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By David Mayen Dengdit, Colorado, USA


James Gatdet Dak, former IO spokesperson of Dr. Riek Machar, who is currently sentenced to death for treason and serving jail time in Juba, South Sudan

April 1, 2018 (SSB) — I read the news in the media that my good friend James Gatdet Dak is sick in detention in Juba. This news touched me because I remember how Gatdet offered his assistance to me when I was appointed Press Secretary in the Office of the then incoming Vice President H.E. James Wani Igga. He talked to me and we exchanged emails where he sent me formats of the various documents that I would need to write or prepare.

His civility, graciousness, and willingness to help me put my feet into the big boots he left behind were amazing. In the country that is South Sudan of today, it is rare to find an outgoing officer helping the one who is taking his office and the immense privileges therein – at least at that time.

From my exchanges with brother Gatdet I came to a conclusion that I was talking to a man who was more educated, more experience, and more nationalist than I was. Even though we may be of the same age bracket, I honestly appreciated his demeanor and nationalist spirit and listened to his advice as I would with an older leader.