Posted: February 23, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Awet Maker Buong in Nanjing, China

February 23, 2018 (SSB) — Politics of positions, ranks and money is epitome of betrayal that just caused bleeding & suffering civil population displaced in UN camps in Equatoria, Bhar El Ghazal, Upper Nile, and whole nation in general.

Chinua Achebe in his novel titled ” A man of the people” said that politicians should be those that are approachable, caring, compassionate, problems solving and above all, should be the man of people at critical time. They shouldn’t be creators of problems but rather should all the times be ready to care for the people and provide solutions. He was reffering to Hon. minister called M.A. Nanga ever known in the country during colonial period whether you asked anyone on street or in the deep village, he/she will honestly tell you, ” he is a man of the people” where he extracted the title of his novel.

Therefore, picking from his writing,

the standard of bench mark of any politician married in a just struggle of people should understand what are the conviction and the goals as to why he subscribed his political soul to a particular struggle?

This poses us to next question which says what are the principles that govern  us towards attainment of such conviction and goals.

Moral and principled politicians should define political goals and objectives which are people oriented and plight salvation but not self driven and self centred.

Politicians or leaders who have permeable behaviour to money and positions are like wind vane which faces direction of every wind that points to it to any direction. Such behaviour robs you of your self worthiness and integrity.

In principle, you better die poor than compromising your self worthiness and integrity.

Politics of Money and positions steals away sense of self worthiness and betrays our people of South Sudan to prolongs their suffering and sacrifices of innocent lives in vain.

Great vision and ideas which are people based and oriented reinvent great societies whose core values conform to just and equal society that appreciates existence of all as equal in dignity, rights and developmental opportunities.

Brethren and sisters if these are ideals for which every body stands for to uproot our human weakness and the evil  from contemporary reality of our life, the forces of evil that turn societies as agents of evil in destruction of our lives, materials, moral fabrics and treachery will be consigned to dustbin of oblivion or history and the world we live in will be better place to live for all of us.

It is not too late for us to turn the clock of human struggle for that which is just and it truly addresses collective suffering of our people in manner that cures societal problems from holistic approach where we treasured bright future for now and posterior generations and in fullness of total objection if i were in the hearts of all South Sudanese people subjected to such hullcinatory situation, then we shall say “No” for politics of money and positions in order to burried this ill-gotten formula of gaining ranks and positions when relieved by our politicians so as to put to an end the suffering of our people and to accrue their already endangered lives in perpetual state of extermination, deprivation and dehumanization.

You must make that peace worked in 2018. We can’t continue like this anymore. Learn how compromise, and how to care for the people that you lead not for yourself.

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