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The Commissioner of Kongor County, Gen. Garang Bul Pageer, announces the establishment of four Payams (4) and sixteen (16) Bomas of Kongor County in Jonglei State, South Sudan

By PaanLuel Wël, Kongor, Jonglei State

Customary book, final cover July 2017

The Customary Laws of the Greater Bor Dinka Community: Legal and Basic Rules for Self-Administration, 2017 Paperback – 28 Jul 2017, edited by Makwei Mabioor Deng (Editor), available on Amazon

April 8, 2018 (SSB) —- In a decree entitled, “Establishment of Kongor County Structure in the level of Payams and Bomas”, the Commissioner of Kongor County, Gen. Garang Bul Pageer Alaak, announces the establishment of four payams (4) and sixteen (16) Bomas in Kongor County, Jonglei State, South Sudan. As per the stipulations of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, in regard to traditional authorities, a Paramount Chief is in charge of a County, a Head Chief is in charge of a Payam, an Executive Chief is in charge of a Boma while a Sub-Chief is in charge of a Village. In Jonglei state, each county is allocated four payams, with each Payam comprising of four Bomas. Therefore, Kongor County has four head chiefs, one of whom also doubles as the acting paramount chief – acting because the selection of new paramount chiefs (as well as all other traditional posts) is pending general election. Head Chief Duot Ajang Duot (Duot-mang’ai) is the acting paramount chief of Kongor County while Thon Diing Duot, Chol Tor Deng Yong and Dau Tor Akuei are the acting Head Chiefs. The four head chiefs in charge of the four payams are assisted by 16 executive chiefs in charge of 16 Bomas. Each Boma consists of one executive chief and three sub-chiefs, a total of four.

The four (4) payams of Kongor County announced by Commissioner Garang Bul Pageer are: Pakuor Payam (Piom-Wun-Aguer, Piom-Awan, Than-Anyieer and Pachol) under Paramount Chief Duot Ajang Duot; Payom Payam (Mabior, Duk-Peeny, Khiir and Dier-Roor) under Head Chief Thon Diing Duot; Garalei Payam (Piom-Bioor, Manyang, Badhoot, and Agom) under Head Chief Chol Tor Deng Yong, and Pageer Payam (Pamot, Pajomba, Piom-Ang’uet and Agher-Rot) under Head Chief Dau Tor Akuei. The sixteen (16) Bomas of Kongor County are: Piom-Awun-Aguer Boma under Executive Chief Chol Alaak Pageer; Piom-Awan Boma under Executive Chief Barach Aruei Barach; Than-Anyieer Boma under Executive Chief Bol Nyuon Akoi; Pachol Boma under Executive Chief Kulang Dau Lual; Mabior Boma Executive Chief Maluk Chol Bul; Duk-Peeny Boma under Executive Chief Makwei Bior Awuol; Khiir Boma under Executive Chief Agoth Ajang Aguer; Dier-Roor Boma under Executive Chief Bul Gak Bul; Piom-Bioor Boma under Executive Chief Ajang Dhieu Ajang; Manyang Boma under Executive Chief Dhieu Maketh Deu; Badhoot Boma under Executive Chief Ariik Bol Ariik; Agom Boma under Executive Chief Atem Achuoth Panyagor; Pamot Boma under Executive Chief Awuol Deng Awuol; Pajomba Boma under Executive Chief Akoi Apiook Bol; Piom-Ang’uet Boma under Executive Chief Akol Mabior Jok, and Aghek-Rot Boma under Executive Chief Aguer Ajang Kuir.


By Lucy Ayak Malek, Nairobi, Kenya

paul malong

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

April 8, 2018 (SSB) —- Million greetings to you and your cabinet. Dear Mr. President, I am writing to you to express in part; our gratitude for the release of my husband or our family father, General Paul Malong Awan. He had attended to his doctors, he is now doing fine health-wise and is happy with his family. For this, we are thankful to Dr. Francis Mading Deng and the late Gen. Andrew Makur Thou among many others.

In another development, I am expressing my concerns as a concerned citizen on the events occurring after his release. Mr. President, I can’t always remind you on how cordial the relations between the two families had been and on a personal note, I am indebted and grateful to the First Lady Ayen Mayardit for her unswayed audacity in keeping friends and family abreast.


By Deng Vanang, Dares Salaam, Tanzania

Riek and Emma

Riek Machar and Emma McCunne

April 8, 2018 (SSB) —- With government deprived of lethal weapons and petrodollars to revamp its war chest, thanks to recently slapped American oil sanctions, South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SSOA walking up from slumber to reality of bounding together in the face of biased mediating IGAD in favor of the regime and SPLM/A-IO’s mortal fear for SSOA to steal what it dubbed spoils of its own instigated popular revolution, the war games are changing pretty faster.

All informed with the fact that government is no longer militarily bullish as it previously was. Reasons for it recoiling into its protective shelf are three-pronged. An avalanche of American sanctions effectively denied it the resources and goodwill to further its degenerating war efforts.

While diminishing regional allies is the painful straw to break its camel-like hunch back. With Kenya and Uganda already and sternly warned to keep off meddling in South Sudanese conflict, Ethiopia is now preoccupied with putting her messy house in order as she stands guard against Egyptian possible invasion over controversial renaissance dam, allegedly on the back of South Sudanese government.