The Failure of the SPLM to live up to its Liberation Slogans

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The failures of SPLM give a crying nation in pain, griefs, anger, and suffering of citizens

By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

Information Minister Michael Makwei Lueth in full old SPLM/A military uniform

Information Minister Michael Makwei Lueth in old SPLM/A military uniform

April 6, 2018 (SSB) — What to do and who is to be blamed for? On the political playing ground, newcomers are to be blamed for hijacking the SPLM systems and ruling principles. Too many promises during liberation struggle for twenty-one or twenty-two years and high expectations of citizens from their government afterward, if SPLM/SPLA won the war against Khartoum which had happened in 2011 would have not been tolerated, and how hijackers used the party for their own purposes?

In reality, forms of unwanted different direction in SPLM objectives which people take the organization for granted resulting in replacement of unwanted advertisement at the international ground folds of the existing error page are what settings programmes the party needs inclusively of the party rebirth and redeeming system for better performances.

However, the SPLM/SPLA too many promises during the liberation Struggle to Citizens, and the transit forces failures of SPLM to go to different destination whereas SPLM had made many promises in liberated areas of Southern Sudan during the wartime consigned SPLM programmes which included the deviated list of SPLM objectives: Unity, peace, justice, liberty, and prosperity.

During Liberated areas, the following were SPLM promises of the day: Agriculture, Education, hospitals and healthcare centres, building roads and bridges, transferring towns to villages and building small rural towns, vaccinating animals, modernized tourism and wildlife, building dams and hydropower for generating electricity, building standard national parks, national stadiums, build town centres, building cultural centres for celebrating cultural days, and other important occasions, open different industries, and manufacturing companies, etc

The SPLM legacy has forgotten her promises and is much engaging in practices of new civil war in a new country which nation support needs fresh capacity building in the development.  In memories of South Sudanese people, SPLM promised people of South Sudan that the organization is fighting against marginalization, discrimination, racism, development among others, and the party promised on deliveries that SPLM has had made during the liberation struggle which was founded on democratic principles.

The ruling party was well understood by people of the South Sudan through the channels of basic needs delivery of promises of the liberation struggle that after the war was ended, there must be excess to clean drinking water, food, shelter, security, free primary education for all, free excesses for treatment, strong and standard national army, repayment of civil population wealth or properties used during war either direct or indirect by the government, honour of heroes and heroines and keep their records for future references and remembrances, and recognize veterans wherever they are but not as it was said.

Therefore, the SPLM/SPLA too many promises and the transit forces turned to go to the different destination because the SPLM leadership crises have to reach into SPLM political different vision and goal. The party is being served by unroyal groups.

This makes me affirmed and I strongly agree with President Salva Kiir when he said earlier this year that, “SPLM is ruined by newcomers” which implied to those whom Dr. John described in 2005 that, “if you arranged things in your house, you don’t send somebody who does not know how you arranged it and disorganize it or broke your properties in the house”, but Dr. John Garang was meaning what President Kiir was realizing this year as “newcomers who ruined SPLM”. It is well noticed.

Furthermore, SPLM is a ruling party, and not because SPLM is not a party, but instead for SPLM to fulfill her promises of the liberation struggle, people went in the party and broke things the way ruling party was arranging her house. Now it is very difficult to rectify errors which appeared in the party because newcomers came in with the new vision and new objectives that do not promote SPLM objectives, vision, mission and goals.

The failures of SPLM give a crying nation in pain, griefs, and anger among communities within the country.  It will take time to correct the problem. People are hungry; some people stay as the human during the daytimes and become wild animals at night while searching food and money in houses of their fellow South Sudanese because they have guns for killing lives and looting things.  They thought that they are the only suffering jailed by hunger in the country.

Therefore, SPLM must treat this dangerous condition.  Successes of million miles start at zero seconds.   In fact from success to failure and from failure to success, we will be a strong nation again. Although these entire crises are the painful road to peace, building strong national unity, foster sustainable development and stick to permanent peace agreement will allow SPLM to achieve promises of the liberation struggle in South Sudan.

The author is a co-founder of South Sudan Mental Healthcare Organization, (SSMHCO). He holds Bachelor degree in Social Work and Social Administration from SSCUST, Bachelor of Theology from CLT, Bungoma, Kenya/Kalispell, USA, and a fellow researcher. He can be reached at

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