going to resents this constant subjugation and say we had enough.  We are appealing to His Excellency, the President, and Gen Salva Kiir to release the result and give us our land, our County of Adar.

It is also worthy to remind the President that we have served you when you needed our service most. It is also your turn to serve us this time around when we needed you most. If you think we don’t have any justifiable evidence than let us know the result too.  We don’t think you had intended to refuse.  Your Excellency, Your people are dying each day, children are born with deformity,

  1. We have lost our Environment, land and all that is in it has been destroyed by these insurgents
  2. Our 3% to Community has been controlled by the plunders as referred to early in this discourse
  3. Expired Chemical are yet to be removed, we still inhale them at our kitchen vanity

Long live Salva Kiir De Mayardit…our President and C-IN-C…….SPLM/A Oyeeee.

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